6 Inch Cake Stand With Dome

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Best Large: World Menagerie Sutherland Cake Stand

DIY cake stand with a glass dome

Need a really big cake stand? This one is 16 inches wide, 5.5 inches high, and weighs 1 pound. Made of gilded aluminum with an embossed floral motif finish, it sits on six leaf-shaped legs. This is the cake stand youll want to use for tiered cakes or any other cakes with substantial weight to them.

The World Menagerie Company specializes in quality global imports that showcase the handcrafted works of various countries. This cake stand is an excellent example of the art and craft of Indian embossed metal goods. It makes a striking statement on its own and the perfect platform for your statement-making culinary creation.

Best Cake Stands 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

A lot of people have a hobby of decorating a cake. At the same time, there are a lot of people who love to host events. There is one undeniable fact that you would agree to as well. The fact is that a nice cake stand can add a lot of charm to your event. If decorating cake is your hobby then a rotating cake stand can help you in making the job easy for you. Also, it will help you as you would not have to move around the table as much.

You can even display your cake in an event with the help of a cake stand and this will again look amazing. Having the right cake stand matters because it has the capacity to make or break the even. In such a case, we are sure you would like to be extra careful while choosing the cake stand. Well, to help you in choosing the right cake stand, we did all the research and we listed some of the best cake stands available in market in 2019. We have considered a variety of factors while compiling this list of best stands so we are sure that the list will help you in identifying the best stand for yourself.

Let us move ahead and check out what we have in stores for you.

Acacia Wood Flat Round Wood Cake Stand With Glass Dome

Talk about tall! This hefty platter is a whopping 9.1 inches, with space on the inside reaching almost 7 inches. It wouldnt even be unreasonable to put a small two-layered cake inside of this beast. Many people use it to store bread. With its sheer size, that isnt hard at all. You could probably fit a loaf, along with a few bagels and maybe a pastry. Other people like how tall it is, and how you can bake a cake for it without usually having to worry about exact fitting measurements. Its a beautiful product to keep out for guests to admire, and can hold quite a bit of weight.

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Hblife Multifunctional Acrylic Cake Stand 12

What We Liked: Constructed from a crystal-clear acrylic, this cake stand is lightweight and easy to use. It offers an elegant way to display your baked goods, but can be used for so much more. The lid doubles as a serving bowl to provide your guests with everything from salads to chips and guacamole.

Large Cake Stand With Dome

Homeries Multi

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What Is A Cake Board

A cake board is a cardboard disc that your cake is built on and it is used to help transport your cake to the venue. There are a variety of cake board sizes available and the design of your cake determines the size of the cake board.

I recommend using a cake stand that is the same size as your cake board. If you do not know the size of your cake board, consult with your baker.

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Libbey Acaciawood Cake Stand With Glass Dome

Looking for a cake stand thats charming, without too much austerity? This is the one for you! This chic glass dome can hold a decently tall cake, . In fact, its a perfect size without being obnoxiously large or uncanny. The handle is a cool-looking sphere, and the glass itself is a thick reliable size. It sits nicely in the grooves of the cake stand, which is made from a beautifully polished wood. If youre looking to replace your old cake stand, or just looking for one that will last a long time, this is it. The material is high quality, so you wont have to worry about wear and tear for a while.

The Cake Stand Buying Guide

Best White Cake Stand With Dome And Lid
  • Think about what kinds of baked goods you make the most frequently before you buy. If youre all about full-sized cakes, a single-level cake stand is best. If youre a cupcake aficionado, select a tiered cake stand to show them off.
  • Check out the size and weight limits on your cake stand before you buy.
  • How often do you bake? If you only make cakes and cupcakes for special occasions, an inexpensive acrylic or plastic stand will be more financially appropriate. Frequent bakers should feel free to invest in a pricier option with tassels or a fancy paint job.
  • Most cake stands from online vendors will come in pieces that need to be assembled. Check and see that you have any tools you might need before you buy.
  • If youre buying a functional cake stand to help you ice and decorate your cake, make sure that it looks nice enough to double as a display cake stand. If it doesnt, be very careful when youre transferring your cake from the functional stand to its final destination.
  • Scope out any included tools that come with a functional cake stand. Most of them come with scrapers , decorating combs and spatulas . These sets are a great way to learn the basics of cake decorating without spending a ton of money.
  • Some cake stands are dishwasher safe, but handwashing will help them last longer. Acrylic and plastic stands will wipe clean with a wet cloth and some dish soap. More complex materials like steel or wrought iron may require special cleaning solutions.

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Best Chandelier: House Of Hampton Lorin Centerpiece Cake Stand

This chandelier-style cake stand lends any table, dessert, fruit, or cheese platter a look of luxury. Part of what makes this piece so gorgeous is the dimensions. At 16.5 inches high and 11.5 inches wide, its taller than most chandelier-style stands. Its also strong enough to not topple over, weighing in at 5 pounds, though it looks lightweight.

The details also create a sense of true elegance. The gold and silver plating adds a high-gloss finish, the filigree on the edges is delicate but not overdone, and the crystal drops catch the light to filter glints of rainbow color in a circle around the stand. Fantastic for special occasions like weddings and engagement parties, this makes a much-appreciated gift that will never be forgotten.

