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How To Make A Vegan Ice Cream Cake

Vegan Ice Cream Cake | EASY VEGAN DESSERTS
  • First, prep your springform pan by tracing a circle around it onto parchment paper. Cut on the inside of the circle, about a centimeter from the line. Trim as necessary to fit inside the pan. One trick I learned from my grandmother is to crumple the parchment up into a ball , which will make it sit nicer at the bottom of the pan.
  • At this point start softening the ice cream. Take the lids off and let them sit while you do the next part.
  • Next, pulse the cookies in the food processor until theyre mostly crumbled. Stir if you need to and add about a tablespoon or two of melted coconut oil, just enough to get it to pack easily. The oil isnt necessary, but its a lot easier to make it into a crust this way and it will be less messy later. Pulse it one final time so everything is mixed and add the contents into your lined springform pan.
  • Using your hands start to press out the cookie mixture so it fills the surface of the pan, and then press it up the sides. It doesnt need to reach the top, more like about an inch from the top, but it doesnt have to be super precise. What were going for is a relatively even thickness all the way around, and concentrate on really packing it in, especially on the bottom and the corner area where the bottom meets the wall of the pan. You can use a straight glass or jar to help you do this, but I made my husband help me and he just preferred to use his knuckles.

Baskin Robbins Holiday Cakes

Planning holiday meals is time consuming, and few busy cooks have time to bake a dessert. Baskin Robbin cakes are the perfect choice for anyone who wants their family to enjoy a convenient, and delicious, holiday gathering dessert. The cakes are designed in shapes that are perfect for all major holidays including rabbits for Easter, turkey shaped cakes for Thanksgiving, pumpkin cakes for Halloween, and many more. These cakes are the perfect dessert and festive centerpiece.

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Baskin Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream Pie


At Baskin Robbins, where I used to work, I learned to make Baskin Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream Pie. It was my second job ever and extremely difficult. I had to be around 31 flavors of ice cream all day. I had to make ice cream cakes and fresh waffle cones. When it was slow I restocked candy toppings and made whipped cream. I took one for the team by sampling every flavor of ice cream, just so I could adequately describe the flavors and give an educated opinion. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

But do you know what the worst part was? Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream. It wielded incredible power over me, so much so that I could rarely pass the dipper well without a little taste tester. It haunted me. It even begged me to be put inside a cappuccino blast. It was incredible pressure, and now, 18 years later, I am still making Jamoca Almond Fudge Ice Cream Pie as my personal dessert of choice.

Clearly you sense my sarcasm, right? This is the best ice cream pie ever because it combines chocolate, coffee, and almonds. Are there 3 other ingredients in this world more perfectly suited for each other? I think not. God knew what He was doing on day 3 of creation!

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Trader Joes: Soy Creamy And Coconut Milk Non

Trader Joes Photos by PETA.

This one is old news, but its certainly worth mentioning. Especially since Trader Joes has kept these non-dairy frozen desserts around for quite some time.

Our Tasting Notes for Trader Joes Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts

They have discontinued one of their soy-based flavors and one of their coconut milk flavors, but they still have one of each left. Both are staples for many households and do have a a very creamy mouthfeel. The Soy Creamy does have a slight beany aftertaste and the Made with Coconut Milk does assert itself just a bit in the chocolate flavor. And all of the Trader Joes Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts contain carrageenan, which could be a sticking point for many people.

The Facts on Trader Joes Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts

Available Flavors: Soy Vanilla Ice Cream, Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream

Ingredient & Allergen Statement : organic soymilk , organic crystallized cane sugar, oleic safflower oil, brown rice syrup solids, natural flavors, carob bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan, organic vanilla extract. Contains soy. Certified Kosher Parve.

Ingredient & Allergen Statement : coconut milk, water, sugar, cocoa powder, corn maltodextrin, dextrose monohydrate, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, locust bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan, salt.

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Yumbar Vegan Ice Cream Cake Dairy Gluten & Sugar Free

Nostalgic Vegan Ice Cream Cake (Dairy Queen)  86 Eats

YUMBAR Vegan Ice cream cakes are masterfully created with your happiness & health in mind, making them the most perfect addition to any celebration. Weddings, birthdays or just getting together with family and friends, these cakes win hearts every time.

YUMBAR Vegan Ice cream cakes are a delicious & nutritious indulgence that come with all the health benefits.

