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Donna Currie is a writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. She’s also a bread-baking expert, having written Make Ahead Bread, a cookbook detailing the process. In addition to the top baking sheets, Donna’s written lists on the best cookie tools and best bread machines of the year.

This piece was edited by Bernadette Machard de Gramont, an LA-based writer who specializes in global food and wine content. She researches and tests a variety of cookware, bakeware, and wine tools, and interviews field experts for their insight.

Stainless Steel Cookware Made In The Usa

The goal of this article was to help you understand what brands of USA-made stainless steel cookware is are currently made entirely in America. So you know which ones to buy if your goal is to support the American industry when possible.

Rest assured I will keep this article up to date with any changes the brands listed make in their manufacturing practices, as well as update the list with any exciting new Stainless Steel Cookware Manufacturers that enter the Made in USA movement.

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One-Pot Cooking Rocks

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Stainless steel cake pans made in usa. These pans are sturdy and will not warp over time. Made with three layers of steel and aluminum that heat food evenly and last a lifetime, too. The raised stainless steel lid snaps over the pan, protecting the food inside.

Stainless steel handle stays cool to the touch during stovetop cooking and is tightly riveted to the pan to ensure durability and control. Lodge is the oldest continuous manufacturer of cookware in america. Usa pan bakeware rectangular cake pan, 9 x 13 inch, aluminized steel & bakeware square cake pan, 8 inch, nonstick & quick release coating, made in the usa from aluminized steel amazon on sale for $32.84 original price $47.90 $ 32.84 $47.90

Stainless steel coffee beans that absorb heat in your mug of coffee or other hot beverage and then slowly release heat to keep drinks warm longer. We use the highest grade of stainless steel and aluminum available, and each piece we create is precisely engineered for outstanding performance and durability. 360 stainless steel jelly roll pan, handcrafted in the usa, 5 ply, surgical grade stainless bakeware, dishwasher safe, professional grade, use as baking pan, roasting pan 4.7 out of 5 stars 60

Founded in 1896, lodge has proven that cast iron cookware is timeless. We are open 7 days a week from. Our stock pots and fry pans are made of quality stainless steel and are offered in a number of different shapes, sizes, and colors to fit the needs of any commercial kitchen.

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Calphalon Insulated Nonstick Steel

What about insulated options, you ask? We found one that we think is worth giving a closer look.

The insulated nonstick cookie sheet from Calphalon is made of heavy-gauge steel that heats evenly, and its warp resistant and safe to use at temperatures up to 500°F.

Interlocking nonstick layers provide easy release of baked goods, and the nonstick finish is designed to be long-lasting. In fact, Calphalon describes the stick-free abilities of these pans as being two times better than that of their Classic Bakeware line. And this product comes with a full lifetime warranty, so you can trust that it will last.

Dishwasher safe, this pan measures 14 by 16 inches with a slightly raised edge on two sides. An interior layer of air provides protection from unwanted browning, so its the perfect option for those more delicate baked goods.

Using nylon or wooden tools rather than metal is recommended, to prevent scratching. Allow this pan to cool completely before washing, and avoid the use of cooking oil sprays as they may lead to unwanted buildup and decrease the effectiveness of the nonstick coating in the long run.


Read more about this product now on Wayfair.

The Best Rectangular And Square Cake Pans

9 x 13 Stainless Steel Cake Bake Pan

May be out of stock

*At the time of publishing, the price was $0.

The sides of the USA pan are slightly flared out, and if you want to make a really perfect square layer cake, its better to have a pan with perfectly straight sides. For that, Parrish Magic Line is one of the few brands that makes 8-inch square pans and 9- by 13-inch pans with sides and corners all at sharp right angles. It also makes square and rectangular pans in numerous other sizes, which are great for playing around with tiered cakes. Plus the wide lip jutting out from the rim of these pans makes them easy to pick up and flip over. Just keep in mind that Magic Line pans are uncoated, and its best to line them with parchment. The reflective aluminum sides will deflect heat, meaning your cakes may need a few extra minutes in the oven.

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Corningware Pyroceram Stove & Oven

If youve ever had glass explode in the oven, it tends to make you wary about baking in it.

Yet, these dishes will put your anxiety to rest

Corningware crafts this set from lead and toxin-free pyroceram, a unique glass-ceramic blend.

Its nearly unbreakable, far surpassing borosilicate in shock resistance Its even stovetop/ broiler-safe and easily withstands 500+!


