Hanging Chandelier Cake Stand For Sale

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Hanging Chandelier Cake Kit

  • Turns an existing Cake Stackers support system into a hanging support system
  • Does not include cake plates
  • Safely supports hanging upside down cakes
  • Works with all Cake Stackers base and support plate systems

Important: We do not sell the stand you hang it on, just the hanging cake supports for the cake. Round and square plates are sold separately.

Crystal Cupcake Or Cakestand Tower 5 Tier Crys

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Crystals And Chandeliers Have Been Used As Wedding Decorations For Many Years But It Is Just Within The Last Few That The Trend Has Expanded And Exploded

Now its hard to find a wedding that isnt using either one or the other. And one of the most popular ways of incorporating both of these things beautifully into a wedding is by having a chandelier cake stand. The marriage of hanging crystals and chandelier cake stands have become so popular that people have begun using them for more than just weddings. With their gain in popularity, they have also become a must-have for birthday parties, baby showers, and graduations.

Because of the diversity in which you can use a chandelier cake stand or cake plates with crystals, there are many different ways to attain them. A quick search online will direct you to many different places where you can purchase either a cake stand or cake plate with chandelier crystals already attached or crystal decoration. The prices range from relatively cheap to a little more on the expensive side. However, purchasing a premade chandelier cake stand or crystal cake plate is not your only option.

Beautiful crystals and other supplies to make your own DIY cake stands and plates can be found at Cristalier Crystals website. The possibilities are endless. The only thing holding back how creative you get with your project is how much money you want to spend on it.

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Wedding Cake Stands & Plates

The dessert display stand is a focal point of the wedding reception. A cake stand shows off what is perhaps the biggest centerpiece at the event: the wedding cake. While the baker helps with some details, how the wedding cake is displayed is up to the couple.

What is the difference between a wedding cake stand and a cake plate?

Cake stands and cake plates are different ways to display a wedding cake on the dessert table. While both consist of materials like glass, crystal, and silver, only cake stands have long, thin pedestals. This elevates the cake 4 to 36 inches above the table. Each tier on the cake stand is of increasing height, either separate rows on the same pedestal or each on separate bases. Cake plates, on the other hand, are either at table level or a couple inches high with a wider base. These platters are often used with large, flat cakes or at small, intimate weddings.

How do cake stands work with tiers?How do you choose a wedding cake stand?

The type of wedding cake largely determines the style of cake stand youll need. When choosing the wedding cake stand, some considerations include the following:

How do you display cupcakes at a wedding?

Crystal & Metal Cake Stands

Wedding Decoration Beads Clear Hanging 80cm Crystal ...

When you organize a party, a wedding, or any other grand event, we understand that you are trying to make a statement. This is why at efavormart.com we strive to cater to your varying needs. Our metal cake stand provides sturdiness to be able to hold up even large birthday or wedding cakes. We offer a crystal cake stand for sale with bright and shiny jewels just like the ones you see in highly trendy fashion magazines. Last but not the least, you may choose our steel cake stand if you are looking for elegant styling with strong support. No matter what type of theme you looking to put together, chances are, we have the perfect cake stand for the purpose!

During the wedding, its an excellent idea to keep the wedding cake at a prominent place that is safe too. This is why our silver pearl embellished wedding cake stand is so popular. Keep 3 separate cakes on them or use one for the cake while the other two can be decorated with cupcakes and chocolates. Unleash your creativity here! Our gold cake stand with hanging crystals is always a show stopper. This is because gold offers a rich and regal look like no other color can. We also offer the 16 silver square crystal beaded metal cake stand to easily add a bit of sparkle to your wedding celebrations.

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Cake Decor Chandelier Cake Stand Metal Cake Display Stand Golden 2 Tier

Our stunning Chandelier Cake Stand Two Tier wedding cake display stand will make a great statement at your wedding or event. These cake stands are stainless steel. They are ideal for individuals, caterers, hotels and home use.

  • Chandelier Cake Stand comes with 1 Rod and Two MDF Plates sized 8 inch and 10 inch, to hand the cake on it along with the S Shaped hook to hang.
  • Height of this Chandelier Cake Stand is 3 Feet. Sizes of each MDF Plate approx 8 inch and 12 inch.
  • Professional quality Golden color plated steel cake stand.
  • Golden finish Polished stainless steel .
  • Unique design allows for larger size cake boards on each tier.
  • PLEASE NOTE all Metallic cake stands have a degree of natural spring they sometimes appear slightly out of shape until the cake is in place the weight of the cake adjusts the stand to correct position.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These cake stands are individually handmade, therefore each one could vary slightly. Also these cake stands are not suitable for heavy cakes e.g fruit cakes.

Cake Display Stand Great way to display your cake, pastries, pizza, etc in the dining. Present your next birthday cake with style on this Metal cake stand.


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