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Why limit yourself to one cake flavor when you can have twoor more? Bakers today are frequently crafting tiers that feature different cake and filling combinations to satisfy both halves of the couple, as well as their guests. So if youd rather have a dark chocolate cake with peanut butter filling, while your partner is all about that salted caramel or seasonal peach preserves, have both. Talk to your baker about strategizing which tiers feature each flavor to get a more even divide, and consider a slightly larger cakeyour guests will want to try both offerings.

The Cake Cutting Ceremony

The presence of a cake at the reception, let alone the symbolic cake cutting ceremony, originates from a Roman tradition in which the groom would break bread over his bride’s head and share the crumbs with their guests as a sign of sustenance and good fortune.

Over time, breaking bread evolved into cutting cake although the symbolism remains. As the bride and groom stand together, they begin one of their firsts acts as a married couple. The bride holds the knife and the groom places his hand gently over hers as a symbol of support and guidance. They then move together to cut and remove the cake slices. Next, the couple take turns feeding each other. The groom goes first to show his commitment to provide for his bride who feeds her new husband as a symbol of her commitment to nourish him. Once the bride and groom have fed each other, they then share their wedding cake with their guests as a gesture of good luck and affection.

There are several superstitions that surround the cake cutting ceremony as well. One modern superstition points to a correlation between the size of the slices of cake that the bride and groom cut to the number of children that they will have. Another older superstition says that if unmarried female guests take their slice of cake home and sleep with it under their pillow, they will dream of their husband that night – though it is likely that not many participate in this one.


What Should A Grooms Cake Look Like And When Is It Served

Traditionally, grooms cakes were the wedding favor, not another dessert. The cake was sliced, boxed, and given to guests to take home. Single women would then sleep with the cake under their pillow, hoping to dream of their future groomhence the cakes name. These days, a grooms cake is a chance to add something special for the groom to a celebration that can often feel like its all about the bride. Displayed alongside the wedding cake, a grooms cake can take any form and be any flavor, whether a traditionally-shaped cake in rich chocolate with a liqueur filling or the funfetti of his childhood, carved into the shape of his prized grill or emblazoned with his favorite teams logo.

Since the cake used to be used as a favor instead of dessert, there arent any hard-and-fast rules about slicing and serving. Most couples opt to slice the grooms cake immediately after cutting the wedding cake, and serving slices alongside pieces of the wedding cake so guests have a choice of flavors. If the cakes are both large enough, you could plate a duet of slices for each guest, or simply put one flavor on each plate and let your family and friends choose what theyd prefer.

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Check Out 27 Of Our Favorite Wedding Cake Cutting Sets To Use On Your Wedding Dayand Beyond

We love the modern feel of this wedding cake knife and server set, which has hammered gold handles. Its a lovely addition to any wedding receptionand home.

WeddingWire Shop hammered gold and silver cake serving set, $42, WeddingWire Shop

Many wedding cake cutting sets can be engraved with the couples names and wedding date, and this one, with a touch of gold on the handle, is a pretty example.

Davids Bridal personalized golden cake serving set, $55, Davids Bridal

This unique wedding cake cutting set features many of todays top trends, including rose gold and slivers of agate.

Classic Touch agate cake servers, $68, BHLDN

This modern, all-black wedding cake cutting set can be etched with the personalization or message of your choice.

WeddingWire Shop onyx black modern cake serving set, $26, WeddingWire Shop

Hosting a rustic-themed event? This wedding cake cutting set is wrapped in jute and features little gold hearts for a sweet touch.

Davids Bridal gold heart wedding knife and cake server set, $20, Davids Bridal

A crystal wedding cake knife and server is the ultimate classic. This Waterford crystal set is ideal for the traditional couple who loves all things luxe.

Waterford bridal cake knife and server set, $310, Bloomingdales

Getting married on or near the beach? This set is adorned with tiny starfish and crystals, and can be personalized.

Davids Bridal personalized starfish love cake knife and server set, $55, Davids Bridal

The Earliest Groom’s Cakes Were Actually Fruitcakes Royal Blue Toasting Glasses for Bride and ...

Fruitcakes are a dark, rich cake filled with candied fruits and nuts that tend to keep well, especially with all of the liqueur used in their creation, explains Lehman. This is also why they are so popular to give as gifts during the holiday season! “Today, groom’s cakes are usually made with dark chocolate and may be filled with fruits and liqueurs, however, the groom’s favorite cake flavors and fillings should definitely take priority in this luscious dessert,” she says.

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Shop Classic Cake Serving Sets For Your Wedding Reception Supplies

What’s on today’s menu? Quality knife and server sets at adorably affordable prices. We promise, there’s no breaking the big day budget with any of our knife and server sets! Shop our quality collection of personalized or plain options, coming in an assortment of elegant and classic styles. We’re ready to serve up the savings!

When it comes to knife and server sets, we’re serving up big savings for your big day. Shop our selection of plain or personalized knife and server sets, perfect for your wedding reception supplies. Looking for wedding gifts for the happy couple? Customize one of our many personalized options with the names and the wedding date, gift it to the bride and groom as a keepsake they can use to cut cake at the reception and then use again and again. The best part about these options is that any of our perfectly-priced picks are designed to pair beautifully with your wedding theme. Instant match made in heaven.