  • Ultimate do-everything versatility: Bake in the oven, then serve straight on the table. Afterward, store leftovers in the fridge or freezer. Another night, take out the cold dish & reheat in the oven, microwave, or stovetop without exploding!
  • Save clutter & cash: Use one dish for the job of many. Spend less on new bakeware & more on food to bake.
  • High-durability: This piece makes a great family heirloom. In fact, many customers bought this set to replace a dish theyve owned for .
  • Beautiful & nostalgic of moms old Corningware pieces a timeless classic with retro vibes.
  • Included: One 2L dish & a larger 3L .
  • 10-year warranty.

Looking for more pyroceram options from Corningware? Head to their storefront here to browse.

Side note: Original Corningware is scarce nowadays theres no guarantee it will be in stock on Amazon. If its unavailable there, check here on Etsy.

Are Aluminum Baking Sheets Safe

Unlike Teflon, natural aluminum baking sheets wont off-gas toxic fumes. So, theyre safer to use with high heat.

But, uncoated aluminum does leach metal into your meal. More so when scratched or baking acidic foods.

Now, its true dementia and Alzheimers to excess aluminum. But, this is rare from routine dietary intake your kidneys filter out 95%.

Yet, if you have impaired kidney function, baking on aluminum can cause toxicity.

Regardless of kidneys, uncoated aluminum is not good for cooking acidic foods It can leave a foul metallic taste.

So, to get the best flavor out of your food & avoid excess aluminum

Avoid scratching aluminum baking pans with metal utensils or abrasive scrubbers. Doing so increases leaching.

Also, line the baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat.

Not sure if your pan is aluminum or steel?

Stick a magnet to it.

If the magnet sticks to the pan, its stainless. If it doesnt, its likely aluminum bakeware. But, this method isnt always spot on, so use it as guidance, not gospel.

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Skillet For Frying Copper Nonstick Frying Pan With Lid 100% Pfoa

The material is a ceramic coating, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and aluminum, copper.

The superior Ceramic & Titanium interior is non-stick and scratch-resistant that enhancing both durability and cooking performance.

This beautiful ceramic coating pan is PTFE and PFOA-free, non-degraded substances will not be ingested due to the high-temperature coating.

It conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control, which is the great avoidance of hot spots in cooking.

Safest Baking Sheet Liners

Equipment Review: The Best Stainless Steel Skillet, Our Testing Winners and Why All-Clad is Worth It

& why you should use them:

Perhaps youre using parchment paper as a safe baking pan liner? Or maybe aluminum foil?

Heres something to consider:

While aluminum foil isnt necessarily harmful to health , it can alter your foods flavor.

Not to mention its wasting resources.

On the flipside, parchment paper is safer than aluminum foil for those with kidney issues. And it protects flavor, making it a better choice.

But, parchment paper is still wasteful. That begs the question

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The Best Stainless Steel Cookware Made In The Usa

A lot of cookware is made in China these days and finding cookware that is made in America is becoming more and more difficult. Fortunately, there are still some great companies out there that are producing high-quality cookware right here in the USA.

We thought we would celebrate the great products we make by taking a look at some of the best products available. Of course, buying American helps boost our economy and keep local people in jobs. So lets get going!


Pampered Chef Stoneware Loaf Pan

Pampered Chef forms this non-toxic loaf pan from all-natural, lead-free clay.

But unlike most competitors, its entirely unglazed This provides several unique benefits

The semi-porous nature promotes better air and moisture circulation. So, bread bakes evenly and takes on a crispy, fluffy exterior. Yet, the inside remains perfectly moist.

Even better, the pan develops a natural non-stick seasoning layer.

So bread slips right out without non-stick chemicals!

Measures 9 x 5 with a 6-cup capacity. Oven-safe to 550.


  • Chemical-free seasoning builds over time rather than degrades. Purchased for my Mom and she said they practically clean themselves after baking her bread, one reviewer described.
  • Even-heating & excellent air circulation. Enjoy crispy crusts, moist interiors, & no burnt bottoms!
  • Tip: Hand-wash only. The dishwasher will ruin the seasoning layer.
  • 3-year warranty.

Drawbacks: You cant use dish soap or the dishwasher with unglazed clay . If youre not used to this type of treatment, you may find it annoying.

Of course, dont just take my word for it check the reviews!

UPDATE: During ongoing research, I discovered this epic non-toxic stoneware baking sheet.

With thick, unglazed stone, and its unique Heat Spiral, anyone can churn out brick oven-style pizza and bread right at home!

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Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Braiser

Le Creusets non-toxic/ lead-free enameled braiser pairs beautifully with compact kitchens.

Its lighter weight than similar dutch ovens, so its easier to manage Perfect for 2-3 people. Yet, without sacrificing results or versatility

You still enjoy top-notch heat distribution and retention, so food bakes evenly.

