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Blessings For A Sweet Marriage

Personalized Wedding Cake Knife And Server Set __ Top Kitchen Tips #kitcten
  • A faith-filled, keepsake gift for the special couple!
  • Two-piece set includes champagne gold, stainless steel knife and server
  • Features ready to gift packaging and recipe for a sweet marriage

Enjoy the timeless cake cutting tradition at your wedding celebration with this Blessings For A Sweet Marriage Two-Piece Wedding Cake Serving Set. The champagne gold, stainless steel 12 knife and 9 server come gift packaged with a recipe for a sweet marriage. Makes a thoughtful shower gift for that special bride-to-be.Message:Blessings for a sweet marriage Instructions:Take faith and hope and mix thoroughly with love. Blend in kindness and understanding. Sprinkle abundantly with prayer. Add patience and humility. Garnish with forgiveness and thoughtfulness. Bake with quality time. Keep it warm with laughter. Serve Daily with generous helpings of Gods Word. Enjoy.

  • 2-Piece Wedding Cake Serving Set
  • Dimensions:
    • Box: 5 x 13 x 1
    • Knife: 12
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  • Standard shipping only.

February 7, 2014 by Mid-South Bride

When planning a wedding, there are lots of little details that get put off until the last minute. One of these little wedding details is the cake knife and server set you will use to cut and serve your wedding cake!

To help you make a decision and choose a cake set before the last minute, weve compiled a list of wedding cake knife and server sets. These sets range in price from $5.00 to $60.00 in order to fit almost any wedding budget. Enjoy!

Shop Classic Cake Serving Sets For Your Wedding Reception Supplies

Whats on todays menu? Quality knife and server sets at adorably affordable prices. We promise, theres no breaking the big day budget with any of our knife and server sets! Shop our quality collection of personalized or plain options, coming in an assortment of elegant and classic styles. Were ready to serve up the savings!

When it comes to knife and server sets, were serving up big savings for your big day. Shop our selection of plain or personalized knife and server sets, perfect for your wedding reception supplies. Looking for wedding gifts for the happy couple? Customize one of our many personalized options with the names and the wedding date, gift it to the bride and groom as a keepsake they can use to cut cake at the reception and then use again and again. The best part about these options is that any of our perfectly-priced picks are designed to pair beautifully with your wedding theme. Instant match made in heaven.

From delicate designs and small details to pre-engraved sets and personalized options, these beloved buys are sure to take the cake. Add our Personalized Embossed Heart Wedding Cake Knife & Server Set to your wedding supplies, so you are well-equipped for the traditional cake-cutting ceremony. A romantic choice, this cake set features hearts and swirls on each handle. Or, if youre looking for something that doesnt need personalization, our Crystalline Serving Set is a beautiful, sleek option.

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Double Hearts Serving Set

This is a great affordable wedding cake server set. The handle has a beautiful streamlined look with open interlocking hearts at the end. The hearts are brought together in an overlapping fashion to symbolize a perfect union between husband and wife. The blades on the knife and the server have a light serrated edge to make it easier for cutting. A beautiful set for a beautiful couple.

Do We Need A Cake Server Or Cutting Set

Ivory Rose Wedding Knife &  Cake Server Set Bouquet Design Silk ...

Ask yourself the following questions: is your budget so tight that you could barely get any flowers? And, are mementos not really important to you? If you answer YES to those questions, then do not get a cake server or knife set. But, if your answer is NO, then, by all means, go get that cake server and knife set.

While you may already be set on getting a knife and server or cutting set, you might also have overlooked the idea of not having this as an integral part of your wedding reception. Regardless, this is a common question with a very simple answer.

This being said, we believe there are much higher priorities, especially if you are on a budget and still trying to figure out how to spend your money on the wedding. For instance, your priorities should include a bouquet, a solid photographer, and the gifts for the bridesmaids. Your cake server or knife set falls just below those.

