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Blue Clouds And Stars Baby Boy Cake


This dreamy cake would be ideal for a baby shower with an âA Star Is Bornâ theme, for example. Itâs even cuter with the âOh Boy!â message on the side of the cake. The stars and clouds can easily be made using fondant applied to paper lollipop sticks or skewers that then get inserted into the cake.

Girl Baby Shower Cake Toppers Australia

Expecting a girl baby and planning a girl baby shower? Baby showers for girls are extra special. Just because, thats why. There are so many possibilities with this from beautiful feminine colours on the cake through to themes that are often associated with baby girl baby showers. Or maybe you have a theme in mind for your baby girls nursery, and are starting with the baby shower. An excellent choice. Popular themes include angels, fairies, princesses, and similar.

Welcome Baby Boy Cake

If youâre looking for something simple, this cake with its âWelcome Baby Boyâ message is it. And it wouldnât be that difficult to bake this cake at home. You would just need to roll out some fondant dyed in different colors to cover the cake. Then use alphabet cookie cutters to create the lettering, or pipe it on with frosting.

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Bee Themed Baby Shower Cake Toppers

Mommy-to-bee is a very cheerful and delightful theme for a baby shower.

With black, yellow and gold being the big colors of the event, there are so many cake toppers that could sit on your cake and complete the look on your dessert table.

These cake toppers can also be used for spring and floral themed baby showers too. They are gender neutral with their colors and words, and would make any cake look very delightful!

Thomas The Tank Engine Chocolate Drip Confection

baby boy baby shower cake topper by sophia victoria joy

This one is really tall making it look great on the food table. Thomas has been a popular character for many years from the TV show. Hes on this with straws for drinking in the cakes chocolate deliciousness. Caramel corn is scattered around this baby shower cake for boys. Thomas stands out nicely because of his blue and red accents.

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Baby Shower Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers For Baby Showers

No party is complete without cake, right? Right! A baby shower party is one of those occasions where a cake is given lots of thought and often ends up being the main dessert on a table full of sweet treats.

There are so many varieties when it comes to baby shower cakes some pick a delicious naked cake while other may want intricate details and buttercream ruffles instead.

Whatever your choice is, everyone especially the mommy-to-be, is bound to love it and devour it happily!

But lets face it a baby shower cake is incomplete without that perfect cake topper.

You can pick one to match your events theme, the babys gender or just a neutral one that adds to the celebration!

Here are some ideas you could consider when choosing a baby shower cake topper for your party:

Baby Shower Cakes For Boys

We’ve featuring CUTE baby shower cake ideas for boys! Many of these designs would work great for girls or gender neutral themes with a color change or two! We’ve also included some of our young birthday designs that would work for baby showers too! Some are from our free cake tutorial section and others are from our member cake tutorial section- we hope that you find an idea that you’d like to try!

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Different Colour Shades To Choose From

What fun is life if you cannot add vibrant colours to it. Same goes for the cake toppers as well. You can select the colour of your baby shower cake topper. We give a variety of colour options for you to select from. Wood, Silver, Rose Gold, Red and Blue are some colour options for the Wooden cake toppers. We also offer colours in the Acrylic ones Mirror Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. Pick up a design of your choice and select the colour when making the purchase.

On The Move Cake For Boys

How To Make Cake Topper Picks For A Baby Shower

Heres one of the smaller baby shower cakes that is still 2-tiered. Shown on the cake are all the kinds of things boys love that move, a car, a truck, a helicopter, a hot air balloon and a train engine topper. All pictured against a smooth sky blue background with clouds. Lovely.

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Taking Baby For A Stroll

This cream-colored, smooth-edged baby shower cake has decorative flowers growing up from greenery as a border on the bottom edge. Its topper is a mom in a straw hat pushing a pink baby buggy which holds a smiling baby. This cake is very springlike and so different than most of the others.

Four Teddy Bears Happily Playing

These four active bears are arranged on classic pastel baby colors. Each of the three tiers is covered with a different colored fondant. Daisies, gingham, and clouds in the sky adorn this cake design. The middle tier has space for a message. Themes, patterns, and colors planned well to work perfectly together.

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Action Packed Hot Air Balloon With Bears

This 3-tiered baby shower cake idea is impressive. All the tiers are covered with a grayish-blue fondant and four busy bears are placed around in different animated positions with clouds. Blocks at the bottom spell out babys name and the balloon topper is quite large and has brown and gray accents.

Cake Toppers Made From Wood Or Acrylic


We manufacture cake topper cake decorations using premium quality wood and acrylic material. This ensures that your baby shower cake toppers look rich and captivate the minds of the guests at the party. No need to worry about rough edges and bends. These cake toppers are constructed to last for long. Your baby will grow older but our cake toppers will stay young and fresh for years to come. The best about our cake toppers is that they are manufactured from food-safe quality material which ensures that both the cake and your hands stay fresh.

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Personalize The Design With Customization

We also offer customization options to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Baby showers are once in a lifetime event and we know how much importance it has. To make this better we make it possible for you to customize the design. Just place a request for your desired design and we will have it delivered. Sit back and relax while we work on customizing the Cake Toppers. Our rich looking toppers will make the baby shower cake decorations a grand success.

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Soccer Ball Baby Shower Cupcakes

If the mom-to-be is a soccer fan, then consider this decoration for the cake. Decorate cupcakes with green frosting to look like grass and top each with a white fondant ball with black dots so it looks like a soccer ball. You could also design the balls to look like a football or tennis ball, or any other ball from a sport played on a grass field. You could also do a mix of toppers, if thereâll be a general sports theme for the baby shower.

