Wedding Cake Pool Steps For Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Wedding Cake Above Ground Swimming Pool Step Ladder

Replacement parts for pool steps, ladders, and handrails. Steps and ladders make entering your pool much easier, without the risk of damaging the sides or top of your pool. Choose a simple step or spacious, expandable wedding cake steps complete with handrails and gated entries for maximum pool safety. Blue wave ne110wh wedding cake above ground liner pad pool step, white.

Rezept Fr Franzsischen Gewrzkuchen Cake Pain Dpices

Zutaten für 6 8 Portionen

Wichtige Backutensilien

1 Teel. Quatre-épices oder Fünf-Gewürzmischung 2 Teel. ZimtEtwas Butter und Mehl für die Form

Finition & DécorFür die Dekoration nach Wunsch, eventuell Zimtstangen, Sternanis, Vanillestange, kandierte Orangenscheiben.


Schritt 1Butter schmelzen. Braunen Zucker in einem Blender zu Puderzucker mahlen so löst er sich später leichte in der Masse auf. Die beiden Mehle mit dem Backpulver zusammen in eine Schüssel sieben.

Schritt 2Ofen auf 160°C vorheizen.Zimmerwarme Eier und braunen Zucker verrühren, bis sich der Zucker gelöst hat. Milch, Salz, 50 g der Orangenmarmelade, die beiden Mehle mit dem Backpulver und die Gewürze zu der Eier-Zucker-Mischung geben und verrühren. Danach die flüssige, aber nicht mehr warme Butter unterrühren.

Schritt 3Eine kleine Königskuchenform von 20 cm Länge, buttern und mit Mehl ausstäuben. Den Teig in die Form füllen und bei 160°C auf der mittleren Schiene für ca. 50 Minuten backen. In der Zwischenzeit 50 g Orangenmarmelade leicht erwärmen und durch ein feines Sieb streichen. Den cake pain dépices aus dem Ofen nehmen und die Form entfernen. Den noch warmen Kuchen mit der Orangenmarmelade einpinseln. Auskühlen lassen und nach Wunsch dekorieren.


A Pool Ladder / Steps Gives Easy Access To Your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Ladders and Steps for Above Ground Swimming Pools. Deck Ladders, A-Frame Ladders, Wedding Cake Steps plus more durable, stronger Pool Steps. Make getting into and out of your pool easy. Check out our wide selection of step entry systems for one that fits your needs and budget.

There’s are quite a variety of steps and ladders. All serve different purposes. Some pools have decks, and don’t need a ladder or entry steps on the outside of the pool. If the pool doesn’t have a deck around it it will need an outside of the pool entry system.

They are made of a variety of materials. Plastic, steel, stainless steel, resin are just some of the materials used to make pool entrys. Plastic will last quite long, but unless it has a UV inhibitor mixed it, the sun will speed up its decomposition. Resin is much stronger, but also needs a UV inhibitor to prolong its lifespan. Steel is usually powder coated and is the cheapest to make, but if you scratch of the powder coat the steel will be exposed it will rust and will need to be replaced in a few year untreated. Stainless steel is a bit more expensive and has a proven history of long life usefulness.

Heavier people, the elderly and/or special needs people need stronger entry/exit systems. Larger / Wider Steps are usually better suited for these needs than skinny ladders.

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Blue Wave Ne110wh Wedding Cake Above Ground Liner Pad Pool Step White

Safe to use, easy to assemble, built to last. This uniquely designed Wedding Cake Step provides a wide angle to make entry and exit from your pool easier and safer. The durable slip-resistant polyethylene construction withstands heavy use and the suns harmful rays.

The sturdy handle and graceful curves of this step make it a beautiful addition to any pool. Super strong ABS molded construction will not flex or buckle like blow molded steps, and it holds over 500 lbs. Perforated non-skid steps means excellent traction for safety, plus the well ventilated design means the Wedding Cake steps will allow chemicals to circulate and reduce algae build-up. A 4 ft. x 5 ft. deluxe step/liner pad is included with this step to reduce chafing between the step and pool liner.

The Wedding Cake is simple and easy to assemble, and fits pools up to 54 in. deep. Mounts easily to your deck or pool . Backed by a 2 year warranty.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Steps

Wedding Cake Stairs Above Ground Pool

The popular Wedding Cake Steps for Above Ground Pools are back. The new blue color blends in with your pool water and liner and will hold over 500lbs. The strong molded ABS construction will not flex or buckle like blow molded pool steps. The well ventilated design allows chemicals to circulate and reduce algae buildup and the rugged construction sinks the steps on its own without additional weights. The Wedding Cake Step features perforated non skid steps for traction and safety. This step will fit above ground pools up to 54 inches deep and the steps measure 42 inches deep by 53 inches wide. Hardware and brackets are included so you can easily mount to your deck or pool. Easy assembly in approximately 15 minutes. The Wedding Cake Step should be paired with a Large 4ft x 5ft Pad in order to provide full protection to the pool liner.

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Pool Steps Wedding Cake Design

This step system apparently named for its shape and design. It comes with minimal assembly required compared to other models. It is a one piece step and is difficult to ship due to its size.


  • Wide area flat base distributes weight well
  • Excellent area for relaxing in the water
  • Handrail is sturdier than most
  • No much to assemble

In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Ladders & Steps

Safely Enter & Exit Your Pool with Pool Steps, Ladders and Hand Rails

For most swimmers, the pool steps and pool ladder is the only way in and out of the pool. Of course, there are some who love to jump-in with a splash, but at some point, everyone will use the rail or ladder to get out of the water. With so much use by so many people, the importance of choosing the correct pool steps and ladder is high, and In The Swim is here to help you make the right ladder and step choices for your pool. Read on for more information on how to find the perfect pool ladder or step for your pool.

