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Caron Cakes Vs Sweet Rolls

How To Find Yarn Ends on Caron Cakes or Bernat Pop

Caron Cakes were recently introduced to celebrate 100 years of Caron yarn, to be sold exclusively at Michaels. Lets take a moment to appreciate all of the dye lots, acrylic, wool and love that has gone into their 100 years of business.

On the other hand, we have Premier Yarns Sweet Rolls: a similar look and feel to Caron Cakes, offered in a similar variety of colors, and with a slightly different make-up, length and cost. And, incidentally, value.

The problem with Caron Cakes and Sweet Rolls? There are several actually, but nothing you cant overlook. Or cant you? Which do you prefer, and why? Read on, friend, because I spent all weekend with my fingers entwined in each. Its about to get real. Real yarny that is.

Caron Cakes Vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent Review

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If you are a yarn-head like me Im going to go out on a limb here and say that youve either heard of or seen the rage of Caron Cakes sweeping the internet and . Caron Cakes are big and beautiful, colorful and, in some instances, hard to get your hands on. That is, until they started offering them online. And thats when I got really excited.

Common Questions About Caron Cakes

What is a yarn cake and how does it differ from a regular skein of yarn?

A cake is wound differently so that it has flat sides, making it less likely to roll away from you, and its also usually easier to find the end in the center to start your project. This is the same shape as using a ball winder, but it already comes wound for you!

What can I crochet with a yarn cake?

Just about anything! Ive seen so many amazing projects made with cake yarns, and the color matching makes it so easy. So whip up a hat, scarf, blanket, garment just about anything you can imagine.

What weight of yarn is a Caron Cake?

The original Caron Cake is a worsted weight yarn . They have made many different varieties since the original, but the Caron Cakes yarn is worsted.

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Hugs & Kisses Blanket

Bobble stitches make the os and x stitches make the xs in this hugs & kisses blanket. Get it? XOXO! The Dreamy Rose colorway of the Caron Cakes is perfect for this love inspired throw. I love all the personality that this afghan has between the textures, the ripples and the colors!

Designer: The Crochet Crowd


About Caron Cakes Yarn

Caron Cakes  Wool and Crafts  Buy yarn, wool, needles ...

The original Caron Cakes is a worsted weight yarn that comes in a huge variety of colors. It is available at Michaels stores and also now on .

Caron Cakes yarn is a self-striping yarn, so it will change colors for you and you dont have to worry about choosing colors or weaving in all the extra ends. Most cakes will start and end with the same color, so its easy to join a new cake if you are making a larger project.

This is a wool/acrylic blend, so it does have some natural fiber in it.

If I remember correctly, this was the original cake yarn that started the whole trend. It really makes for some beautiful projects!

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Caron Big Cakes Self Striping Yarn 603 Yd/551 M 105oz/300 G

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  • 5.51 x 5.51 x 5.91 inches
    Product Care Instructions
    • Fiber: 100% Acrylic Worsted/Medium
    • Each Cake: 10.5 oz. / 300 g 603 yd. / 551 m
    • Knitting Gauge: 17 stitches x 23 rows = 4â square on US 8 needles
    • Crochet Gauge: 13 single crochets x 14 rows = 4â square on a US H-8 hook
    • Care: Machine washable and dryable, so all your projects are easy to care for!

    Sea Shells By The Sea Shore Market Bag

    Introducing the beach tote of your dreams! The gorgeous Blush & Bloom colorway of the Caron Cakes yarn is a perfect pick for summer makes. The durable quality of cotton and the machine washability of the yarn are also super important. This design calls for single crochet, double crochet and puff stitches. Both written and video tutorials are available!

    Designer: Nanas Crafty Home Blog


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    Caron Cakes Yarn Vs Sweet Rolls Yarn

    Though there are some similarities between the brands like similar colors, abrupt color changes, softness of the yarn etc, they come with some obvious differences too.

