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Stop and Shop is a chain of grocery stores that currently has over 400 stores throughout the United States. Primarily located in the Northeast, the grocery chain has gone through several rebrandings and restructurings over the years. Throughout all of their changes Stop and Shop has worked to maintain its consistency in offering high quality products and excellent service. The Stop and Shop bakery has become one place where individuals can find delicious pastries for affordable prices.

Custom Sheet Cake 2 Layer Sheet

Just like the single layered cakes, this order gives you the option of choosing what type of cake you have, the icing and decoration color.

This also has a limit of the personalized message being 10 words or less.

The two layered cakes also require at least a two days notice in order to complete the order.

This will serve 35-40 people, depending on how hungry they are, and will cost you roughly 48 dollars.

This is also able to order online.

How To Order Your Perfect Stop And Shop Cakes

Stop and Shop does pick-up only. The process for ordering your cake is streamlined and easy to understand.

First, go to their official website. There, you hover the mouse pointer over the Shop tab. From the drop-down menu, click on the Catering tab and you will be redirected to the Entertaining Orders section.

You can only use this service if you live in one of the states this company is based in. If you do however, start off by picking the state and city that is closest to you for pick up.

Once you have found the store nearest to you, choose what kind of cake you are looking for. We will go in depth on the types of cakes Stop& Shop offers in another section of this post.

Most of the cakes that you will end up choosing require that you call the store. All with the exception of a few are highly customizable, meaning you get to specify exactly what it is that you want.

You will be given the number of the store for the pick-up when placing the final order.

If you are getting a cake with a set design, then you can place your order online without any phone call and pay right then and there. It all depends on what you are looking for and how detailed you want your order to be.

That is all you need to place an order! Stop and Shop bakeries have been in the catering business for a long time, so they know the best way to ensure that placing an order with them is easy and convenient for all of their customers.

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Quality At Stop And Shop

Overall, we rate the quality at Stop and Shop at a solid four stars. Weve found that for the price, the items at Stop and Shop are worth what you pay for them. It is pleasing to see the items we were able to snag at Manager Special prices.

On the cakes at Stop and Shop bakery, when it comes to the ready-made cake selection, you can be sure that the cake will be tasty. Though they will not be the moistest or flavorful cake youve ever tasted. Again, for a few dollars, we arent expecting the highest-quality goods in the world. However, the birthday cakes from Stop and Shop will indeed please most birthday-goers. The icing is a little bland, though, and some may end up picking the decorative scalloped edges off their cakes, as their function is more form than flavor.

But this is the same level of quality that youd get at any generic grocery store for a birthday cake. We do like that with the cake customization option you can make the cake look however you want. The prices are also very reasonable. If you end up spending over a little on a Stop and Shop cake because you want the biggest size, rest assured that you are getting a lot of cake for that price. It would easily feed over 50 people, assuming that your guests want average cake slices.

What You Need To Make Hot Cocoa Bombs

Drip Cake
  • Quality chocolate. I recommend a premium quality bar with a high percentage of cocoa . Cocoa butter should be listed as one of the ingredients. Chocolate chips are not ideal for this recipe. Ive been using Lindt 70% cocoa bars. Couverture chocolate would also be a good choice.
  • Hot cocoa mix. Use your favorite variety. You will only be able to fit about 2 teaspoons of mix in each cocoa bomb, two packets of mix is usually sufficient for me to fill all of mine. Note: Im working on a homemade cocoa mix for these, hope to have it ready soon!
  • Additional fillings. I like to add mini marshmallows or dehydrated marshmallows, but you can get creative. There are some fun filling options near the bottom of the post.

Then theres the equipment. I recommend:

  • Silicone molds. I use half spheres that are 2 in diameter. This recipe makes 6 hot chocolate bombs of this size, so I have two molds so I can make them all at once. You can really use any shape mold you would like. Find the link to the ones that I used in the Equipment section of the recipe.
  • A thermometer. You dont need a candy thermometer for this recipe, and in fact I just use a meat thermometer.
  • I also recommend a medium-sized microwave safe bowl and a rubber spatula. While the chocolate for the molds can be painted on using just a regular small spoon, some people like to use a food-safe paintbrush for applying the chocolate.

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Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa Mix

Sadly, Starbucks needs to stick to coffee. This hot cocoa mix was not a crowd-pleaser in any way. Our taste testers preferred the in-store version rather than making it for themselves. One editor said this drink was “so disappointing as I usually order this at Starbucks.” The Starbucks hot cocoa was one of the mixes you can see the sugar when pouring the powder into the cup.

Eat This, Not That! Verdict:

The team was confused by the aroma versus the taste of this hot cocoa. One editor said that they were “not sure what’s going on here. The color is enticing but the taste is bitter and waterynot a good combo.” Another said, “awful. Tastes like bitter chocolate.” Unfortunately, the smell couldn’t boost the rating. “True, great smell! Makes me think about Christmas morning. The taste, however, I’ll passbig time,” one editor wrote.

The flavor resembled more of a dark chocolate flavor because it was not sweet at all. One editor said it had a “bitter burnt flavor.” Another editor was very upset with the aftertaste, saying, “It was almost sour! Didn’t even taste like chocolate.”

Stop And Shop Bakery Review

Jul 27, 2018 | Stop And Shop Bakery |

Stop and Shop bakery is one of the most popular grocery chains in the northeastern part of the United States. According to the Stop and Shop website, the chain traces its roots all the way back to 1914 in Massachusetts, and its grown since then. Hundreds of thousands of families trust their grocery needs to Stop and Shop, but does their bakery stack up against the competition?

The northeast has many choices when it comes to bakeries and baked goods, and Stop and Shop are only one of many. Make sure that you know what youre getting into with the Stop and Shop bakery before you buy.


