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Its A Polka Dots Gender Reveal Cake

How to make a Gender Reveal Cake | Pinch of Luck

This cake is an amazing gender reveal cake idea if you want to make a simple one at home. All you need is plenty of food coloring in pink or blue, which will be used to color the inside of the cake. Adding a thick layer of frosting on top of the cake will prevent anyone from figuring out the big surprise up front. If youre looking for creative gender reveal cake ideas, this could be the one.

Surprise On The Inside

You can add color to the sponge in cakes to reveal the babys gender. Here is an example of a pink sponge to reveal a girl. Not only have they colored the sponge but they have also added sweets as a surprise too. This is a great example of a gender reveal sponge, you can do the same idea in blue for a boy.


Here For The Sex Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Because your guests came for the sexthe reveal of your babys sex, that is! These hilarious toppers are especially fun on gender reveal cupcakes. Add this to your list of cool gender reveal ideas that are totally Instagram-worthy.

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Gender Reveal Led Lightsabers

Any Star Wars fans in the house? Use The Force to reveal your babys gender and fire up a lightsaber. If youre expecting a mini Luke Skywalker, itll glow blue, or pink for a little Princess Leia. Bonus: These make great favors for a Star Wars-themed gender reveal party!

Buy it: $10 for pink lightsaber, $9 for blue lightsaber,

How To Make A Gender Reveal Cake

Gender Reveal Cake

There are many different ideas on how to make a gender reveal cake, but this ombre cake is my favorite. Its so pretty and yet simple to make.

I made a vanilla cake, divided the cake batter into three bowls, and dyed each layer with a different amount of the same food coloring. I used this soft pink gel food coloring which is concentrated so a tiny drop of it was all I needed to get the color I wanted for the first bowl. Then I added a bit more food coloring to the second bowl until I liked the color, and did the same with the third bowl.

To make things even simpler, you can dye the entire batter using the same color and divide the batter into three. This will also make a gorgeous cake.

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Embark On A Scavenger Hunt

To take your last-minute gender reveal ideas to the next level, why not make it a scavenger hunt? End the hunt with a reveal cake that will happily surprise everyone! Its a sweet way to get everyone involved, whether theyre adults or kids. Make sure to also hold this type of party at a spacious place where everyone can freely move and easily find the scavenger hunt clues that have been scattered around.

Fun Task #: Plan The Party Using Your Favorite Theme Borrowed Or Original

We turn to Parents magazine for help with this one, and the editors recommend a game plan that gets you through the process fast:

-Pick a date, buy and send paper or e-invitations

-Come up with a menu

-Hold a lottery with prizes for those who guess correctly

-Take photos of the big event

-Keep everyone in suspense until the last moment

-Cut into that cake and be prepared for the excitement!

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Gender Reveal Through Mail

luxuryrosesct /

This is a super cute idea and meant for those who cant make it to the party. Or maybe you have decided not to throw a party at all but want your loved ones to know the gender. This is what you could do. Send everyone little gift boxes with either blue or pink things in them according to your babys gender. They open it up and voila! The surprise is revealed.

Gender Reveal Silly String

BABY GENDER REVEAL CAKE !! Baby shower cake | Cake decoration ideas

Few things will bring on the LOLs like the parents-to-be covered in Silly String. This fun gender reveal idea calls for wrapping cans of Silly String with decorative paper so no one knows what color they have. Hand the cans out at your gender reveal party and let the stringing begin!

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Food Ideas For A Gender Reveal Party

There are so many cute gender reveal party ideas that I had to set a limit for myself so that I didnt go overboard making pink and blue food. These Blue and pink chocolate covered strawberries were a favorite and were made with Wilton candy melts that I picked up at Walmart.

Blue and pink Jello. Watermelon and blue raspberry Jell-o squares.

Blue and pink colored juice boxes for the kids.