    First of all, when it comes to size, Caron Cakes weigh in at 7oz and 383 yards per cake while Sweet Rolls weigh in at 5oz and just 245 yards for each cake. It makes a good difference if youre looking to use only one skein for a small project.

    If youre allergic to wool, Sweet Rolls should be your choice as its 100% acrylic. Overall, both are kind of vibrant and colorful yarns worthy of being added to your yarn stash. However, your choice should be based on how loosely you knit or crochet, and the pattern youre using.

    What Are The Advantages Of Using Self

    Yarn Review: Caron Anniversary Cakes!

    The beauty of using self-striping yarn cakes is that you get 3, 5 or more colours of yarn in one ball which saves on purchasing multiple balls of yarn for one colourful project. Most yarn cakes tend to be quite large so one ball goes a long way and may be enough for small projects making them very economical.

    The colours usually work nicely together because theyve been selected by a yarn designer, so it saves on guess-work if you arent confident choosing colours.

    Because the colours change seamlessly there are no pesky yarn ends to weave in which is great for saving time.

    You can also get some great effects on projects that take advantage of striping yarn colour changes.

    Crochet Poncho made with 3 balls of Sweet Roll yarn cakes Get the free pattern here

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    Triple Mitered Modern Granny Mg Baby Blanket

    Why make a boring old baby blanket when you can make this uniquely cute and cozy throw? Each panel out of the three starts out with a mitered granny square that just keeps going and going. The quality of this design is really elevated by the superb color matching and effortless color changing of the Caron Cakes yarn

    Designer: The Crochet Crowd


    If you have Caron Cakes yarn in your stash right now, then you shouldnt be reading this right now you should be crocheting one of these amazing Caron Cakes crochet patterns! And if you dont have this in your stash, you are definitely going to want to add it to your list. Have you used Caron Cakes yarn before? What have you made with it and how much did you love it? Let me know in the comments below!

    Aint no party like a crochet round-up party because the crochet round-up party dont stop! See you here next week for another fabulous round of free crochet patterns. Hit that follow button so you dont miss out!

    Gradient Plied Yarn Cakes

    Gradient plied yarn cakes use multiple fine strands laying together. Gradients are created by tying strands of different colors together with tiny knots. The knots are invisible in finished objects.

    Recently Lionbrand and Red Heart started selling gradient plied yarn cakes. However, the cakes they sell are very small compared to other yarn cakes so you might want to buy two if you plan on making a shawl.

    To give you an idea: my Pom Pom Happiness Shawl used a yarn cake which is 600m / 656 yds, my Ana Lucia Shawl used a cake which is 800m / 874yds and my Bella Vita Shawl used a cake which is 1000m / 1094yds.

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    Caron Cakes Yarn Patterns

    If you are new to knitting as well as to Caron Cakes yarn, you may find it a little difficult to create patterns using the yarn. However, a wide variety of simple yarn patterns are available on various sites online, using which even beginners can create beautiful products of all types.


    A pattern may be worked in rounds , or in rows . Whatever way a pattern is to be worked upon, you must start with making a slip knot on the hook. You would not find this anywhere in a pattern guide as it assumes you know that already.

    Apart from this, there are lots of abbreviations used in defining the method of making patterns. Just do some research online and you will get a good hang of it. And once you do, you can try making these gorgeous patterns using your Caron Cakes yarn.

    Crochet Sampler Blues Afghan

    Caron® Cakes Yarn

    Experience a tremendous stitch sampler afghan called the Crochet Sampler Blues Afghan. Talk about a stitch tease project. There are 8 different stitch combinations used in this masterpiece.

    Diagrams are available for each of the sections. I would caution you on section 6 as that stitch tends to be tight in tension. I would increase the hook to a 10 mm / N Hook for that particular section. Thats experience giving you that advice.

    The link will take you to our landing page as our videos for this Stitch Along is gathered together in one spot.

