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Easy Vegan Cake – ft. Miss Jones Baking Co

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Betty Crocker Super Moist French Vanilla

There’s a reason why Betty Crocker cake mixes can be found in nearly all grocery storesthe brand’s offerings are delicious. Made with pudding, this vanilla cake mix creates the ultimate moist yet soft slice with the classic vanilla taste that makes it so irresistible. Spread some vanilla frosting on top, and you’ve got one show-stopping cake.

Diy Simple Cake Ft Miss Jones Baking Co

Thank you to Miss. Jones Baking Co for providing product for this post. It was actually really tasty and the frosting is my new favorite! Save 15% on their chocolate cakeHERE.

Good Morning,

Simple cakes are so chic and so on trend this year. You see them at so many weddings nowadays, and there really isnt too much to them, but they dont lack in appeal!

You can make these yourself for your wedding, a friends wedding, shower, birthday whatever occasion. It really doesnt take a lot of cake mix, or cake batter.

I did a smaller 8 1 layer cake. It is simple, easy and decorating it can be as simple as adding a few flowers or sprinkles. Frozen sugar-coated berries look amazing on it as well.

Today I am using the Miss. Jones Baking Co. Vanilla Cake Mix. This can easily be a vegan cake just replace the eggs with egg replacements and the butter with coconut butter. I havent been to the store yet so I was not able to make this Vegan-friendly for myself. Miss Jonestastes like homemade and is made with 90% organic ingredients.

Follow the instructions on the box. Remember if you want a white cake and it calls for 3 eggs use only the whites to keep the cake white. Otherwise, your cake will get a yellow hue.

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Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil’s Food Cake

The number one chocolate cake I tasted was from Betty Crocker. The cake had a robust chocolate flavor that didn’t taste artificial. I loved that the cake and the chocolate frosting complemented each other without being overpowering. What the cake lacked in sugary sweetness was made up for with a sweet layer of frosting. The cake was moist without being too much like a fudge-like brownie. If you’re looking for the ultimate boxed chocolate cake mix, this is it.

I Tasted 6 Chocolate Cake Mixes & This Is The Best

Miss Jones Organic Cake Mix, Vanilla, 15.87 Oz

One of my favorite desserts is a big slice of chocolate cake. There’s something very nostalgic about a slice of rich cake with a heap of chocolate frosting on top. It may be that I had this almost every year as a kid for my birthday, and it may be that cake is really just a vehicle for that luscious chocolate frosting from the plastic tubyou know which one I’m talking about.

The chocolate cakes I ate as a kid were most often from a boxed mix that my mom or grandma got from the grocery store and to me, they were the best cakes in the world. As an adult, I’ve set out to try more chocolate cakes with various icings, fillings, and toppings, but I always come back to the boxed cake mix for a comfort-filled dessert that curbs my sweet tooth for a while. Because of my love for chocolate cake, I set out to determine which boxed chocolate cake mix actually tastes the best. I rated these cakes on taste and texture and noted if the recipe didn’t work quite right. Here’s what I found. (Plus, if you’re craving a vanilla cake, check out: We Tried 6 Vanilla Cake Mixes and This Is the Best!

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Miss Jones Baking Co Launches Baking Mixes With 50 Percent Less Sugar

Better-for-you baking brand Miss Jones Baking Co. has announced the launch of Everyday Delicious mixes, the first baking mix line made with 100 percent whole grains and 50 percent less sugar. Everyday Delicious is the first in Miss Jones Baking Co.s lineup to be powered by SmartSugar, a proprietary blend of sugar, chicory root, tapioca and monkfruit that reduces sugar by 50 percent without any artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

Everyday Delicious mixes are available in five different flavors: Monster Cookie Mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Fudgy Brownie Mix, Blueberry Muffin & Bread Mix and Banana Bread & Muffin Mix. The Monster Cookie Mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and Fudgy Brownie all feature 25 percent more chocolate chips, and the Banana Bread and Blueberry Muffin Mix pack 10 grams of protein per serving.

Since founding Miss Jones Baking Co., we have always strived to innovate and make delicious treats we know and love better-for-you without sacrificing taste, says Sarah Jones, founder and chief executive officer of Miss Jones Baking Co. We all want to have our cake and eat it too , but without the guilt! Ive crafted each of our new mixes with more of what you want and less of what you dont so you can enjoy what you bake knowing its tasty and nutritious to the last bite.

Everyday Delicious is now available to purchase on the Miss Jones Baking Co. website, as well as Amazon and nationwide at Kroger and Whole Foods Market for $4.99.

Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake

Devil’s food cake is usually the chocolate cake mix available at most grocery stores. While the Duncan Hines brand of chocolate cake did taste decent, there were better options on the table. One thing that knocked this one down the list a little is that it caved in after baking. I went back to ensure I followed the directions carefully after seeing this, and sure enough, I did, so I was disappointed that the cake sunk in. Overall, the taste was good and I was pleasantly surprised that the chocolate flavor was balanced without being overly sweet.

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Great Value Deluxe Moist Devil’s Food Cake

A dark horse in the chocolate cake race is the Great Value devil’s food cake from Walmart. The cake was light and moist, had a great chocolate flavor, and held up to plenty of frosting being piled on top. The cake did have a slightly wrinkled top, but I think that was from me almost dropping the pan after pulling it out of the oven versus the cake not rising correctly. And let’s just be honest, frosting can cover up any small cake imperfections.