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This Popular Kroger And Stop & Shop Snack Is Being

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Assemble The Hot Cocoa Bombs

Taking Hot Cocoa Bomb PRODUCT PHOTOS for My Home Bakery Business

Place a pan over medium heat. One at a time, take an empty semi-sphere and place it in the hot pan for 2 3 seconds until the rim gets melted.

Place the melted rim on top of the semi-sphere filled with cocoa mix and marshmallows and press until attached.

Continue this process until you have 6 cocoa bombs.

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Stop & Shop Brings Peapod Online Grocery Service Under Its Banner

Russell Redman 1 | Aug 12, 2020

Stop & Shop has integrated the Peapod online grocery service, operated by parent company Ahold Delhaize USA, into its website and mobile app and launched a digital loyalty program called Stop & Shop GO Rewards.

Customers who previously used and the Peapod app can now order groceries directly at or by using the free Stop & Shop app, Quincy, Mass.-based Stop & Shop said Wednesday. The integrated service also enables users to build a shopping list, shop directly from the weekly digital circular and in-app and on-site promotions, complete their order online and choose store pickup or delivery to receive their groceries.

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Stop & Shop noted that the service switch will be seamless for previous Peapod users. Account information, orders and history will automatically transition to the new Stop & Shop Pickup & Delivery platform when customers log into their Stop & Shop online account. New customers can set up a Stop & Shop account and start shopping immediately.

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The service switch will be seamless for Peapod users, as all of their account information will migrate to Stop & Shops new platform, the company said.

Stop & Shop GO Rewards, meanwhile, will offer customers more opportunities to earn rewards and save 15% or more on their purchases, Stop & Shop said.

Land O Lakes Chocolate Supreme Hot Cocoa Mix

This mix from Land O Lakes landed squarely in the middle of our taste test, earning it a spot in our top 5.

Eat This, Not That! Verdict:

Our tasters were split across the board. One stated that the Land O Lakes “looks weird but tasted fine” with a “milky chocolate taste.” Another thought it “doesn’t have much of a taste and has a weak chocolate flavor.”

Even though many of the above mixes made some miss the milk in the mix, one tester thought “this is good! Tastes like there’s milk without milk!” Others agreed and thought the “chocolatey flavor of this mix would pair well with .”

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Nestl Classic Rich Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Nestlé is also known for its wide arrangement of chocolates, but that didn’t translate into the brand’s hot cocoa mix. This was another one where you could see visible sugar flecks in the mix.

Eat This, Not That! Verdict:

This one tasted “very watered down. The flavor is too subtle, but has a nice color.” One editor was very much not a fan. It was “so watery in both taste and flavor! Yuck!”

After reading the nutrition label, one editor backed up her argument, saying this was, “another highly-processed and fake-tasting product. Better sweetness and smoother compared to Hershey’s, however.”

However, one editor liked this mix because of its “classic childhood flavor, but it’s not super great.” Another liked the creamy taste of this mix and stated that the color of this mix was “on point.”

The visible sugar correlated into a sweet taste. One editor thought this one was “super sweet, thick, and has a great milky flavor.” Another’s nostalgia led to them thinking it tasted like “milk chocolate, but a thinner taste than I remember from childhood.”

This one got a higher rating because it was “delightfully frothy. I feel like this was made with one of those milk steamers. Delicious!” This shocked us because this was made with just hot water. Some didn’t like the sweetness, however, saying it “tastes a bit like sugar water.” Overall, it was OK hot cocoa, making its way toward the middle of our list.

You Can Check Out The Bread Section

Mayan Chocolate Bundt Cake

If you dont have much of a sweet tooth or youve had enough already, you may want to check out the many kinds of bread that the Stop and Shop bakery puts out fresh each day. Depending on the location, they can have french bread, ciabatta, rye bread, brioche rolls and more. Some Stop and Shops even dedicate certain days to certain kinds of bread.

The cost of the bread is pretty competitive for fresh-made bread, but again, it does depend on the kind of bread you are getting. If you want maximum bang for your buck, go for the fresh baguette that you can get for just a dollar on most days. But if you want one of these, hurry! They go quite fast.

If you miss one of the freshly-baked baguettes, you can always go ahead and pick up one of Stop and Shops bake-at-home baguettes. These typically run between a couple dollars depending on the Stop and Shop, though you can sometimes get deals.

Additionally, keep your eyes open for the Manager Special stickers on the items. Like most bakeries, Stop and Shop want all of their goods to be fresh. However, if something is a day old, you may get an excellent deal. Keep your eyes peeled for those stickers even if that baguette is a day old, that doesnt mean it wont make an excellent Panzanella or even function as easy homemade croutons. Or you can grind it up for breadcrumbs.

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Ingredients For Hot Cocoa Bombs

Chocolate. I use milk chocolate to melt and make the outside cocoa bomb shell. But, you can really use whatever chocolate you like from dark chocolate to white chocolate.

Hot Cocoa Mix. I use store-bought hot cocoa mix. Its just easier to scoop from a can but you can definitely make your own!

Mini Marshmallows. I bought a container of mini marshmallows and it was the best decision ever. Im a marshmallow lover and loading my hot cocoa up with mini marshmallows is super fun.

I drizzled my cocoa bombs with some white chocolate and some sprinkles. Add seasonal sprinkles or marshmallows to the top of your bombs.

Custom Sheet Cake 1 Layer Full Sheet

This is similar to the cakes listed above.

As is the same with the last cake, this one varies in price and size.

The full sheet will be able to serve 50-60 people. This is, by far, the largest option for a single-layered custom sheet cake.

This price is roughly 47 dollars, again depending on customization.

This is also available to order online.

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