Plus, with the inert enamel, theres nothing you cant cook!

Has a 10 diameter, inside depth of 2 , and 10.4lbs weight. Oven-safe to 500.


  • Versatile & easy to clean: Ive never had something that heats up so nicely and is easier to clean than any non-stick pan Ive had before! one customer describes. Plus, dishwasher-safe.
  • Durable stainless steel knob, so your handle doesnt rip off, causing you to whack yourself in the chin.
  • Dome-shaped lid promotes circulation of heat & moisture for tender, melt-in-your-mouth entrees.
  • Great for entertaining. It keeps food hot for serving, while its captivating French design impresses your guests.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Drawbacks: Theres no denying it Le Creuset is expensive. But, most who invest in this brand are glad they did. The lifetime warranty helps makes up for it, too.

Looking to buy elsewhere? Grab this braiser direct from Sur La Tables website here!

Pro Bakers Recommend This Nonstick Bakeware Brand For Dessertsand It Has 7000 Five

USA Pans Round Nonstick Aluminized Steel Cake Pan, 9 ...

Baking is a science and becoming a proficient baker often involves trial and error. You need to be as precise as possible to achieve bakery-worthy results. There are a lot of elements to consider, such as measuring dry ingredients, checking your oven’s internal temperature, and not overworking your dough. Another way to increase your chances of baking success? Always use high-quality bakeware. Professional bakers recommend baking in anodized aluminum pans because they heat up quickly and cook more evenly than their glass counterparts. For an affordable option, Amazon shoppers swear by the bakeware from USA Pans.

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Clad Cookware Made In The Usa

Clad cookware is made of different layers of metal. The most common type of these layered metals is iron, aluminum, and copper. The heat conductivity of this cookware is highly favorable because the material conducts heat evenly throughout.

Its also very durable because the layered metal doesnt corrode easily, which means it wont damage your food or ruin the taste. Not all but some clad cookware is coated with a non-stick coating that makes it easy to use for cooking without using any oil or butter. Some types of clad cookware also come with a ceramic coating.

Teamfar Stainless Steel Brownie & Casserole Non

Best quality steel Ive ever used. Its crazy how easy it is to clean just one of many reviews raving about this sets finish

So I had to see for myself.

I grabbed a pair for my momand seriouslythese are impressive.

The sturdy, commercial-grade stainless has a thick, heavy-duty feel that screams quality.

Even better, the nearly non-stick matte finish. Despite no coatings , these pans wipe clean like Teflon!


  • Versatile, do-anything-well set: Bake anything from brownies & cornbread to casseroles & lasagna. You can even heat gravy on the stovetop!
  • Extra-deep 3 depth: Churn out extra-thick brownies or casseroles without spills. Also great for storage the non-sharp, rounded edges hold foil without tearing.
  • Attractive matte finish repels sticking & adds a sophisticated, sleek look to your kitchen.
  • Includes: A larger rectangular baking pan & a smaller stainless steel cake pan . Oven-safe to 450.

Drawbacks: Some users dislike the depth of these pans. I see what they mean They were a little deeper than I anticipated when I opened the box.

But I dont see any problem with it unless you plan to use them solely for roasting veggies. In that case, youll want something more shallow.

Looking for something less deep? TeamFar offers a comparable set with 2 depth instead of 3. Theyre better for roasting.

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Best For Roasting: Prepd Cheat Sheets Silicone Baking Sheets

  • May not be great for making large meals for multiple people

Sheet pan suppers are trendy right now, but not everyone wants their cauliflower cooking in chicken juices. Cheat Sheets design makes it simple to separate foods while keeping everything on the same pan, thanks to silicone divider pans that snug neatly into the baking sheet. People who have kids who are picky eaters, especially like these pans.

The metal sheet and silicone pans are oven-safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so the set is great for all kinds of baking and roasting. This will be useful for making an entire meal in the ovenincluding desserton one pan, and its just as handy for prepping food ahead while keeping everything separate. Since the individual trays can be removed at any time, its also ideal when foods have different cooking times. And, of course, the nonstick baking sheet can be used on its own when its time for cookies.

Material: Silicone | Available Sizes: 4.88 x 4.88-inch , 4.88 x 9.88-inch

Our top pick is the Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum Half Sheetit’s a favorite among professional bakers and perform really well. If you’re looking for a baking set but don’t have much room in your kitchen, look no further. The Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Jelly Roll Pan with Mat and Cooling Rack comes with a nonstick pan, a silicone mat, and a cooling rack that all stack neatly for easy storage.

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