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Baskin Robbins Celebration Party Cake

How To Make The Best Ice Cream Cake!

This Baskin Robbins entry is its standard Baskin Robbins Celebration Party Cake. It’s a single-layered cake in the sense that it has one ice cream layer, and one cake layer. The cake layer can be either chocolate or vanilla, while the ice cream inside can be selected from the brand’s list of available ice cream flavors, such as rocky road, peanut butter, and chocolate, or chocolate chip cookie dough. The cake is then covered with a white, creamy frosting, lined with a blue frosting, and decorated on top with extra colorful frosting and sugary sprinkles.

The reason this cake is higher on the list is because of the delicious ice cream you can get with the cake. The cake was pretty solid in terms of flavor, and tasted more like your typical chocolate or vanilla cake, but the ice cream, being Baskin Robbins ice cream, made up for that tenfold. While we weren’t a big fan of the sprinkles, which felt more like an afterthought on an already decent cake, If you’re a diehard fan of Baskin Robbins ice cream, we’d suggest either this cake, or the next Baskin Robbins entry we have on this list.

Pro Tips For Making This Recipe

  • Its best to slightly soften the ice cream before adding it to the cake pan so you can create a uniform layer, making it much easier to layer on top of the cake.
  • Be sure to press out any air pockets in the ice cream when adding it to the cake pan.
  • When lining the cake pan for the ice cream, be sure to leave some extra plastic wrap on the sides to make it easier to lift.
  • Try to have your kitchen as cold as possible to make sure the ice cream cake doesnt melt as you work with it. If your kitchen is on the warmer side, youll have to put your cake back into the freezer often in between steps.
  • To make cutting the cake easier, you can run your knife under hot water before slicing.

Best Sprinkles To Use In Cakes

Ive been baking cake and cupcake batters with sprinkles for quite awhile and have learned exactly what works and what doesnt. Heres what I know:

  • Use confetti quins if you can. Theyre usually sold as little discs, but you can find other shapes such as stars or hearts too. This type of sprinkle rarely bleeds color in cake batter.
  • I really like these rainbow sprinkles if youre looking for traditional jimmies. They dont bleed color too much. They arent crunchy, so they taste nice as decoration or garnish too.
  • Do not use nonpareils in cake batter because they are notorious for bleeding color. Save them for decoration or garnish.
  • Naturally colored sprinkles are wonderful in cookies and as decoration, but depending on the brand can lose their color in cake batter.

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Try Different Flavor Combinations

Using different flavors of ice cream, kinds of cookies or fillings can really allow you freedom in creating a unique and super delicious ice cream cake. Here are a few ideas! The sky really is the limit here.

  • Mint Chocolate Chip: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream + crushed thin mint cookies + hot fudge filling
  • Butter Pecan: Butter Pecan ice cream + chopped pecans and shortbread cookies + butterscotch filling
  • Chocolate Brownie: Chocolate Brownie ice cream + chopped brownie filling + chocolate sauce filling
  • Reeses: Reeses Peanut Butter Ice Cream + chopped Reeses Peanut butter cups and chopped peanuts + hot fudge sauce filling
  • Ultimate Oreo: Oreo ice cream + chopped Oreos + hot fudge filling

How To Make Ice Cream Cake


This ice cream cake has four layers: a raspberry layer, a salted caramel layer, a pistachio layer, and a chocolate cake base. You can find the complete recipe with measurements below, but for now, heres a quick overview of how youll make it:

First, bake the chocolate cake. Bake a half recipe of this vegan chocolate cake in a 9×5-inch loaf pan. When the cake is cool, run a knife around its edges and invert the pan to release the cake. Wash and dry the pan and line it with parchment paper. Place the cake back in the bottom of the pan. Freeze for 3 hours.

Next, add the first ice cream layer. Allow the pistachio gelato to soften at room temperature until it becomes spreadable, checking its texture every few minutes. It should be soft and creamy. Pour the pint into a mixing bowl and stir until it has an even consistency. Pour it over the frozen cake, and use a spatula to spread it into an even layer. Freeze for 4 hours.

When the pistachio layer is frozen, add the caramel layer. Just like with the pistachio gelato, allow the salted caramel ice cream to soften at room temp. Transfer it to a bowl and stir until it has an even, creamy consistency. Then, pour the softened ice cream over the pistachio layer. Freeze for another 4 hours.

Finally, add the raspberry layer. Smooth the top with a spatula

and then decorate it with fresh raspberries.

Freeze the entire cake overnight. Itll be ready to slice and serve the next day!

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Friendly’s Premium Ice Cream Cake

It’s impossible to miss the bright red packaging of a Friendly’s ice cream cake in the supermarket. This ice cream brand has a rich history to it, being created by two brothers at the peak of the Great Depression, and according to the brand’s website, was the first ice cream sold by a half-gallon ice cream package, so that customers could bring it home. However, though Friendly’s has an inspiring history, it’s Premium Ice Cream Cakes aren’t as inspiring to taste. These cakes are easy to find in stores, and are branded as having a layer of chocolate ice cream, a layer of vanilla ice cream, and a crunchy layer of something that seems like a crumbled cookie or cake in between.

