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Sams Club cakes are not the only reason to shop at your local Sams Club bakery for everyday items. Each location sells packs of two, freshly baked, French bread loaves that are perfect when paired with the cheese or meat platters sold at all locations. Kaiser and dinner wheat rolls are also available in the bakery along with their delicious mini croissants that are offered in your choice of traditional savory or sweet options.

Does Sams Club Bake Their Own Cakes

Sams Club bakes some of their own cakes, including sheet cakes, which are only available in Sams Club stores that have a fresh bakery on site.Even though the white sheet cake recipe is the most popular, Sams Club Bakery creates a wide variety of exquisite cakes and other treats on a daily basis.Packages of six sheet cakes are available in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and marble.

  • The fact that they taste delicious and are simple to decorate makes them a popular choice among caterers for special events.
  • The Members Mark Tres Leches cake is likewise created in-house and is made with fresh ingredients.
  • Its soaked in a sweet milk mixture and then topped with whipped cream, fruit, and chocolate chips, among other things.
  • It costs less than $20 to make the Members Mark Tres Leches cake, which is an excellent bargain for a freshly made cake that feeds 14 people.

Sams Club Wedding Cake Pictures

When it comes to saving money on your wedding, Sams Club Wedding Cake is the way to go! We saved so much by getting a cake from them. We decided to do an ice cream bar , so we also knew we wouldnt want/need a ton of cake. We got the 3 tiered cake, knowing we wanted to save the top tier for our one-year anniversary.

We also ordered their gourmet cupcakes because they are SO delicious, and we figured we would give our guests a choice on what they wanted to eat for dessertcorrect answer, one of each!

I did go a little wild with our dessert options, but everyone knows Im a sweets girl, so I had to have it all!

We also decided that the wedding cake could be a fun part of our personalities and didnt opt for the traditional white wedding cake, and our guests loved it. As soon as I saw this mermaid cake, I knew it was perfect. We did a subtle fisherman and mermaid theme throughout our wedding, so it was the best choice!

Another fellow bride, Sarah, also opted for a Sams Club 3 tier wedding cake, and did cupcakes and cheesecake as well. What an awesome wedding with so many dessert choices! Shes our kind of people!

Sarah said they did a 3 Tiered Wedding Cake, and their florist gave them some flowers to add to the cake. It looked like a designer cake, and around $70?! How can you pass up such an awesome deal?!

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Sams Club Bakery Cakes

One of the most popular items sold in Sams Club are their cakes. The Sams Club cakes are affordably priced especially for individuals who need multiple large sheet cakes for their events. Sams Club cupcakes are an even more cost effective alternative to purchasing full sheet cakes or 8 round cakes. Each location offers shoppers the choice of having their cake customized with a name or special message.

Sams Club Cake Types & Designs

sams club cake order form

Sams Club cakes are available in white, chocolate, yellow and marble flavors with a variety of icing types and colors and optional fillings.

Most basic custom cakes that feature flowers and a message along with their prices are listed in the chart above.

In addition to basic all-occasion cakes, Sams Club cake design lineup includes some specialty items and a rotating selection of seasonal cakes inspired by whatever time of year it is.

Year-round specialty Sams Club cakes designs include:

  • Balloons. Perfect for any type of celebration, these cakes feature icing balloons, confetti sprinkles, and decorative piped borders and have room for a message.
  • Geometric. A sophisticated alternative to the usual cake decor, these cakes include dots and swirls, dots and zigzags and geometric shapes in colors of your choosing.
  • Personalized Imagery Sheet Cake. Sams Club bakery cakes can be decorated with a company logo or other graphic of your choosing that you provide when you place your order.
  • Sports. Sams Club offers baseball, football, soccer and basketball cakes with selections varying based on whatever sport is currently in season.
  • Inspirational. You can choose from Bible-shaped cakes and sheet and round cakes with cross decorations for baptisms, communions, and confirmations.

All of the specialty cakes are usually priced a little higher than the standard Sams Club sheet cake and round cake prices on the table.

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Sams Club Holiday Cakes

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for most of us. Between traveling, shopping, and preparing for family visits, few people have time to indulge in baking. So, instead of spending extra time shopping for groceries and baking, consider purchasing a Sams Club cake. In this way, you can spend more quality time with your family.

You can pick up freshly baked cakes available in the bakery including bundt cakes, sampler cakes, and traditional holiday cakes without placing an order. Customized seasonal cakes are also available and must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance at your local Sams Club bakery department.