Gender Reveal For Harry Potter Lovers

sweetcreationsbychristina /

Are you going to have a little witch or wizard? Well, you have to ask the sorting hat! This is the perfect magical gender reveal idea, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan. Get the guests to gather around the sorting hat. Lift it to find something cute in blue or pink it could be baby booties or clothing items. You could buy the hat online or get creative and make your own.

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Old Wives Tales Gender Reveal

With this instant download, guests try to figure out if youre having a boy or a girl based on the classic old wives tales associated with pregnancy. Has Mom had morning sickness? And what side is she sleeping on? This fun gender reveal idea is sure to get some giggles.

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Gender Reveal Name Suggestions

30 Adorable Gender Reveal Cakes

Place this instantly downloadable sign next to two bowlsone for boy names and one for girl names. Have everyone add a suggestion to each and before the partys over, reveal babys gender by picking up the corresponding bowl and reading off all the suggestions. Its another easy twin gender reveal idea.

Buy it: $2,

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Choose A Cool Location On Peerspace

One of the easiest ways to pull off an exciting last-minute gender reveal is to celebrate at a spacious place with a verdant backyard! Or, if youre looking for a farm or even a pool area, you can find the perfect event space on Peerspace. The options are endless for your gender reveal party. And, since its quick and easy to book a Peerspace venue, its a perfect option for last-minute events! Well include photos of real Peerspace venues throughout this article that we think are perfect for a gender reveal event.

Search Peerspace in your location to see whats nearby. You can look at the venues beautiful photos, read reviews from past renters, and reach out to the friendly local host for any questions you may have. Once you found the perfect spot, you can book it in just a couple of minutes. Its easy, its fun, and its a surefire way to add even more excitement to the big reveal!

How To Plan A Cute Gender Reveal Party For Your Friends Families And Loved Ones

When youre pregnant, one of the number one questions people ask is, is it a boy or a girl?! People are so very curious to know what sex the baby is. Over the last couple of years, the gender reveal party has exploded in popularity, giving parents-to-be a fun way to tell everyone what the baby will be at birth.

People have come up with some very fun and unique ways to share the news. From balloons to chalk dust to cakes, there are so many fun ways to celebrate baby whether its a he or a she.

Of course, were partial to the cake option! Not only can the cake and cupcake designs be super cute, well, you also get to eat it! Its a two-for-one if you ask us.

If youre throwing a gender reveal party for yourself or a friend, here are our favorite ideas!

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Private Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt For Daddy And/or Siblings

A gender reveal scavenger hunt is a fun idea for a private gender reveal for an older sibling and/or husband.

This pretty gender reveal riddle is from Life With Tam & Khush. You can change it up a bit to fit your life.

In mommys belly is where I will grow.Girl or boy, wouldnt you like to know.Now is the time, the adventure begins.Your first clue is inside the game wins.

First Ill be in diapers, then Ill have to be trained.Big is a pro, but will I be the same?You will have to be patient and wait to see.Will I sit like a lady or stand up to pee?

Im still pretty small, just the size of a pear.I know loves fruits, but will share?Cookies and cupcakes, what about these?Head over to the place where the ice cream freeze.

Mommys confused on where I should sleep.Should I take my own room, or steal sheets? room is so but will I fit in?Time to decide which room Ill sleep in.

Parties and music and water gun games,But first its time to think of baby names.Youve made it this far daddy, dont give up yet.Go to the place where you like to get wet.

Whatever I am, it is meant to be.Daddy I love you and I know youll love me.To the , I want you to go.Am I what you think? Grab this and youll know. *

Did you really think Id make this easy for you?Walk over to the front yards highest view.There is where the real answer awaits.But first get your from behind the .

*You can end the gender reveal riddle here.

To end the gender reveal riddle at the door:

Note From The Author

Husband Handprinted Tees Reveal

3 Easy GENDER REVEAL Cake Ideas


Let your hubby announce the babys gender by walking into the party and putting his handprints on your tummy. For this, someone has to help him color his hands with blue or pink paint and help them to sneak up to you without being noticed. Ideally, you should wear white. It is a super cute way to reveal the babys gender.

