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Nothing Bundt Cakes delivery was founded by Debbie Shwetz and Dena Trip. In 1997, the two women started baking Bundt cakes together for their families and friends. Their cakes proved wildly popular, and Shwetz and Tripp thus realized there was enough demand for homemade Bundt cakes made from real eggs, cream cheese, butter and other tasty ingredients. A year later, they opened their first bakery in Las Vegas.

Nothing Bundt Cakes became a franchise in 2007 and has spread across the nation. Business has been booming there are over 200 bakeries with over 20 more planned.

Mix The Cake Ingredients Together For Your Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat Recipe

Okay, its time to get started making our Nothing Bundt Cakes copycat recipe. There are two sections of this recipe: the bundt cake and the frosting. Well start with the cake ingredients. Because were using a prepared cake mix, this process is very simple. Simply add the ingredients to the bowl of a stand mixer: the devils food cake mix, chocolate instant pudding, sour cream, mayonnaise, eggs, water, and canola. Well leave the chocolate chips out for now and add them in later.

Mix the cake using the paddle attachment of a stand mixer. If you dont have a stand mixer, you can mix the cake with a spoon or use a hand mixer. Youre looking to fully incorporate the flour without overmixing. Its okay if there are some lumps, but you dont want to see any dry bits of flour.

When the batter has come together, add the chocolate chips. Fold them into the batter gently using a silicone spatula or a large wooden spoon. Again, you dont want to overmix the batter here, but we do want to distribute the chocolate chips throughout the cake mix.

Meet Felipe Valdez And Nothing Bundt Cakesthese Bundts Are A Real Home Run

Nothing Bundt Cakes, located in the Cranberry Shoppes, 20215 Route 19, Suite 106, specializes in made-to-order cakes baked in house with 40 unique designs, 10 flavors and 4 sizes.

The Cranberry location is operated by Jessica and Felipe Valdez and has served as a homecoming of sorts for Jessica, a Harmony native.

This is part of the homecoming that Jessica and I have been building for years, Felipe said. We are excited about raising our daughters in this wholesome environment and creating a legacy for them.

How did the idea to open this location come about?

We first tried Nothing Bundt Cakes in 2014 when we lived in Illinois. We immediately fell in love with the cakes because they were just so good. Our love for the cakes and our desire to open a business for ourselves led to opening the store in Cranberry â it was many years in the making.

What do you offer thats unique in Cranberry Township?

We offer high-quality cakes with trademarked frosting designs at an affordable price. Beyond the uniqueness of the flavor and size combinations, there are packaging and decoration options well-matched for just about any celebration imaginable. We also offer comfort and convenience with our curbside and delivery options.

What has the reaction been since opening?

What types of events and celebrations can cakes be created for? How much lead time is needed to place an order for an event?

For more information,

  • 2525 Rochester Road Suite 400Cranberry Township, PA 16066-6499

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    Nothing Bundt Cakes To Open First Alexandria Bakery

    A new bundt cake bakery is taking the place of a Subway in Alexandria.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes is opening its first Alexandria location.

    The bakery will open at 4553 Duke St., replacing a Subway sandwich shop in the Shoppes at Foxchase in Alexandria’s West End.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes has locations at Seven Corners, at the Springfield Mall and in Vienna.

    The bakery chain started in Las Vegas in 1997 and has grown nationwide. The Foxchase location is the first franchise in Alexandria.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes sells a variety of bundt cakes, bundt cake towers, mini bundt cakes and bite-size bundt cakes. There are nine basic flavors, including traditional vanilla and chocolate, plus marble, confetti, red velvet, pecan praline, white chocolate raspberry, carrot cake and more.

    The bakery does wedding cakes and corporate gifts in addition to celebrations like birthdays.

    An opening date is not yet set for the Alexandria location.

    Learn more about Nothing Bundt Cakes at

    Nothing Bundt Cakes Opens

    Nothing Bundt Cakes to give away Confetti Bundtlets to ...

    Nothing Bundt Cakes opened for business at 5784 Calle Real in Goleta . Founders Debra Shwetz and Dena Tripp started Nothing Bundt Cakes in Las Vegas in 1997 and have since opened 154 franchises coast to coast and have another 14 locations on the way. The Goleta bakery is owned by locals Beverly Doman and her sister Beth Enriquez. The Grand Opening celebration has been moved to March 11th and 12th. Nothing Bundt Cakes is open Monday-Saturday 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Call 845-4899 or visit

    CORRECTION: The first 50 guests on Saturday, March 12th that buy a Bundlet or cake will get a coupon to receive a free Bundlet every month for a year.

