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Your Guide To Ordering Cakes From Sams Club Bakery

Samâs Club Cakes (whole catalog)

Think back to the last birthday party you attended. There was probably a moment when everyone gathered to sing Happy Birthday and then enjoy a decorative piece of cake. If you arent familiar with the cakes that Sams Club Bakery sells, you need to read this article to learn everything you need to know about Sams Club cakes.

Sams Club Bakery offers graduation cakes, birthday cakes, photo cakes, wedding cakes, and more. Sams Club bakeries are open from 10 am to 8 pm on weekdays and Sundays and from 9 am to 8 pm on Saturdays. While you can order premade cakes from Sams Club online, custom cake orders can only be placed in Sams Club stores.

Keep on reading to find out how to make the most of your next Sams Club cake order!

Sams Club: We have the cakes!

Sams Club

Sams Club Desserts & Pastries

As weve already mentioned Sams Club doesnt only offer cakes, but also other types of sweets and desserts. One category we find particularly appealing is the Desserts & Pastries one, where you can find a variety of cookies, brownies, rolls, pies, doughnuts, etc.

These treats are only available in-store, and you should check if your local Sams Club carries the item youre interested in before visiting. Luckily, you can do that on their website by clicking on Select a club.

Buying Alcohol At Sams Club Without A Membership

The sale of alcohol is highly regulated, and in most states, membership stores like Sams Club and Costco must offer equal access and pricing for alcohol to all consumers, regardless of membership status. So, yes, you can buy alcohol at Sams Club without a membership, and there should not be a 10% non-member service fee.

The benefits of doing so might not be as great as at Costco, where you can find significantly lower prices on the Kirkland alcohol offerings than with similar name brands.

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Is Sams Club Worth A Membership

In order to shop at Sams Club, customers must present a valid membership card. Sams Club offers two levels of membership: Sams Club member and Sams Plus.

A Sams Club membership costs $45 annually. In addition to shopping at Sams Club, members can access lower prices at Sams Club gas stations, as well as free flat tire repair and windshield wiper installation at the auto center.

A Sams Plus membership will run you $100 annually but offers many more perks. This card offers a cash-back option where members can earn $10 back for every $500 spent on qualifying purchases up to $500 year.

Those wishing to avoid the crowds are able to get early access at select Sams Club locations starting at seven a.m. Or avoid leaving your house altogether because this membership also offers free shipping when shopping at Sams Club online with no minimum purchase.

Sams Club has also partnered with many businesses to offer additional discounted services such as an auto buying club, accounting, and identity protection services.

How Much Does A Sheet Cake Cost At Sams Club

How to Order a Cake from Sam

sheet cake can

Sheet cake prices 1/4 sheet $25.00 1/3 sheet $35.00 1/2 sheet $50.00 2/3 sheet $65.00 full sheet $100.00.

Likewise, how far in advance do I need to order a cake from Samâs Club? They suggest at least 24 hours but they do have cakes available for purchase all the time at our local Samâs Club near the bakery. Some cakeshave to be placed 5-7 days in advance.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how much does a half sheet cake cost at Samâs Club?

CommunityAnswer. A halfâsheet cake feeds between 24-36 people. 18 people found this answer helpful.

Does Samâs Club do custom cakes?

Samâs Club offers a large variety of decorated cakes that are currently only available in club locations with a fresh bakery. Use our Club Locator to find/contact a Samâs Club Fresh Bakery near you, browse selections and place your order.

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How To Order A Cake From Sams Club

You guys, we went to Sams Club a few days ago for the first time in YEARS! We met my mom and sister there. She was looking for wedding cakes. Yes, wedding cakes from Sams Club! We were pleasantly surprised at the store. You know we LOVE Costco but cant get over the prices and variety of Sams Club cakes. If you are a Costco member you can read about Costco cakes here but weve found that Sams Club has a lot more variety in the sizes and designs!

Need a party tray to go with your cake? Sams Club has you covered with many to choose from like the sundried tomato & buffalo chicken wraps combo tray, sliced meat & cheese tray, fruit & cheese tray, and/or chicken salad croissant sandwiches. Learn more about Sams Club party trays here.

Our local Sams Club requires you to call in your order or drop off the order form in person. See the pictures below the order forms for more detail on what options are available.