Friendly’s cake has a small frosting exterior, which is a plus if you prefer Ice cream over frosting. However, the crumbled cookie-cake layer, while branded as being decently sized, was almost absent from the cake itself, resulting in just two large layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream covered by a thin layer of frosting. Target reviews also back up this claim, with some customers having the same problem that we found. If this is what we had wanted, then we would have just made ourselves a chocolate and vanilla ice cream sundae at home.

What You Need To Make This Recipe

Ice cream I recommend using real dairy ice cream. Sometimes youll see ice cream labeled as frozen dessert, which might seem confusing. Ice cream is made from milk fats, while a frozen dessert uses vegetable oil fats instead. I find that frozen dessert does not soften as evenly and doesnt refreeze as nicely.

Chocolate cake you can use my favorite chocolate cake recipe and freeze the two extra layers in the recipe or a box mix. Its up to you!

Hot fudge again, feel free to use my hot fudge recipe or buy it from the store. The hot fudge sauce is not just to decorate the cake with but to help the Oreos stick to the cake layer. Using a substitute like chocolate syrup wont work as it wont firm up the same.

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Tips For The Best Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe

  • Use a very deep baking dish, if possible. I’ve shown a deep lasagna pan here. If your dish is deep, you don’t need to press down on the first layer of ice cream sandwiches — just skip that step.
  • Thaw the whipped topping in the refrigerator overnight before you plan to assemble the cake. Do not thaw the whipped topping on the counter at room temperature, or the texture will be runny.
  • Allow the ice cream sandwiches to soften slightly so that you can gently press them down as you’re creating the layers. This will help them fit in the pan!
  • Prepare the cake at least 1-2 hours in advance of when you plan to serve it. The cake needs adequate time to firm up in the freezer again before you slice into it.

More Homemade Ice Cream Treats

Amazing Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Make fresh chocolate cookies and make your own Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches with Vanilla ice cream or your favorite flavor.

You can enjoy your favorite Mexican restaurant treat, Fried Ice Cream, any time when you make it at home!

Bubblegum Ice Cream is a fun ice cream flavor that is a treat all on its own.

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Why Do People Put Coffee In

Coffee brings out and amplifies the chocolate flavor in baked goods like cake and cupcakes. Add ing a little bit will make things taste more chocolatey without giving a coffee flavor. Adding a LOT of coffee will create a mocha flavor. If you would like to omit the coffee from this recipe just substitute for warm water or milk. Ive done this and the cake still tastes great! Just a little toned down in my opinion.

How To Store Ice Cream Cake

This ice cream cake should be stored in the freezer. It will melt quickly if not kept in the freezer. It will stay good wrapped carefully with plastic wrap, or in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 7 days. Ice crystals will form on the cake and lower its quality after that amount of time. I recommend serving the cake within 24 to 48 hours after making the ice cream cake.

If you have any leftover ice cream cake, you can store the leftovers for up to 6 or 7 days in the freezer after serving. Store the leftovers by placing the remaining cake in an airtight container. Or by slicing up individual pieces and wrapping them first in plastic wrap, then in a freezer safe bag.

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Easy Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

As a kid, I rarely had the same birthday cake twice. I like all kinds of cake too much to stick with one. Regular cake, cheesecake, ice cream cakes you name it. The only one I didnt need to have for my birthday was a cookie cake, because I knew I could depend on my dad for that one at his birthday. So naturally, Ive tried quite a few cakes including ice cream cakes.

So, these days I feel like Im a bit of an ice cream cake connoisseur. Theres definitely something to love about all the different kinds available, but when it comes to a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, that middle layer of chocolate fudge along with the chocolate crunchies is pure heaven. Often, Id just dig that right out from between the ice cream and eat it alone. So darn good!

When I started playing around with ice cream cakes several years ago, I did a fair amount of experimenting with that middle fudge layer and finally perfected it. Ive shared it before, but never for this copycat cake so Im excited to share it with you today.

Can This Be Made Gluten

Layered Ice Cream Cake

Absolutely. To make this recipe gluten-free, swap all ingredients for gluten-free varieties. There are many gluten-free ice creams, chocolates and Oreo-like cookies on the market, so swapping for these can be done in a 1:1 ratio. One ingredient youll want to pay close attention to is the powdered sugar for the whipped cream icing. While most powdered sugars are gluten-free, some include a starch that may contain gluten.

For a vegan recipe, opt for dairy-free and vegan-friendly ingredient alternatives. Everything can be done in a 1:1 swap with great success. There are so many vegan ice cream brands to choose from that as a vegan its 100% possible to have your ice cream cake, and eat it too!

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Baskin Robbins Oreo Cookie Cake

The next entry we have from Baskin Robbins is their Oreo Cookie Cake. This cake is advertised as having chocolate or vanilla cake, with any available flavor of Baskin Robbins ice cream in the center, such as Very Berry Strawberry, the Flavor of the Month, or Oreos Cookies and Cream. The cake is then coated in white frosting, dark chocolate is drizzled down the sides, and the border is lined with a fudge frosting. Finally, the cake is topped with whipped frosting, Oreos, and a fudge drizzle. This makes for a pretty appealing cookies and cream cake, don’t you think?