With its footed base and fitted glass dome cover topped with a glass knob, this well-made cake stand has been crafted exclusively for Sur La Table. Measuring 12 inches in diameter and a total of 10 inches high, the dome feature a 5.5-inch high interior space. Its sturdy, yet so well-designed that youll want to keep it out on your table or countertop. Fill it with layer cakes, pies, cupcakes, muffins, and even floral arrangements! Handmade by glass artists in Poland, no two stands are precisely the same due to the individual care given to each piece. However, its dishwasher safe, which means easy cleanup.

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How To Prep Your 6 Inch Cake Pans

After you choose your 6 inch cake batter, its time to start prepping the cake pans. First, make sure you have quality 6 inch cake pans. I started using Fat Daddios 6 inch cake pans last year and loved them so much that I switched out my 9-inch and 8-inch cake pans for the Fat Daddios brand. From one baker to another these pans are incredible quality for the price. Not working with this brand, just a genuine fan.

The smaller the cake, the more difficult it is to neatly release from the baking pan. Heres my guaranteed solution so that your 6 inch cake layers glide right out:

  • Make a parchment paper round. Trace the bottom of the cake pans on a large piece of parchment paper. Cut out the parchment circles.
  • Very lightly grease the baking pans.
  • Place the parchment round inside.
  • Grease the parchment round too. Using butter or bakers nonstick spray, I grease the pan AND the parchment. This promises an ultra non-stick environment for your cake. Never any sticking.
  • I usually keep a stack of parchment rounds on hand just in case Im in a rush to get a cake in the oven. For cake emergencies, of course.

    Divide the batter evenly between the cake pans and bake.

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    Cake Stands & Tiered Servers

    Do you wish to showcase your sugary creations in the best possible way? The cake stand & tiered servers at Target can help you do exactly that. If your Victorian-inspired cakes needs a vintage-looking wooden stand, then look no further. Display your cute cupcakes on a glass cake stand for a simple and elegant look that will leave your friends impressed. Grab your freshly made macaroons as well as beautifully iced cookies and place them on classic white cake stand & tiered servers for a timeless look. Looking to showcase more than one cake? Invest in a 3-tier server to flaunt your gorgeous dessert. If you wish to display your cake in a bakery while keeping it protected from dust, choose a cake stand with a glass dome. Wondering which cake stands & tiered servers will look great for a wedding party? Go for stands that have a clean look with gold borders for that aesthetic touch.

    A Guide To Cake Stands

    Mosser Glass Cake Dome 6"

    Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or simply a spot of afternoon tea, there is a whole plethora of cake stands to hold your sweet delicacies. If you are looking for a special platform to make a cake the centrepiece of your event, this guide will help you figure out which type of cake stand you need.

    To find the right stand for your cake, you will need to know what options are available to you. When it comes to types, the choice of cake stands is large.

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    An Overview On Cake Stands

    Whether youre a baking pro or just learning how to frost your first masterpiece, the right cake stand can elevate any creation. Placing your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and bars on a stand will make your countertop feel like a professional bakery. It also makes your baked goods more appealing at bake sales or other public events.

    There are two types of cake stands: functional and display. Functional cake stands are simple stands that rotate 360 degrees to help you ice and decorate every inch of your cake. Theyre made of materials like acrylic, stainless steel, silicone and aluminum alloy.

    Functional cake stands often come with sets of decorating tools, like spatulas, decorating combs and icing smoothers. The best functional cake stands have safeguards to keep your cake in place as you ice it. Look for features like non-slip surfaces and rubber feet to prevent a decorating disaster.

    Display cake stands show off your cakes once youre done decorating them. Theyre made from food-grade acrylic, metal or even wrought iron. Theyre often adorned with tassels, beads and fun colors.

    Single-level cake stands are great for presenting full-sized cakes at birthday parties or professional catering events. They also class up ordinary cakes on your kitchen counter. Tiered cake stands are best for showing off batches of cupcakes or other small sweets.

    Now that youve got some basic knowledge about cake stands, you can read our Tips & Advice for nitty-gritty details

    Cabilock Wood Cake Cheese Display Stand With Glass Dome Lid

    To finish off our list, were going over a really beautiful stand with a gorgeous cylindrical shape. This look is fit for a royal ball. Theres something so..put together about how its made. For such a sleek design, no one will guess that you got a great deal on it! Especially with its sturdy base and high quality finish.

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    Libbey Acaciawood Footed Cake Stand With Glass

    This is another fantastic stand made from high-quality acacia. This stand is footed, keeping it up and away from the surface of a counter. This is nice if you want it to be elevated, or just like the aesthetic of a raised stand. One thing to note is the design of the foot: its moved off to the side, to give the piece an enhanced look. This does mean it will take a little more to balance, so its smart to have something underneath to hold it on the other side. While it may be a turn-off for some, the off-center design is a unique look that can serve as extra support when other objects are placed underneath it.

    Godinger Cake Plate Server With Shaterproof Acrylic Lid

    Cake Dome with Stand / Cloche with stand / 11/17/17

    This is a stunningly pragmatic cake platter with a lid to boast about! Godingers masterpiece is one of our favorite wood cake stand with glass dome options on the market! This sleek glass dome is shatterproof! Thats right! You wont have to worry about accidentally chipping it, and it will survive long-term wear and tear. This model is a little lower than the other models, but it can still hold a well-portioned lid. If youre looking for something that is easy to use and looks nice, this is the perfect option. The handle is a little more like a traditional handle, and it gives a good grip for easy lifting. It looks really nice, and just having it out will spice up the looks of any kitchen. One thing to note is that this item is elegant and delicate. That means as long as you take extra care to hand wash it, it should last you a long time.

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