How To Order A Cake From Sams Club

You guys, we went to Sams Club a few days ago for the first time in YEARS! We met my mom and sister there. She was looking for wedding cakes. Yes, wedding cakes from Sams Club! We were pleasantly surprised at the store. You know we LOVE Costco but cant get over the prices and variety of Sams Club cakes. If you are a Costco member you can read about Costco cakes here but weve found that Sams Club has a lot more variety in the sizes and designs!

Need a party tray to go with your cake? Sams Club has you covered with many to choose from like the sundried tomato & buffalo chicken wraps combo tray, sliced meat & cheese tray, fruit & cheese tray, and/or chicken salad croissant sandwiches. Learn more about Sams Club party trays here.

Our local Sams Club requires you to call in your order or drop off the order form in person. See the pictures below the order forms for more detail on what options are available.

Trying to throw a party on a budget?

> > > How to Throw a Party for less than $48 by Shopping at Sams Club

Thanks to one of our readers for alerting us that Sams Club had drastically changed their cake options. We have updated the cake order forms and the video. We didnt want the video to be 15 minutes long so we had to move pretty quickly but if you see a design you like you can pause the video to view longer.


  • How do I order a cake?
  • How much does it cost?
  • It depends on the size of the cake see information below.
  • How big is the cake?
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    Sams Clubs Bakerys Members Mark Cupcakes Are A Standout

    Cupcakes are so superb that they deserve a whole trilogy to be written about that their greatness. Thats right, someone needs to type up 120,000 words touting the strengths of this product.

    Dont worry, this article isnt going to go off the deep end and become three novels dedicated to these scrumptious desserts. Instead, lets all ooh and ahh at these Members Mark White and Chocolate Cupcakes. They come in packs of 30, are covered in sprinkles, and sound truly amazing. Over 120 Sam Clubs users gave them a five-star rating. These cupcakes were so moist, wrote one account. And the icing was just right with its sweetness. Even though we had a lot, they didnt last long at all!

    Another Sams Club user said, These cupcakes seem to stay fresh forever and they taste amazing. Whenever I need cupcakes in a hurry or a lot of them, these are my go to! And I drive about 40 minutes just to pick them up.

    If youd rather eat a lot of tasty cupcakes instead of taking on the monumental task of penning multiple bakery-based epics about their greatness, then theres a strong chance that Sams has got you all sorted.

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    Sams Club Baby Shower Cake

    Sam’s CLub Cakes/Prices-E7KITCHEN

    There are several different Sams Club options that are great for celebrating the arrival of a new baby. The most classic option is to just do a white cake with pink or blue roses, and Sams Club can write a welcoming message to the new infant on the cake. At some stores, Sams Club may have plastic toppers in the shape of baby boots or carriages to make the cake look even more celebratory. For smaller baby showers, you can skip getting a full cake and get some tasty cupcakes in a variety of flavors. Another fun idea is to request that Sams Club print a copy of your babys ultrasound onto the top of the cake.

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    Sams Club Graduation Cakes

    Having a fresh and delicious cake from Sams Club bakery is a wonderful way to celebrate the rite of passage of the young grad in your family. You can choose either a sheet or round cake from Sams Club, depending on the number of guests and theme of the party.

    Ask the bakery about the decoration options, such as black or white graduation caps, graduation diplomas, or flowers in the colors of the school. The Members Mark Full Sheet White Cake with White Buttercream Frosting can make an elegant graduation cake for a big party.

    Another trendy design that you can order for a graduation party is the 3 Tier White & Chocolate Cake with ButrCrème Icing. Check the custom design options at your nearest Sams.

    Sams Club Baby Shower Cakes

    There are multiple ways in which you can celebrate a future newborn with Sams Club cakes. You can go for a classic sheet cake with a heartwarming message, or you can go for a round cake for a fancier crowd. Talk to the Sams Club staff about possible decorations, such as newborns sleeping in a flower bud, or baby shoes.

    If you plan to reveal the gender of your baby during the party, opt for filling colors to match the babys gender. One of the most adorable options for baby showers is their cupcake cakes, which can be embellished with cute diaper pins.

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    Shop Sams Club For Your Wedding

    Believe it or not, Sams Club is something of a destination for wedding needs. Sams Club covers almost every part of your big day, from the engagement to the reception. Sams Clubs jewelry department has a number of high-quality engagement rings and wedding bands, so you can say I do in style.

    The warehouse club also offers gorgeous wedding flowers in bulk, from centerpieces to bouquets. Dont worry, Sams Clubs photo center also has you covered on wedding invitations and save the dates. And yes, you can even get a delicious Sams Club wedding cake from the Club bakery for less than $70, as one viral Tik Tok pointed out.