Inground Pool Ladders: Inground pools will have a surrounding deck, and there are many options for inground pool ladders like our 3-step inground ladder by SR Smith or the stylish Inter-Fab redesign of the basic pool ladder with their designer 3-tread ladder adds form and function in your pool. Take a look at Saftron ladders, made in high-density plastic, and six cool colors. At these low prices, anyone can afford our replacement pool ladders! New pool ladders and rails always freshen-up a pool, and make getting in and out of the water easier and safer.

Hi! I think they need to be attached some how to keep them stable. I would try Swimming Pool Supplies Pool Parts They seem to have all kinds of out of the normal parts.Let us know what you find out and we can move from there.Kim

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Some General Notes On Above Ground Steps And Ladders

Weighing down steps can be a pain.

All ladders/steps will float a little in the water so therefore they must be weighed down. Some will require of you to pour sand into the unit while with others you will have to fill bags with sand and place them at the bottom of the steps.

I have seen people use all kinds of things, from concrete blocks to rocks to plastic dumbbells, to weigh the steps down. Anything is fine, but keep in mind that it will be in the water so plastic bags will deteriorate and objects will have algae grow on them. Real pool guy tip: Buy a longer piece of 3 PVC and some 3 end caps. Cut pieces of PVC to fit the area thats underneath the steps, then fill with sand or concrete and glue caps on both ends. This is a nice, precise, clean way to weigh down the steps. Youre welcome!

Assembly will be required.

No real pool installer will assemble any ladders or steps. So, this is something youll have to do. I havent assembled a ladder in more than 25 years, so I dont know much about it except that some say they suck to put together and some say they arent that bad.

Install the ladder/steps when the pool is at least half full.

An above ground pool liner isnt completely set in place and secure until the pool is at least half filled. So, in order to avoid possible damage, wait before placing the steps inside the pool.

Secure your entry system.

Wedding Cake Spacesaver Steps For Above Ground Pools

Quick Tip #28 – Pool Steps


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Wedding Cake Space Saver pool steps.

Designed for in-ground pools or pools with a deck surround.

Large stainless steel hand rails make getting in and out of your pool easy.

Creates an island where you can sit and relax.

Heavy duty moulding supports users up to 140kg.

A great addition to any above ground swimming pool.

Stainless steel deck mount included.

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Pull Or Not To Pull Wedding Cake Steps In The Winter

Re: Pull or not t pull wedding cake steps in the winterRe: Pull or not t pull wedding cake steps in the winter

MikeInNH said:Our pool freezes pretty solid so always pull the steps. I think ice would make a mess of the plastic steps. Its a pain but better than buying new ones.

Re: Pull or not t pull wedding cake steps in the winterRe: Pull or not t pull wedding cake steps in the winter

MikeInNH said:I zip tied a plastic Rubbermaid type bucket to the bottom horizontal piece on mine. I then put a few decent size rocks in another bucket that drops in the first one. I drilled holes in both so I can remove the bucket with the rocks in it relatively easily when its time to take the steps out. Putting the steps in is easy, lean it over the pool a bit then slide the bucket of rocks in and slide it over the side. I need a helper to hold it but no biggie and no issues with bags of sand ripping open.

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Replacement Handrails For Wedding Cake Steps

Replacement Handrails For Wedding Cake Steps. So i decided to bake a wedding cake. Well youre in luck, because here they come.

Once you have your cake layers and all of your supplies, you are if you take your time and follow the steps closely, remembering the helpful tips, you are bound to have. Plan ahead and be flexible. You will also need eight dowelling rods and eight cake pillars. Some steps have a compartment called a ballast that you fill with sand to weigh the. How much does the shipping cost for wedding cake steps?

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Finest Wedding Cake Step

RUGGEDLY BUILT, BEAUTIFUL POOL STEP DOUBLES AS A GREATING SEATING AREA FOR KIDS & ADULTS. FOR ABOVE GROUND POOLS. NO EXTRA BALLAST REQUIRED!! This redesigned beauty has all the features you desire to make entry and exit from your pool easier and safer. After years of design & testing, our new Wedding Cake Step has these unsurpassed benefits: Super-strong injection molded ABS construction that will not flex or buckle like blow molded steps. Holds over 500 lbs! Wedding Cake’s glossy finish looks great and is easy to keep clean. The attractive blue color blends in with your liner No weights are needed as ballasts. Removing and installing the step each season is quick & easy. No wading through cold water in the fall to remove weights as with blow molded steps. Well ventilated design means the Wedding Cake will allow chemicals to circulate and reduce algae buildup Perforated non-skid steps means excellent traction for safety Simple, easy assembly in 15 minutes or less Fits up to a 54″ deep pool. Step measures 42″ deep and 53″ wide Mounts easily to your deck or pool The benefits of this step far surpass any blow molded step on the market. Backed by a 2 year warranty. All this quality at this great price! Ships UPS.

Iii Ladder On The Outside And Steps On The Inside


This is nice if you dont have a deck. Having steps inside the pool is better than just climbing rungs for a couple of reasons. One reason is they are wider for feet to step on. They also have rails that help older or bigger swimmers get in and out of the water.

Another reason is the steps make good landings or rest spots for short kids. Steps can usually hold more weight than ladders so thats good for the heavier people in the family.

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Confer Plastic Heavy Duty 60

This is a 60-inches pool ladder, so if you have a deeper pool, this is an excellent choice. A lot of users hailed praises for this item, with most of the comment relating to its sturdiness, safety, and durability.

We love the A-frame structure in which the outer steps are made of tread steps for safety purposes while the inner steps are the usual climbing step ladder so that it doesnt take up too much pool space.

  • Highlighted Features:

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