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    Caron Cakes Self Striping Yarn 383 Yd/350 M 71 Oz/200 G

    Get Fast, Free Shipping with & Return this item for free

    • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
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  • 5.91 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches
    Number of Pieces 1

    What To Make With Yarn Cakes 9 Yarn Cake Pattern Ideas

    Not all patterns show off self-striping yarn to best effect and I often get asked questions as to the best patterns and projects to make with yarn cakes. Im planning on creating some original cake yarn patterns down the track, but for now Ive scoured the internet for some of my favourites.

    Ive included both crochet and knitting patterns in this roundup. Some use just one ball which is ideal if you have a yarn cake sitting around and dont know what to do with it. There are a few bigger projects in there too, for when youve caught the yarn cake bug!

    The patterns Ive chosen use the yarn cake without breaking, but if you like more control as to where colour changes fall, of course you can cut the yarn and re-join. Oh and best of all, all these patterns are FREE!

    I hope you get some inspiration for your next self-striping yarn cake project.

    What to make with yarn cakes Here are some great knitting and crochet patterns.

    Listed from Left to Right

    Top Row

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    Cotton Cakes Knotted Strap Bag

    I have never seen a knotted bag before but I gotta say I absolutely love it! Its such a small detail but its just so fun. The stitchwork of this design is really interesting too its a double crochet variation that Ive never seen before. Dont worry, there are lots of pictures to help you learn it!

    Designer: Cute as a Button Crochet


    Caron Cakes Vs Sweet Rolls: An Independent And 100% Honest Review

    The Budget Knitter Reviews: Caron Cakes

    Please note that I was not sent any yarn or compensation from either company. Instead, I used my own funds to purchase several of the Sweet Rolls and several of the Caron Cakes for my 100% honest review.

    The similarities between the brands include: abrupt color changes, similar colors . The softness of the yarn is similar as well as the value.

    The glaringly obvious difference between the two: size. And we all know that size matters. Sweet Rolls weigh in at 5oz, and 245 yards per cake while the Caron Cakes weigh in at 7 oz, or a whopping 383 yards each.

    While this isnt quite double, it sure does make a difference when youre wanting to use just one skein for a scarf or other small-ish project. I was able to complete one large scarf with each Caron Cake I purchased, while I need two of the Sweet Rolls.

    If you are outside of the United States, chances are youll have to purchase your Caron Cakes online . Caron Cakes are only available at Michaels stores while Sweet Rolls are available at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts.What about value, you ask? Jo-Anns Fabric and Crafts has the Sweet Rolls regularly priced at $5.99, although frequently on sale for $4.99 per cake. Caron Cakes at Michaels are regularly priced $7.99, and go on sale less frequently from what I have noticed. I tend to pick one up every time I notice a killer percentage-off yarn coupon, or a 50% off regularly priced item coupon.

    The verdict
    More crochet and yarn hacks before you go:

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    Marvelously Modern Crochet Patterns Made With Caron Cakes Yarn

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    Help support free patterns – click to share!

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    Looking for the best Caron Cakes crochet patterns? Check out this list of 25 marvelously modern crochet patterns made with Caron Cakes yarn.

    Who doesnt love cake? Theres, ya know, cake, and theres ice cream cake and now yarn cakes are even a thing too! Have you tried cake yarn before? Its not just a fad, its the next best thing in the yarn world! Here are all the reasons I love yarn cakes and especially Caron Cakes!

    First of all, I love how yarn cakes sit still. Whether you pull from the middle or from the outside, it just sits there! Every time I try to crochet from a ball of yarn it always tries to run away from me. Please tell me Im not the only one!

    Secondly, the color changing is amazing. Just amazing! I never have to worry about the colors I pick matching. I dont have to keep track of when Im supposed to change colors. And not having to change colors manually every few rows results in way fewer ends. This saves me so much time and frustration because I really really hate weaving in ends!

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