    Other Desserts For Your Wedding

    sams club cake order form

    The other cool thing about Sams Club, is you can get a variety of desserts for cheap and add them to your cake table! Like I said, we went with the gourmet cupcakes and barely had any left at the end!

    Choose from their: -and so much more!

    I mean, who doesnt love a good dessert bar?!

    Sams Club also offers party trays if you are looking for a low-fuss, additional wedding catering options. These include popular dishes such as sandwiches, wraps, pastries and fruits.

    You may also wish to explore Sams Club flower arrangement service. Options start at just $114.

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    Sam’s Club’s Bakery Published A Brilliant Miniature Pie Hack

    Do you treasure primo slices of pie? Are you the sort of human who thinks miniature bakery food looks absolutely adorable? Well then, the following Sam’s Club trick may in fact blow your socks off.

    Sam’s Club posted a set of instructions to that explained how you can turn a full-size pie into a mini dessert. All you need for this hack is a biscuit cutter, some whipped cream, and one of Sam’s Club’s Member’s Mark Pumpkin Pies. Okay fine, any old pie will do, just don’t tell Sam. Take your biscuit cutter, stamp it into the pie, remove this segment from the base, then spray your creation with whipped cream. And that’s all you have to do! What a remarkably simple set of directions.

    If you’re ever on the hunt for an easy-to-make party snack, then keep this idea in the back of your mind.

    Sams Club Cakes Conclusion

    We hope that this article has given you some insight into the different cakes that Sams Club offers. As well as some information on how to order from them.

    If you decide to buy a cake from Sams Club, we hope that you enjoy it and we would love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

    You can also visit our other page for more cakes prices in Target, Asda, Shoprite, and more.

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    Sams Club Cakes Prices Designs And Ordering Process In 2022

    by | May 22, 2022 | O Z Cake Manufacturers |

    Sams Club Cakes are among the most affordable custom cakes you can buy for special events. Besides their ever-growing popularity, their wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, and more makes also an exceptional value for customers.

    Not to mention, Sams Club cake designs are both beautiful and tasty. In other words, their cakes meet the quality-price ratio outstandingly. But what are the Sams Club cake prices, and how can you order a cake? Our extensive article about Sams Club cakes has the answers to these questions and more.

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    Sams Club Bakerys Exclusive Pecan Pie Is Divine

    If Sams Clubs bakerys mini pie hack doesnt sate your sweet tooth, thats fair enough. Sometimes you dont want a tiny taste you want a whole slice. Heck, you may even be in the mood to eat an entire pastry. If this sentiment has your head nodding a like bobble-head on a car dashboard, then Sams pecan pie may be what youre imagining this coming weekend.

    The Members Mark Pecan Pies that Sams stocks in the fall have an incredibly impressive reputation. More than 180 accounts gave this sweet a five-star rating. Beautiful extra large pie! Exclaimed one reviewer. Excellent presentation. Looks and tastes homemade. Another wrote, Almost as good as my Aunt Louises but a lot, lot less work!

    So there you have it. If youre a fan of pecans, pies, and pecan pies, then Sams could possibly become a dessert destination during autumn. If youre a pie fiend, think about picking up one for yourself this fall.

    Sam’s Club’s Bakery’s Staff Members May Refuse To Customize Patrons’ Cakes

    In July of 2020, a Twitter user named Brandon reported that Sam’s Club’s bakery refused to include a “Black Lives Matter” quote on a custom cake that they’d ordered. “Wait wait wait. So I paid full price for a cake, just to be told that @SamsClub refuses to put ‘Black Families Matter’ on a cake,” they wrote. “Y’all’s fake support is showing. These corporations quick to put up a BLM graphic and then do stuff like this.”

    Brandon included two pictures alongside this tweet. The first picture was of a cake that has no text written on it. In the second picture, you can see that, allegedly, a Sam’s Club employee crossed out “Black Lives Matter” on the order form. In another , Brandon said, “And honestly the crossing out of the statement is really what sent me …. My grandma worked soooo hard to make sure everyone felt loved after all the trauma we’ve seen lately. This is really the slap in the face that we really didn’t need today.”

    After Brandon told a Sam’s Club manager about what had happened, they gave them a corrected cake, a $100 gift card, and covered their membership costs for two years. “Turns out it wasn’t a store policy, it was a employee who let her bias ruin my family function,” Brandon stated. Nevertheless, this awful situation should have never transpired.

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