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Boy Baby Shower Cake Toppers Australia

Or perhaps a baby boy is on his way, and its a boy baby shower instead. Boys will be boys they say, and many mothers to be choose classic boy themes for a boy babies baby shower, such as baby animals, jungle themes, or even themes influenced by Mum or Dads life interests, such as sports or work themes. Boy baby shower cake toppers are always fun to make, and even more fun placing as a boy baby shower cake topper. Dont forget too, a really neat way to add a bit more wow factor is to get personalised baby shower cake toppers made online – and yes, if you want to buy personalised baby shower cake toppers Australia, that’s exactly what we sell.

Happy Baby Shower Cake For Boys

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Centerpiece | Cake Topper | Baby Boy | Baby Girl

This 3-tiered airy design has a unique look to it. The flattened images will accommodate easier serving and the air theme is carried out well with the images. A little balloon toting, smiling boy sits atop it. Theres a nice place for babys name as well. This cake is so happy and such a breath of fresh air!

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Baby Shower Cake Topper

Jungle Animal Trio Baby Shower Cake

This unique cake design will be a perfect addition to the table at your baby shower! An elephant, a giraffe, and a lion are toppers on three separate multi-layered creations. Displayed at different heights and of different color schemes they work together nicely and certainly make a statement.

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Pink And Gray Graphic Contrasts

Heres a 3-tiered cake that features three little animals who are hanging a banner that reads BABY. The bottom layer is covered with big pink roses, the middle layer is a contrasting gray and white zig zag pattern and the upper layer where the animals are playing is solid pink. This baby shower cake for girls also has a big pink bow.

Dreamy Rose Gold Baby Shower Cake

Baby Cake Topper Boy with Baby Blue Blanket and by ...

With rose gold in vogue again, this delicious layered cake is looking more enticing than ever. We love the placement of the fondant moon, lamb, and baby. How about those gold-foiled fondant stars and marshmallow-colored clouds? We cannot think of a more appropriate confection for a baby shower or first birthday. Just be sure to snap plenty of pictures before your guests manage to bite into this sweet treat.

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Hot Air Balloon Fantasy With Animals

Several little animals are involved in getting the balloon ready for takeoff. Soft white puffs surround them. The balloon itself is amazing! Its so well-designed with blue stripes on white, a ring of pearls encircling a pink flag atop the balloon. A pink banner draping around the balloon is held in place with pretty yellow bows. The wicker basket already has a couple of passengers. Gorgeous.

Elegant Baby Fawn Topper With Roses

This is another one of the woodland-themed baby shower cakes that are currently so popular. Besides the fawn topper, there are other baby animals around the bottom tier and they all have flowers on their little heads. Theres a perfect spot for the babys name right under the lovely fawn topper.

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Simple Yet Fancy Onesie Sheet Cake

This one is awesome, old school, and clearly delicious. Its simple yet adorable. Frosted with delicious buttercream, shaped like a onesie and covered with star-shaped, multi-colored sprinkles. The seam details and the word Baby are piped on it in classic fashion on this baby shower sheet cake.

My Cake School Online Cake Tutorials Delicious Cake Recipes And More

Fondant Sleeping Baby Accessories Tutorial | Baby Shower Cupcakes / Cake Topper

All of these cake tutorials can be found on our site some are in our Free Cake Tutorials Section, and others are from our Member Cake Tutorials section. If you are interested in joining My Cake School to have access to every cake video tutorial that weve made, make sure to check out our Joining Information page!

For even more ideas, dont miss our Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Girls roundup as well as our roundup of the CUTEST Baby Shower Cake Ideas!

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Supplies For Baby Shower Cake Topper:

Dont have a Cricut or a Silhouette? No problem! A .jpg photo is included and can be used with your printer! Print and frame for cute decor and more!

I will put all my tutorials below for the different machines but basically you will size and cut the design on cardstock. If you want it to be double sided and are using plain cardstock, you can just cut 2 of the designs.

If you are using glitter cardstock or cardstock that is textured, be sure to cut the 2nd copy as a mirror image Then you can sandwich the skewer in between the two designs

So cut the designs and hot glue to a wooden skewer. Use your scissors to trim the skewer to the correct height for your cake! Easy!

Adorable Baby Shoes And Hearts Design

Classic pastels are the palette for the familiar images on this baby shower cake. Baby shoes take center stage as a topper with hearts floating above them. There are also multi-colored hearts scattered about lavishly. Clean fresh white fondant is the background for this creation.

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Boys Baby Shower Gender Reveal & Christening Cake Decorations

If you are decorating a cake for a baby boy’s Christening, Naming day or baby shower, we have a fantastic selection of cake toppers, moulds, cutters and ribbons to help you put together an adorable celebration cake, cupcakes or cookies to mark the occasion. Whether you are looking for a diamante topper for your cake, baby feet wafer confetti to sprinkle on cupcakes or a babygrow cookie cutter to make favours for a party, you are sure to find products to inspire you here. Have a look at our range of or toppers suitable for a Communion cake too.

Wintry Forest Wonderland Cake With Crumb Coat

Baby Boy/ Baby Shower Cake Topper

Check out this incredibly adorable buttercream crumb coat cake and all its fondant forest animals. Sprigs of rosemary and cinnamon stand in for pine needles and tree bark. Were not sure if that crumb-laced vanilla icing is supposed to pass as a snow-covered landscape, but we can see it. If youre hunting for a gender-neutral cake, this one might just fit the bill.

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