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    Former Carroll High School Employee Opens Nothing Bundt Cakes In Fort Wayne

    The new Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery on Lima Road raised $790 for Carroll High Schools Champions Together program during its first week of business. The bakery is owned by Jennifer Henricks and her husband, Gregg Henricks.

    • Contributed

    Jennifer Henricks and her husband, Gregg Henricks, own the new Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery on Lima Road. The couple has two daughters who graduated from Carroll High School, where Jennifer previously worked in the front office.


    Jennifer Henricks and her husband, Gregg Henricks, own the new Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery on Lima Road. The couple has two daughters who graduated from Carroll High School, where Jennifer previously worked in the front office.


    Jennifer Henricks has taken a long road to end up back home again. The Fort Wayne native, who opened Fort Waynes first Nothing Bundt Cakes, now operates her own bakery on the same land she grew up on.

    Its become a bustling little community here on the north side of town, said Henricks, who along with her husband, Gregg, owns the new bakery at 6409 Lima Road.

    I think its remarkable, Henricks said.

    Its been a great outpouring from the community, Henricks said. Its just a happy place. Theres bright colors, it smells amazing and its full of unique retail items that you dont normally see in a Meijer or a Walmart.

    Theyre true athletes, and what that program gives back to those students is so touching, Henricks said.

    Gather The Ingredients For This Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat Recipe

    There are several popular bundt cake flavors, but their Chocolate Chocolate Chip cake is our favorite, so thats the one we decided to make. Our first step in developing copycat recipes usually begins with a look at the ingredients on the companys website. Unfortunately, Nothing Bundt Cakes doesnt say much other than their allergen disclosure: The cakes contain wheat, milk, eggs, and soy. So we had to start from scratch with this one, and we decided to keep it really simple.

    We could have made the cake completely from scratch. Instead, we picked up a package of devils food cake mix and a box of instant chocolate pudding. Add in a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, and this cake would have a rich, super chocolatey backbone.

    From there, we added the wet ingredients that would help this bundt cake achieve its characteristic level of moistness: water, canola oil, sour cream, and eggs. We could have used four eggs, but we swapped one of the eggs for mayonnaise . Finally, for the cream cheese frosting, we whipped together cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract.

    Youll find a full list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions at the end of this article.

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    Nothing Bundt Cakes Menu With Prices

    Nothing Bundt Cakes has a large variety of thick frosting petals cakes. So if you plan to visit their outlets, then you should definitely know their menu. In this post, lets see their latest menu.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes is really famous for its thick frosting petals design cakes. Their menu includes 8 bundt cakes, 10 bundt cakes, tiered bundt cakes, bundtlets, bundtlet towers and bundtinis. Their cakes are very big and can serve a large gathering. A cake here cost nearly $30.

    This was an overview of their menu and the full menu is mentioned below, which will help you to know which you should order. I have also included other important information such as nutritional information, contact information and franchise information. Now, its time to see their menu but before that, lets have a look at their history.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes is an American-based bakery that was founded by the duo of two friends named Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz. Both friends opened the first Nothing Bundt Cakes store in 1997. The bakery specializes in cakes.

    Was There Nothing Bundt Cakes On Shark Tank

    Valentine Client Appreciation Event at Nothing Bundt Cakes

    Was there nothing bundt cakes on Shark Tank?

    also What type of frosting is on Nothing Bundt cakes?

    Frosting. Were famous for the thick frosting petals that adorn each of our cakes. Our signature frosting is made with velvety cream cheese and real butter. For a lighter touch, choose our drizzle frosting.

    What happened Daisy Cakes? Daisy Cakes got an update segment in episode 311 where Kim revealed there were challenges with outsourcing her recipes. The business took a $165,000 loss due to a contract bakerys mistakes. Shes since brought production back close to home where she can keep an eye on things and Daisy Cakes continue to sell very well.

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    Let The Copycat Nothing Bundt Cake Rest And Cool

    The waiting is always the hardest part, and we have quite a bit of waiting left to do once the cake is finished baking. If we were to ice it right away, the frosting would melt and create a messy, sticky situation!

    First, you want to let the cake cool in the pan for a full ten minutes. This gives the cake a few extra minutes to finish cooking, but it also firms up the batter. If you take it out too early or too late, the texture of the cake will be off.

    Then, gently run a butter knife around the edges of the pan to be sure it wont stick. The cake should come out clean if you followed the steps above, but its always better to be safe than sorry.