From delicate designs and small details to pre-engraved sets and personalized options, these beloved buys are sure to take the cake. Add our Personalized Embossed Heart Wedding Cake Knife & Server Set to your wedding supplies, so you are well-equipped for the traditional cake-cutting ceremony. A romantic choice, this cake set features hearts and swirls on each handle. Or, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t need personalization, our Crystalline Serving Set is a beautiful, sleek option.

Personalized Wedding Cake Knife Set

We’re obsessed with this mixed-media wedding cake knife set, which has metal blades, wooden handles and custom acrylic tags. The latter are personalized with your initials and wedding date then tied on using either faux greenery or gold ribbonhow chic.

Red Heart Creations gold cake knife set, $32,

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Everything You Need To Know About The Groom’s Cake

If you’re like most people, you might only be familiar with one wedding cake-that is, the one the bride and groom cut into on their wedding night and feed to each other as a significance of their shared love. But wedding traditions from other cultures incorporate more than just one cake. The groom’s cake, which originated in Victorian England, is one such example. “As tradition has it, there were typically three cakes served during a Victorian wedding,” says Kimberly Lehman, wedding and event planner at Love, Laughter & Elegance. “There was the wedding cake that was served to the guests, the bride’s cake, which was served to the bridesmaids, and the groom’s cake, served to the groomsmen.” Eventually, Southern brides and grooms in the United States adopted this tradition, making it their own.

While the tradition has changed over time, the groom’s cake is still alive and well. In fact, it may be becoming more popular than ever. Couples across the United States and abroad-even Prince William had one at his wedding to Kate Middleton!-are serving a second confection tailored to the groom’s specific tastes. Thinking adding another cake to your party in honor of new husband? Here are some interesting facts to know about the groom’s cake.


Bride And Groom Cake Cutting Set

The Best Wedding Cake Cutting

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Although Designated For The Groom Couples Are Designing The Groom’s Cake Together

Though the cake design you select for your wedding reception will likely be fairly traditional in terms of color and decoration, the groom’s cake can be a bit more lighthearted and fun. Choose the look together as a fun detail you can both have some say in. If you like a classic look, though, feel free to go for it. The groom’s cake doesn’t have to show off his hobbies or interests. “As couples are veering away from a traditional cake the need for a groom cake as an expression of the groom’s personality is becoming unnecessary,” says Isadora Martin-Dye, a wedding planner and owner of owner of Rixey Manor.

Whats The Best Way To Cut A Wedding Cake

Have you and your partner practiced cutting a cake together before? Probably not, and we dont blame you. Having two sets of hands on that cake knife can definitely be tricky. The neatest methods are either the box or wedge options. With the bride closest to the cake and the groom behind her, place both of your hands onto the knife. Cut an inch into the cake and slice down cleanly. Then, make a connecting cut for a wedge, using the cake knife to lift the wedge out and onto the plate. Skip the serving spatula, which is much larger than the slice should be and will just make a mess.

For an even neater option, go with the box method: After you make that first slice, make a second parallel cut an inch over. Then, insert the knife vertically at the back of your two cuts and use it to push the slice out onto the plate.

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Wedding Cake Cutting Set

Lace Wedding Cake Knife Set Personalized wedding glasses and cake server ...

Primp up your dessert space with some pretty laceor at least a lace pattern. This white wedding cake knife and server are gorgeously embossed.

The Knot Wedding Shop porcelain cake serving set with embossed lace details, $60,

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Do We Need To Offer Additional Desserts

Its sweet and served after dinner, so wedding cake sounds like dessert to us. As a wedding tradition , a slice of cake is a perfect way to end the meal.

Of course, theres nothing stopping you from adding a little variety. For some extra sweetness, have your caterers set trays of truffles and chocolate-covered strawberries on each table as a sweet bite thats not quite as filling as a big slice of cake. Or opt for a composed cake plate, with a scoop of ice cream or a drizzle of sauce to enhance that slice. You could also use additional desserts as a late-night snack, setting out milk and cookies, or arranging for an ice cream sundae bar to give guests extra energy for that late night dance party.

In Terms Of Flavor And Design There Really Are No Limits

“Although the Southern tradition is to make a red velvet cake, I don’t believe wedding cakes in general need to have limits on flavors,” says Liz Berman, Boston-based baker and owner of The Sleepy Baker in Natick, Massachusetts. The same goes for its overall look. “I had a groom joke around about how he wanted a wedding cake that was a pegasus with him riding on the back. The bride refused to allow that and ordered a traditional tiered cake, but then secretly hired me to make a groom’s cake. The wedding cake was displayed next to a sculpted pegasus cake with an image of the groom riding on the back!”

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Can We Save The Leftover Tiers Of Our Cake

Its a long-standing tradition for the bride and groom to save the top tier of their wedding cake to share on their first anniversary. Just make sure you tell your baker and caterer in advance. This way your baker can provide a box to fit the top tier, and your caterer wont accidentally serve it. The next day, wrap the cake tightly in multiple layers of plastic wrap, then tuck it in the box and wrap the whole thing in more plastic wrap to fend off freezer burn.

If there is more cake leftover, offer slices for your guests to take home as an extra treat. If it hasnt yet been sliced, wrap it up and bring it to brunch the next day as a surprise dessert for those guests who are still in town.

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