Trying to throw a party on a budget?

> > > How to Throw a Party for less than $48 by Shopping at Sams Club

Thanks to one of our readers for alerting us that Sams Club had drastically changed their cake options. We have updated the cake order forms and the video. We didnt want the video to be 15 minutes long so we had to move pretty quickly but if you see a design you like you can pause the video to view longer.


  • How do I order a cake?
  • How much does it cost?
  • It depends on the size of the cake see information below.
  • How big is the cake?
  • Sams Club Cake Models

    Sams Club cakes are available in white, yellow, chocolate, or marble flavorings, and you can also choose between whipped and buttercream frosting. Once you select the shape, size, and flavor of your cake, Sams Club will let you pick out your design. Sams Club offers a lot of standard designs like balloons, cartoon characters, geometric patterns, sports images, or floral patterns that can be drawn in any color you desire. Cakes can be further personalized with a picture replicated in edible icing and a personal message to the guest of honor.

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    Sams Club Cake Options


    • 10 round cake
    • 1/2 sheet cake
    • full sheet cake
    • cupcakes
    • cookie cake
    • 5 cake/10 cupcakes
    • two-tier cake

    Below is an example of icing colors but keep in mind that these colors look very different on a computer. It is best to visit your local store to determine what icing color you want on your cake.

    Sam’s Club Member’s Mark Cupcakes Take The Cake

    Secrets Of The Sam’s Club Bakery You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    Home bakers, you can officially retire your homemade cupcake recipe Sam’s Club apparently has it beat. The White and Chocolate Member’s Mark Cupcakes from Sam’s Club have over 140 reviews online, and 125 of those are five stars. These cupcakes come in a 30-count package, with 15 vanilla and 15 chocolate cupcakes. They’re topped with your choice of regular or whipped frosting and, what else sprinkles. Can you even call something a cupcake if it doesn’t have sprinkles?

    We’re not sure what the secret is that makes these cupcakes so good, but one commenter said they are the “best store-bought cupcakes ever.” They added, “These cupcakes seem to stay fresh forever and they taste amazing.” A long shelf-life may not actually matter, though. If the cupcakes are as good as everyone swears, they won’t last long anyway. Several reviewers commented on how moist the cupcakes were and noted that the icing was not too sweet. This Sam’s Club bakery favorite might just be the perfect thing for your family’s next celebration… or for your own personal indulgence whenever the heck you feel like it. However, if you’re in the market for a full-sized cake rather than perfect, sprinkle-topped cupcakes, beware. Things don’t always go as planned at Sam’s Club.

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    Sams Club Launches Smaller Sized Cakes For 2020s Virtual Graduates

    May 20, 2020

    I never thought Id one day be writing a piece about Sams Club that involved the word small. If memory serves me, my last visit to Sams Club began around noon and ended early evening. The place is simply THAT massive. Size aside, Sams Club has been affected by the covid-craziness, too. Efforts to adjust and assist employees have been respectable they recently approved a second round of bonuses for workers. Additionally, changes to store hours, customer capacity allowances, and shopping slots exclusive to seniors have all been instituted.

    While the corona rages, life must persist, and Sams Club’s goal is to continue serving their customers needs. For instance, students nationwide are preparing to have virtual ceremonies as graduations are approaching. To support and celebrate this year’s graduates, Sams Club, typically known for their massive cakes, have announced smaller-cakes for the at-home festivities. These smaller cakes are 10, can be personalized and still pack all the tastiness Sams Club cakes are known for. The best part is that it costs less than $10. Thats perfect for families on a budget. You can personalize your cake with your school colors, a picture and a custom message as well.

    If you have a soon-to-be graduate, birthday or other type of celebration around the corner, Sams Club is sure to meet your cake needs. Orders can now be made from your local club bakery and online.

    Sams Club Birthday Cakes

    Sams Club birthday cakes for adults and children alike will make the celebration tastier than you could ever imagine. Sams Club birthday cake designs are one of the top reasons parents and kids are so crazy for them.

    Think about it, how would your little girl react when she sees the Disney princess cupcake cake Sams Club bakes? Their great number of returning customers confirm that Sams Club birthday cake designs are hard to resist.