With a base of certified organic raw cashews, insecticide free almonds, certified organic fruits & pure Canadian maple syrup, we use nothing artificial and pride ourselves on the quality of the ingredients used.

Gluten Free Dairy Free Refined Sugar Free Vegan

Our 3 combinations that are available at short notice are: Raspberry, Vanilla, Chocolate

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Does Dunkin Donuts Own Baskin

Dunkin and Baskin-Robbins now owned by the same company that owns Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings. The company that owns Arbys, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jimmy Johns and Sonic, now also owns Dunkin and Baskin-Robbins. Inspire Brands said today it has completed its acquisition of Dunkins Brands for $11.3 billion.

Store Brands Of Dairy

All of the non-dairy products mentioned below are dairy-free by ingredients, and we believe all of their flavors are also vegan. But we couldnt confirm each label firsthand. And as always, contact the manufacturer to discuss their production processes if a severe food allergy is a concern for you. There is always some degree of cross-contamination risk, and allergen labels should not be relied on exclusively.

If youve tried any of these dairy-free ice cream store brands, leave a comment and let us know what you thought! And dont hesitate to tell us if you find another store brand of dairy-free ice cream!

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Vegan Ice Cream Cake: A Delicious Plant

Ice cream cake is the perfect dessert for any birthday party or hot summer day. With vegan ice cream readily available in supermarkets and also easy to make yourself, there’s no reason not to make vegan ice cream cake!

Making vegan ice cream cake is fun and easy. There are so many different flavor combinations and twists you can take on your cake to make it your very own. From cookies n cream to chocolate raspberry, the options are endless. For the ice cream itself, you can use store-bought or homemade vegan ice cream. If you arent up for making the ice cream, check out the many vegan ice cream flavors at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or maybe even your local supermarket.

Baskin Robbins Offers 31 Flavors Of Ice Creams One For Each Day Of The Month

Lazy Vegan Ice Cream Cake

Rich graviss products ltd, j177, midc, bhosari, pune 411 026 marketed by : Baskin robbins 1 litre price, 1, baskin robbins price list india, baskin robbins ice cream menu at pandara road, baskin robbins menu india, You can now relish different ice cream flavours in scoops with a wide variety of toppings enjoy quick delivery

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How To Make Vegan Ice Cream Cake

To make this vegan ice cream cake, you’ll need to start by preparing the Oreo crust.

Read the instructions above on how to do that!

Once your crust is ready, you can prepare the ice cream filling.

About 10-20 minutes before you want to fill the oreo crust, remove your favorite dairy-free/vegan ice cream from the freezer to allow it to thaw a little bit. Then spread the 2 pints of ice cream evenly over top of the Oreo crust.

Place the cake back in the freezer to allow the ice cream to reharden.

Remove the cake from the freezer a few minutes before cutting or use a knife run under hot water to cut the cake.

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

The scoops on top of this cake are made with a chocolate version of my blender ice cream recipe. This one is also made from cashews, zucchini, and coconut milk, with cocoa powder added in! Everyone who sees this cake gets stars in their eyes over the scoops of chocolate ice cream with the cones on top. Make sure there’s a scoop for everyone! I found gluten-free ice cream cones at my local grocery store.

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How To Store Leftover Ice Cream Cake

Just like ice cream lasts for ages in the freezer, ice cream cake lasts quite a while in the freezer as well!

To store leftover ice cream cake, simply cover the top of the cake with a layer of plastic wrap and then aluminum foil before storing it in the freezer.

If it will fit in a zip-lock freezer bag, do that as well! This will prevent any freezer burn from occurring.

Before freezing any leftover ice cream cake, make sure you don’t leave on any fresh fruit toppings such as bananas. They don’t freeze very well!

In fact, be sure to just freeze the base of the ice cream cake and just add toppings right before serving.

Who’s Ready To Party This Vegan Ice Cream Cake Feels Totally Decadent And Special A Nutty Crust A Layer Of Vanilla Ice Cream And A Vegan Chocolate Magic Shell All Topped With Scoops Of Chocolate Ice Cream On Top This Is A Dessert

BEST Ever Vegan Ice Cream Cake (Gluten Free + Video!)