Only once you have the basics fully covered can you move on to the extras and small details. For example, wedding favors, personalized napkins, and then yes, of course, the wedding cake server set. When you prioritize your wedding tasks, you feel good about what you are able to achieve, and it is easier to let go of the things that you might want to do, but honestly cannot. Stretching yourself too thin to the very beginning is a sure sign that the wedding may not run as smoothly as you would hope. Your wedding will be beautiful anyway.

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Stainless Steel Rose Gold Cake Knife And Server Set Electroplated Satin Finish

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Start A New Family Tradition With A Wedding Cake Knife And Server Set

Cutting the brides cake is one of the most popular wedding traditionsand for good reasons. It signals that the formal stuff is ending, and the dancing is about to begin. Plus, theres the possibility that someone gets dessert smooshed all over their face. Best of all, everyone knows theyre about to eat some cake!

A fun way to make the cake cutting tradition exceptionally special is to use a personal cake cutting set.

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Best Sellers For Wedding Cake Knife Server

Tips For A Getting Cheap Set

Personalized Wedding Cake Knife And Server Set __ Gift for Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement #kitcten

Lets say you want a knife set but cannot really afford it. You are not completely out of luck, so long as you are happy with what you end up selecting. There are some great ways to get cheap knife sets without sacrificing quality or your spirits. For instance, grab some used ones to Craigslist or eBay. After all, nobody will know they were used, except for you. Maybe look into estate sales. These are resourceful ideas because, not only are you up-cycling products that might otherwise find themselves in a landfill, you are saving money and helping somebody else out.

You can also check out stores like Walmart and Michaels. Especially if just having a knife set is important to you, go this route and save your money for other priorities.

Finally, if you are especially creative, you could make your own. Maybe you like pottery and want to fire the bases. Maybe you are a wood-worker and have the time to carve and engrave the set. Then again, maybe you find a mold and fill it with seashells and water, or sparkles and stones. The options are endless, just follow your heart and do what you want to do.

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Cake Knives And Serving Sets That Are Anything But Dull

Let’s face it: the cake cutting thing can be an awkward experience. Make it a little easier and funkier with this two-in-one cake cutter and server that kinda looks like cheese! Honestly, this thing is brilliant.

Here are some more options for cake knives and serving sets that could have the power to turn an awkward cake cutting situation into a rockin’ good time

Nambe has a fantastic twist on the classic cake serving set. These stainless steel babies are freaking sexy.

Here’s another contemporary cake cutting set that’s also made of stainless steel.

I love this cake knife from Uncommon Goods that looks like a butcher knife. It’s apparently engineered to dice through gooey layers of cake without sticking or leaving residue on the blade.

These funky patterned cake knives made of high-grade, shatter-resistant melamine are freaking phenomenal. Perfect for super colorful weddings!

Okay, my love of groom’s cakes has now reached the “full-blown obsession” level. We already know that grooms get the coolest cakes, but did you… Read more

This beachy cake cutting set features shimmering starfish, embellished with diamond dust and Swarovski crystals. I know, right? Pretty schnazzy.

Cake saw FTW! After you’re finished showing your cake who’s boss, you can take it home and slice and dice your lettuce without discoloring it.

Having a french-themed wedding or a wedding in Paris? Cut your cake with this badass Eiffel Tower dagger!

How To Use A Wedding Cake Knife Set

I know, youre thinking, You cut the cake and serve it. Duh. True, but traditionally theres a little more ceremony to the event.

A wedding cake cutting set contains two tools, a knife and a server. The server that comes with a cake cutting set is often smaller than a typical cake server because wedding cake slices tend to be thin.

To cut the first ceremonial piece of cake, brides grip the cake knife in their right hands. Grooms stand to the side and place their right hands over the brides hands. Together, they push through the cake and create a small wedge. Then one person uses the cake server to grab the first piece.