    Place a wire cooling rack on top of the bundt pan and invert the pan so its upside down. Carefully pull the pan up, leaving the cake to cool uncovered on the rack. It should take anywhere from one to two hours to cool. If you dont have time to wait, place the cake in the refrigerator after 30 minutes and let it cool there.

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    Yes Mayonnaise Is An Ingredient In Our Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat Recipe

    You might think there is one super weird ingredient in our Nothing Bundt Cakes copycat recipe: mayonnaise. It seems like a strange thing to put in a cake, considering that mayonnaise is usually used in savory applications and this cake is a sweet treat. We promise you it wont turn out gross! Replacing one egg with mayonnaise is our secret ingredient to ensure the cake turns out rich and moist, every time.

    It makes even more sense when you examine how mayonnaise is made: Its a combination of egg yolks and a neutral oil like canola oil. Youll notice that both of those ingredients are already on our cake recipe list. As you whisk the ingredients together, the egg acts as an emulsifying ingredient, creating a thick mixture that holds the oil in suspension. The oil keeps the cake tender, while the egg helps the batter stay nice and moist. Most mayonnaise brands also add vinegar or lemon juice, which can bring out even more chocolate flavor.

    If youre not sure about this secret, try it for yourself. Make one cake with mayonnaise and another replacing the mayo with an extra egg. Youll see for yourself that the mayonnaise cake really does taste better.

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    Nothing Bundt Cakes Winston Salem

    Nothing Bundt cakes is a very fun place to work and all of our cakes are homemade in each bakery! Plus our carrot cakes does have fresh carrot! Our cakes are very moist and you are just destined to get hooked!

    These cakes are very moist and melt in your mouth. They had this cake seasonal. But it did so well their talking about bring it back on regular basic. They also have several different favors. Carrot, Lemon, white chocolate raspberry, just to name a few.So go ahead and try a bundt cake. You wont be disappointed.More

    This is a great place to get a good tasting cake that will fool others into thinking it is homemade.

    If youre looking for something a little different and delicious for a birthday,wedding or just because this is the place to go. They have multiple flavors and with delicious iceing. The iceing is perfect. Not to much,not to little. From the mini to the largethese bunny cakes are awesome. I highly recommend them. These cakes are moist and delicious.More

    I purchased a bundt cake for my wifes birthday, without any knowledge of this company. My wife, my kiddos and I loved their cake. It was defreakinlicious!!! The customer service both over the phone and in person are exceptional. We are now repeat customers , and recommend this business to our family and friends.More

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    Nothing Bundt Cakes In Silverdale Wa

    Nothing Bundt Cakes Laredo Tx

    Let us sweeten your day! Choose from up to ten delicious Bundt flavors made from the finest ingredients and crowned with our signature cream cheese frosting. To elevate your occasion, select from more than sixty unique handcrafted cake designs themed around holidays and celebrations throughout the year. They can be customized for any occasion, including birthdays, showers, weddings and graduations. For that extra touch, we carry a variety of retail items to enhance your celebration. Next time you need a one-stop shop for your upcoming gathering, bring the joy with Nothing Bundt Cakes!

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    Nothing Bundt Cakes Rising In Corner At Short Pump Shopping Center

    Nothing Bundt Cakes is a national chain of bakeries that specialize in bundt cakes.

    A Short Pump storefront is trading salads for something a little sweeter.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes plans to open whats expected to be the cake shop chains first Richmond-area location at 11845 W. Broad St. in the Kroger-anchored Corner at Short Pump shopping center.

    The franchise group behind the upcoming location inked a lease in April. The store is taking up residence in the space formerly occupied by Saladworks, which closed in March 2020.

    True to its name, Nothing Bundt Cakes bakes and sells bundt cakes in a variety of sizes, styles and flavors.

    The 2,100-square-foot store is expected to open with 30 employees in late September in time for the holidays, which is a boon time for cake orders, franchisee Daniel Delgado said.

    Thatll give us so much more exposure, he said. Its the season of gathering with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes plans to open at 11845 W. Broad St. in the Corner at Short Pump shopping center in late September.

    Delgado is a co-franchisee along with business partners Leo LaPointe, Lisa LaPointe, Doug Brown and Gina Brown. The group also opened a Nothing Bundt Cakes in Alexandria in March, and Delgado said the group is interested in a second Richmond-area location.

    Thalhimers Alicia Brown, Connie Jordan Nielsen and Nicki Jassy represented Corner at Short Pump landlord Rebkee in the cake shop deal.

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