I put a lot of care, time, and love into every recipe on this site, but I have to admit…this Vegan Ice Cream Cake feels extra, extra special! I made it for my son David’s fourth birthday and it was the perfect treat to celebrate our little guy. His eyes totally lit up when he saw it, and everyone was clamoring for their own slice! I’m so excited to share it with you today, and I hope this recipe makes it into some of the special days in your home, too.

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Special Diet Notes & Options: Dairy

By ingredients, this recipe is dairy-free / non-dairy and can optionally be egg-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, tree nut-free, vegan and vegetarian depending on the cake and frosting chosen and how you prepare them. Several cake mixes can easily be prepared egg-free. Mixes such as Cherrybrook Kitchen even come with egg-free instructions. For the cookies, we like gluten-free K-toos.

What Is A Cake Pint

Your typical pint container holds chocolate sauce, ganache, jam, buttercream, chocolate and other flavors of her cake filling that her cake and a variety of fillings filled containers youd normally see holding ice cream are filled with various flavors of her cake and an array of fillings, like buttercream, jam .

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Best Ever Vegan Ice Cream Cake

This is THE vegan ice cream cake recipe to make for the summer! Super fun and easy to make, this homemade ice cream cake is like no other cake: layered with fudgy rich chocolate cake, creamy dairy free ice cream, and decorated with decadent dairy free buttercream and ganache, this is the ultimate ice cream cake for any summer birthday or party!

More Gluten + Dairy Free Dessert Recipes

Vegan Ice Cream Cake | Easy Vegan Recipe!

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Recipe Notes And Tips

  • using a 10 inch cheesecake springform pan will make this Oreo ice cream cake turn out perfectly round like a cake. A 10 inch round cake pan also works.
  • next an angled icing spatula is helpful with this recipe. Youll use it for several layers of this cake. I also use this spatula with several other recipes. It is a lifesaver.
  • Save

I love sharing this dairy-free oreo crunch ice cream cake with my friends and family who have dietary restrictions! It is the perfect dessert for me to bring to summer family gatherings, birthday parties, or special events where I know I need to bring my own allergy-friendly dessert . This cake has the perfect crispy, crunchy base combined with two flavors of smooth dairy-free cream, and topped with my favorite allergy-friendly chocolate sandwich cookies! If you love ice cream, then you are bound to love this allergy-friendly, no-bake summer cake recipe!

Dont miss any other modern pioneer recipes this summer! Join our wagon train and get chuckwagon recipes delivered weekly to your inbox! Wed love to have you join us on our modern pioneer journey!

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Best Toppings For Ice Cream Cake

You may think an Oreo crust and ice cream filling is decadent enough, but I’m here to tell you that your ice cream cake isn’t done yet!

You need toppings!

The toppings you choose for your ice cream cake may vary depending on what flavor of ice cream you use.

I’ll list out some options below, but feel free to use the same mix-ins your ice cream has as the toppings for your ice cream cake!

  • Dairy-free chocolate fudge.
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cookie dough

In the photos for today’s vegan ice cream cake, I used mint chocolate chip ice cream for the filling and topped everything off with coconut milk whipped cream and chocolate fudge!

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Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

If youre one of those people with mass amounts of self control, you were able to save your Vegan Mint Brownie Ice Cream until today! Phew, that was rough. How did you do it?

Heres what I propose we do with that creamy, minty, dream boat ice cream: MAKE AN ICE CREAM CAKE!

Ive loved ice cream cake since I was a wee little Minimalist Baker. I mean, cake AND ice cream? Come on.

But I havent had it since my dairy sensitivity really flared up last year and said, Hey, lady, stop that. Dairy makes you feel like crap.

Fine, body. Although youre right, youre still a giant party pooper.

This ice cream cake is made with our 1-Bowl Vegan Chocolate Cake! Its the perfect chocolate cake for vegan newbies and skilled bakers alike because it requires just one bowl, no fancy ingredients, and comes together in about 1 hour. Plus, its mega delicious. Read the comments.

While your cake is baking and cooling, you can get on making your ice cream .

Once your cake is cooled and your ice cream is softened, its time to build that cake.

You can do so in two ways . Basically youre just trying to layer the cake and ice cream in as uniform fashion as possible. I went with a loaf pan for easy sculpting, but you could also use a cake stand and just frost the cake with the ice cream like frosting. If you do this, youre fancy and Im jealous of your skills.

The best part is, it doesnt have to be perfect or even pretty because it tastes AMAZING.

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