Foodstirs Organic Simply Sweet Vanilla Cake Mix

Miss Jones Baking Mixes


When I think of vanilla cake, the word “sweet” typically comes to mind. However, that was not the case with this cake mix from Foodstirs. The best way I can describe the taste and texture was that it was similar to pound cake minus the butter. While the flavor wasn’t my favorite, the mix is made from organic ingredients and contains 25% less sugar than typical cake mix, making this treat more accessible to those with dietary restrictions.

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Th Place: Betty Crocker Super Moist White Cake Mix

Across the board, the unanimous agreement was that this cake had the least flavor among the four. Compared to its competitors, its mild taste and light texture might be preferred for a cake that is being made to support the flavor of a rich frosting or a special filling. But by itself, we have to rank this cake last.

Staff Quote:“Ya know what, I’d make this cake when I want the frosting to be the star of the show.”

Worst: Miss Jones Baking Co Chocolate Cake


While there was nothing “wrong” with this cake once it was baked, and while I would still eat it if someone put it in front of me, one cake had to come in last. The main issue with this cake was the texture. It was very crumbly, which made it hard to eat. The cake crumbled from the moment I started to slice into it after it cooled and as I attempted to get some onto my fork. The taste was decent, but not overly chocolatey, but the fact that it couldn’t even stand up to slicing was a big issue for me.

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Miss Jones Baking Organic Vanilla Cake Mix

Sometimes with vanilla cake, it’s easy to make things too sweet with both the cake and the frosting. However, this mix has just the perfect amount of sweetness, and it both tastes and looks homemadebonus points for sure. I was blown away by the real vanilla taste as opposed to the artificial flavorings of other brands. This mix is even vegan-friendly with just a few simple ingredient swaps.

Rd Place: Duncan Hines’ Classic White Cake Mix

Miss Jones Baking Co Mix Cake Vanilla Org,450 Gm (Pack Of 6)

This cake mix calls for 3 egg whites to be beaten into the batter for 2 minutes . This is also the only cake mix that didn’t use egg yolks in the batter, and so the cake lacked the richness and structure that comes from a batter with yolks. The air beaten into the egg whites make the crumb of the cake very delicate and airy. After taking their first bite, someone noted that the cake was almost powdery and that it dissolved in their mouth. This fragile cake wouldn’t hold its structure under a layer of frosting as well as the others.

Staff Quote:“This cake would be good crumbled into layers for a trifle.”

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Simple Mills Almond Flour Vanilla Cake Mix

Made with almond and coconut flour, this vanilla cake mix from Simple Mills created one of the thinnest batters I’ve ever seen. Not only was it overly runny and thin, but the baking recommendation time also nearly burned my cake. Aside from that, the cake had a more grainy texture and an almond flavor as opposed to vanilla, so it was definitely a bummer. Maybe next time I’ll bake for a shorter amount of time and add a hint of vanilla extract to see if that helps!

Miss Jones Baking Co Organic Chocolate Cake Mix

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Nd Place: Pillsbury’s Moist Supreme White Premium Cake Mix

The prominent vanilla flavor in this cake is the classic “boxed cake vanilla” flavor that differs greatly from the dark vanilla extract used in a homemade vanilla cake. The light spongy texture of the cake and the generally sturdy structure would make it great for a frosted layer cake.

Staff Quote:“The texture almost reminds me of angel food cake, and I dig it.”

Pillsbury Devil’s Food Cake

Baking an Organic Cake by Miss Jones

There’s nothing cuter in the food world than the Pillsbury Dough Boy. His smiling face on the front of this box had me thinking I would be smiling when this cake was done too, and I definitely was. The cake was moist and perfectly cooked based on the directions on the back of the box. The chocolate flavor was prominent without being too much where I needed a break from the cake with a glass of milk.

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Organic Vanilla Cake Mix

The mix that started it all, our original Organic Vanilla Cake simply can’t be beat. Miss Jones’ recipe for this moist, fluffy treat has the perfect hint of vanilla, and tastes amazing with ANY of our deliciously whipped frostings. Southern Living even named it the “Best Boxed Cake Mix”! Whether you’re layering up cakes or baking cupcakes for a crowd this mix won’t disappoint!

    • Just add eggs, butter or oil, and milk or water
    • Certified Organic and non-GMO
    • No hydrogenated oils or trans fats
    • No artificial colors or flavors
    • Makes one cake or 18 cupcakes

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Wheat Starch, Baking Powder , Natural Vanilla Flavor, Sea Salt. CONTAINS: WHEAT

Our organic cake mix is manufactured in a facility that processes other products that contain: Egg, Milk, Soy, Wheat

Everything we make is responsibly sourced, without any artificial flavors or hydrogenated oils. Our frostings are vegan-friendly & gluten free too!


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Miss Jones Baking Co Organic Ultimate Cake Mix Vanilla 1587 Oz

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  • Honest & Simple Ingredients

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We Tried 6 Vanilla Cake Mixes And This Is The Best

Cake mixes are perfect for when you simply don’t have the time to make a cake. As much as you might want to, sometimes our busy lives can get in the way, leaving us no time or energy to make a cake from scratch. But whether it’s for a birthday party or a special occasion, cake is a necessity. With the crack of a few eggs, some water, and oil, you can whip up a cake in less than an hourseriously.

However, when it comes to vanilla cake mix, it can be tricky to find the right one. At the supermarket, there are usually several brands to pick from, with similar-looking boxes and ingredient lists. While this might sound intimidating, we’ve put our mixers to the test to find the cake mix right for you! I tried 6 vanilla cake mixes to find the very best one. During my taste test, I looked for a mix that created a lightweight, moist slice with the most satisfying vanilla flavor.

Here’s how the vanilla cake mixes ranked in my taste test, listed from worst to best. And for more, don’t miss these 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback.

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