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The Most Amazing Gender Reveal Cakes

  • Whats the scoop by
  • Sweet honeybee cake by
  • What will it bee by
  • Twinkle Twinkle tiered cake by
  • A touch of royalty by
  • Prince or Princess by
  • The piping is incredible by
  • Mint and pink cake by
  • Guns or Roses by
  • Peach and turquiose by
  • Pretty pastels and gold by
  • Stunning stenciling by
  • Oh Babee by
  • Bright florals by

Whether you go for a more traditional pink and blue, or lean towards a Bee theme, these are some of the prettiest Gender Reveal cakes around! Plus, I love how each and every one is unique and beautifully decorated.

Of course, planning a Gender Reveal party is a lot of fun. Make sure its an event to remember with a really special cake to set the scene!

And if you are looking for more Gender Reveal party food ideas then check out this post.

And for more Gender Reveal party ideas, check out our Gender Reveal pages here.

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Gender Reveal Filled Cupcakes

These cupcakes are similar to the ones before, but instead of candy, these cupcakes are filled with colored frosting. The cupcakes on this image are vanilla bean cupcakes. They are made out of vanilla bean buttercream frosting so the blue would really shine through, but you can choose any other recipe for the cupcakes to match your preference.

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Gender Reveal Water Guns

If youre looking for truly unique gender reveal ideas, this is one of them!

This is a surprise for everyone except for the baby shower host.

If you are considering this, plan to do it outside and make sure:

  • to use blue or pink watered down paint
  • the water guns should not be transparent. To add to the mystery, the host can splatter pink AND blue paint onto the guns. Allow it to dry. This way, no one would be able to see the inside of the water guns
  • the water guns should have holes big enough for you to pour the watered-down paint in.
  • Have a countdown, and start spraying the expecting couple.

Eat Cupcakes With A Surprise

Gender reveal cake. It takes me so much longer to decorate ...

If youre a foodie and have a favorite shop in mind, heres one of the sweetest last-minute gender reveal ideas that are going to make for an unforgettable time. Get your family and friends together for an afternoon gathering and serve cupcakes with a filling that corresponds to your babys gender. Once your guests bite into the dessert, theyll be surprised by what the little one is going to be!

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The Absolute Best Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal parties are extremely popular because there is so much excitement around it. Finally, you and the world will know whether its going to be a boy or a girl. To create this excitement, there are lots of fun gender reveal ideas to choose from.

When it comes to gender reveal parties, there are several aspects to think about. Youve got:

In this post, however, you can expect gender reveal ideas as it relates to the big reveal.

Boy Or Girl 5 Brilliant Gender Reveal Cake Ideas To Keep The Guests Guessing

Every cake is unique!

Gender reveal parties are fun for the guests , but theyre nerve racking and super exciting for the parents. Its a magical time for the parents-to-be to know the biological sex of their child, and its also an excuse to bring out the balloons and order pretty and yummy cakes to enjoy!

The idea of having a gender reveal party started in 2008, when a mommy blogger named Jenna Karvunidis started the trend by announcing the birth of her daughter using a cake that revealed pink icing when it was sliced.

Since then, the trend became an avenue for parents to express their excitement by incorporating creative ways in revealing their babys sex. Some would have blue or pink frosting on their cakes, some would crack piñatas, while others would pop balloons with blue or pink decorations. It emphasized the anticipation with a little dash of drama.

One of the most famous ways to throw a gender reveal party, however, is by ordering a cake with surprise icing inside! Musician Kean Cipriano and actress Chynna Ortaleza hopped on the trend in 2019 before the birth of their son.

Bookmark this because we have more gender reveal cake ideas for you!

A five-layer cake with chocolate ganache inside

For orders and inquiries, you may reach Wadoughs on or .

Half-and-half cake with cute baby shoe toppers

Look how cute those tiny shoes are!

For orders and inquiries, you may reach Baked by Maria on or call 0916 608 1789.

Gender reveal pulling cake

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