    Sams Club licensed birthday cakes feature a laundry list of beloved characters from fan-favorite series and films, such as:

    • Cars
    • SpongeBob SquarePants
    • Transformers

    However, Sams Club also has a selection of classic cakes on its website that are perfectly fine for adults. You can look into tasteful designs with balloons, geometric shapes, roses, or a sheet cake with a your favorite photo printed on it.

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    Buying Prescriptions At The Sams Club Pharmacy Without A Membership

    Sams Club stocks hundreds of prescription medications for the low price of just $4 each. As Sams Club notes on their site, you do not have to have a Sams Club membership to buy prescription medication at the Sams Club Pharmacy. And for those prescriptions, there is not a 10% non-member service fee.

    This also includes immunizations, such as flu shots. Sams Club is among those that offer the cheapest flu shots and other immunizations at their pharmacies to non-members who do not have insurance .

    Sams Club Bakerys Exclusive Pecan Pie Is Divine

    How to Order a Cake from Sam

    If Sams Clubs bakerys mini pie hack doesnt sate your sweet tooth, thats fair enough. Sometimes you dont want a tiny taste you want a whole slice. Heck, you may even be in the mood to eat an entire pastry. If this sentiment has your head nodding a like bobble-head on a car dashboard, then Sams pecan pie may be what youre imagining this coming weekend.

    The Members Mark Pecan Pies that Sams stocks in the fall have an incredibly impressive reputation. More than 180 accounts gave this sweet a five-star rating. Beautiful extra large pie! Exclaimed one reviewer. Excellent presentation. Looks and tastes homemade. Another wrote, Almost as good as my Aunt Louises but a lot, lot less work!

    So there you have it. If youre a fan of pecans, pies, and pecan pies, then Sams could possibly become a dessert destination during autumn. If youre a pie fiend, think about picking up one for yourself this fall.

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    Sams Clubs Bakery Was Struggling In The 90s

    From the outside, it appears as if Sams Bakery is doing well and is able to successfully compete with Costcos section. But this apparently wasnt always the case. In 1994, Supermarket News communicated that Costco had a better bakery reputation. Some folks felt as if Costco ran this section of their business more successfully than Sams.

    This article said that Sams Club was believed to have spent two and a half times more money than Costco had setting up their bakeries. And this wasnt the only comparison that people were making at this time. Someone who understood club bakery operations commented, Sams doesnt have the expertise that Costco does when it comes to running the bakery program like a stand-alone business. A different person, who was a trade observer, was less polite. Sams is the only retailer in the world that can run a $40,000-a-week bakery and lose money.

    It seems as if Sams bakery has escaped this cloud and isnt living in the shadow of these comments. But its not surprising that this little piece of history isnt posted on their corporate website.

    Sams Club Holiday Cakes

    The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for most people. Between traveling, shopping, and preparing for family visits few people have time to indulge in baking. Instead of spending extra time shopping for groceries and baking, consider purchasing a Sams Club cake so that you can spend more quality time with your family. The freshly baked cakes available in the bakery include bundt cakes, sampler cakes, and traditional holiday cakes that can be picked up without placing an order. Customized seasonal cakes are also available and must be ordered at least 24 hours in advanced at your local Sams Club bakery department.

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    Sams Club Buttercream Frosting Recipe: Tips And Tricks

    When making this frosting, it is important to not over mix the frosting, as it will lose its whipped consistency. Before you frost your baked goods, make sure they have cooled for at least 15 minutes to make sure your frosting doesnt melt.

    If you are planning to use a piping bag andtips star, plain and leaf tips are the easiest to use. If you plan to use a piping bag for frosting a cake, look for a piping bag that is at least 16 inches.

    Sams Club Baby Shower Cakes

    #140 || Costco UK || Costco Halloween Attractions || How to order Birthday cakes online from Costco

    Baby shower cakes have grown in popularity over the years. In addition to serving the cakes as a refreshment at a party, couples are also using their baby shower cakes to announce the gender of their baby during the celebration. Sams Club cakes can be personalized to show the gender of the baby using colorful whipped icing on the cakes exterior or by placing a specific icing color between the layers of the cake. Sams Club also offers cake designs that are baby themed making them an adorable center piece for your baby shower.

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