Like anything you can find at Baskin Robbins, this cake tasted great. There was enough cookie throughout the ice cream for us to tell it was actually cookies and cream, and not vanilla with Oreos in it. There also wasn’t an overbearing amount of chocolate, and what was there balanced out nicely with the ice cream. The cake itself was a little too sweet, and the chocolate didn’t taste as chocolatey as the fudge or drizzle, so we had to take some points off there. Otherwise, Baskin Robbins has a pretty solid Oreo ice cream cake, and we recommend trying it the next time you’re at the ice cream shop.

What Kind Of Cocoa Powder Should You Use

I love using a high-quality Dutch processed cocoa powder. Dutch processed cocoa powder is darker, less acidic and fudgier in baked goods. Youll usually get less rise out of it though. My go to company is Valrhona but there are lots of great brands out there, including Guittard, Callebaut, Ghirardelli and lots of organic and fair trade options too!

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How To Make Homemade Whipped Cream

The taste of homemade whipped cream is far better than store bought which is why we are going to make it from scratch! If youve never made homemade whipped cream before, dont worry, its very simple. Here are some tips on making the best whipped cream.

Keep it chilled: Keep the cream in the fridge until right before you need to use it. and stick the bowl and whisk in the freezer for 10 minutes before mixing. If the cream is too warm, the fat becomes ineffective as a stabilizer, and the cream will fall flat.

Use a mixer: The easiest way to whip cream is in a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, or with an electric hand mixer. It should only take a few minutes of whipping to get a nice consistency. After it starts to form a soft peak where its barely hanging on to the whisk, watch it carefully. If the cream is overmixed, itll turn into butter!

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Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard Cake

Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Cake | CHELSWEETS

This next cake from Dairy Queen fits right in with all of the other cookies and cream cakes on this list. Dairy Queen’s Oreo Blizzard Cake. This cookie ice cream cake starts with a base of vanilla soft serve, the brand’s signature “fudge and crunch center,” and a second layer of Oreo Blizzard ice cream. The cake is then finished with some white frosting, a chocolate drizzle, and crumbled Oreo cookies on top. This cake serves 8-10 people, or just one person for 8-10 days, if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

This Oreo ice cream cake was creamy, crunchy, and the soft serve ice cream in the treat ironically takes the cake. Even though this wasn’t our favorite Oreo ice cream cake, we do think this spectacular dessert has the best Oreo ice cream inside. The Oreo Blizzard is a staple to society, and only adding it to this ice cream cake heightened our experience. Our one critique is an issue that we had with other Dairy Queen cakes, which was the average, somewhat frozen layer of frosting that made the cake difficult to eat

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Ice Cream Cakes Ranked Worst To Best

Ice cream and cake. Is there truly a better pair of desserts to treat yourself to for a birthday party, celebration, or just because? Let’s be honest: we’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t love a little cake and ice cream while we binge our favorite Netflix shows. When it comes to desserts, most agree that it’s pretty tough to top cake and ice cream even with a cherry. You might be thinking to yourself: What could possibly be better than ice cream and cake? Cake ice cream? No, while we love cake batter ice cream, we were thinking more along the lines of a cold, sweet ice cream cake.

An ice cream cake is typically made by replacing most of the internal frosting of a normal cake with ice cream. You start with a layer of cake, and then add ice cream! If you want to add more layers, then you add more cake, add more ice cream, and repeat the process. Once you have enough, you add some frosting to the cake’s exterior, and then you have yourself an ice cream cake! You’ve likely seen some ice cream cakes in stores or ice cream shops, and may have even considered getting one for your next birthday. With so many ice cream cakes available, perhaps you’re feeling a bit confused, and struggling to make a dessert choice. Have no fear! We’ve listed out 10 different ice cream cake offerings, and ranked them all from worst to best.

The History Of Ice Cream Cake:

Historians say that ice cream cakes date back as early as the 1600s. They were originally made with biscuits and cream. In the 1700s, wealthy English folks were the ones who were able to enjoy this frozen confection.

Recipes for ice cream cakes have been found from the 1870s. These recipes were typically made using a decorative mold lined with cake or biscuits. They were referred to as bombes.

Ice cream cakes became popular after the first World War- when refrigerators and freezers became more widely available.

Triple Layer Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Cake by Half Baked Harvest. This is chocolate cake layered with hot fudge sauce, cookie crumbs, and vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake by The Slow Roasted Italian. This is an unforgettable transformation of the classic Italian dessert into a simple recipe for a glorious ice cream cake unlike anything you have had before.

Brownie Ice Cream Cake by Countryside Cravings. It has a chewy brownie bottom layer, hot fudge, vanilla ice cream, and a homemade whipped cream topping!

Strawberry Crunch Ice Cream Cake by Life, Love and Sugar. This cake is made with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, plus strawberry shortcake crunchies!

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Roll by Pear Tree Kitchen. This is chocolate cake filled with ice cream. It tastes like vintage NewlyWed Ice Cream Cake of days gone by.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake by The Seasoned Mom. This cake is a no-bake treat thats ready with just 10 minutes of prep.

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