Next, the new couple feeds each other as a symbolic gesture of their first meal together. You only need a small amount of cake theres no need to hold the whole slice. Occasionally, couples will jam the entire piece all over their partners faces . If youre a couple of cake smashers, have plenty of napkins nearby.

There is an older tradition where new brides take the slice home and put it under their pillow for good luck. If that practice makes you happy, go for it. Personally, we prefer to eat our cake instead of sleep on it.

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Personalized Wedding Cake Knife Set

We’re obsessed with this mixed-media wedding cake knife set, which has metal blades, wooden handles and custom acrylic tags. The latter are personalized with your initials and wedding date then tied on using either faux greenery or gold ribbonhow chic.

Red Heart Creations gold cake knife set, $32,

Elegant Crystals Serving Set

Silver Hammered Design Wedding Cake Knife Server Set

The last of our top 10 best wedding cake server sets is the Elegant Crystals Server Set. This is a truly timeless piece. Each handle is molded into a beautiful hourglass shape with a dished face. The ends boasting a heave round edge and the top featuring several inlayed crystals to make it really shine.

Moderately priced at $59.95, this cake server and knife set are sure to look good at any cake cutting ceremony. Free personalization and gift boxed, makes this a great find!

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Westwood Wedding Knife And Server Set

Number 7 comes in with the Westwood Wedding Knife and Server Set. This highly polished set is very affordable! Coming in at $49.95 with free personalization makes it the perfect go to set on a budget. The set goes with any weddingd decor and can be added to by tying ribbon or lace around the handles. Each handle has a sleek hourglass design that fits perfectly in your hand. The straight edged-pear shaped server adds a unique dimension to the traditional server style. Serrated Blade on Knife.

Types Of Wedding Cake Cutting Sets

Regardless of your weddings theme, theres a wedding cake knife and server set to match.

The most traditional variety is an engraved set. These pieces are typically made from sterling silver and designed to be elegant. A standard engraving may include your names and the date, although that may make it difficult for your children to use the set at their weddings.

For rustic weddings, the simplest solution is a set with wooden handles or one thats made entirely of wood. However, consider a decorative option, such as handles that look like branches or ones wrapped in twine and adorned with flowers and berries.

If your wedding is more whimsical, select a set that is fun and colorful. For example, consider a set with handles made of colored glass, that sports a rainbow hue or one that comes covered in sparkling faux diamonds.

Those who select a nautical theme have several options. There are wedding cake knives and server sets with handles that look like shells or driftwood, feature an ocean-blue tinge or come decorated with starfish and other sea life.

If you prefer a classic idea for a vintage wedding consider a set with mother-of-pearl handles. However, you could select a pair with a lace design running the length of the tools or sets where the handles taper to resemble calla lilies.

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Cake Knives And Servers For Your Wedding

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A cake knife and server set is essential for the cake cutting ceremony during your wedding reception. Choose a pretty one and its destined to become a family heirloom after your day. Check out our picks below.

How To Choose The Right Cake Knife And Server For You


Like all wedding choices, you want to make the choice that fits the style, the taste, and the general atmosphere of the wedding. If youre hosting a backyard pool party wedding, then elaborate silver cake servers will look out of place. The truth is that there are so many kinds of wedding cake knives and servers available that youll be able to find the right one for your wedding.

You should also consider putting the wedding cake knife and server on your wedding registry, if you plan to have one. This is because the set is an item that will be used for many events after your wedding, and lots of people would like to buy it for you.

If you want to use a wedding cake knife and server that is meaningful to you, but youre not sure if you want to buy one, then you should also ask around to see if anyone in your family has one that you could borrow. Sometimes older female relatives, such as a grandmother, received these items on their wedding day, and it could add something special to your day to use one that has been featured in other family weddings.

Wedding cake servers come in fun, bright plastic colors, as well as traditional, stately silver designs. They can also be personalized with your names and the date of your wedding. If this is an item that you plan to use as a lasting keepsake, then keep in mind the personal aesthetics of your home.

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