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How to Ship a Cake

You know how to start a shipping service for your bakery. You even know how to package each of your bakery items for shipping. But you still have some questions, and were way ahead of you. From a list of baked goods that ship well to a bakery shipping supplies list, we outline the nitty-gritty details of shipping baked goods in this FAQs section.

How To Ship Food Gifts For The Holidays

Once youve packed your baked goods so theyre nice and secure, select a sturdy box for shipping. One that has two to three inches available for cushioning around the food gift will give the best results youll want to place the most fragile items at the center of the box, then fill the surrounding space with shock-absorbing packing material, like air-popped popcorn, bubble wrap, wrapping paper or crumpled newspaper, Geary says. Pack in enough so when you shake the box, you dont hear or feel anything shifting around.

From there, add packing tape across the top, along edges and on the bottom of your box to prevent anything from sliding out and keep outside elements from slipping in. Add a fun label and youll have a holiday gift that would make Santa proud, set to arrive in perfect condition.

Most Customizable: Send A Cake

Send a Cake

  • Shipping is not free and charged per box

Birthday cakes dont have to involve a big party. When you want to send all your birthday love to one individual, look no further than the personalized cake explosion boxes from Send A Cake.

Choose a flavor among eight options plus an extra limited-time flavor, a box design, and up to 10 additional decorations to create a customized experience your loved one will never forget. You can spell the recipients name on the lid in bejeweled letters, add wind-up butterflies that emerge from the box, add your own photos to be printed on the inside of the box, and more. The mini cakes are three inches in diameter and come in flavors such as confetti sprinkle, chocolate tuxedo, and red velvet sparkle.

Send A Cake offers delivery six days a week. They also accept orders well in advance. In fact, with Send A Cake, you could arrange your whole year of birthday gifting in one day.

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Invest In The Perfect Packaging

  • These days, custom designed postal boxes are readily available online perfect for cupcakes and even small layer and Christmas cakes and include everything except the sticky tape.
  • A quick Google search for postable cake boxes will yield great results but be sure to order well in advance as they often go out of stock.
  • For cookies, chocolates, geo hearts and cakesicles, etc., postage boxes or sturdy craft boxes make excellent choices as theyre easy and affordable when purchased in bulk.
  • Make your treats both food safe and appealing with individual, self-sealing cellophane bags, sealed with your logo/sticker. Wrap with a little branded or coloured acid free tissue paper before boxing for fully customisable, elegant gifts anyone would love to send or receive.
  • Bubble wrap is, of course, excellent for cushioning your items on their travels but dont rule out traditional packing paper and other inexpensive options better for the planet and a much nicer look for the whole unwrapping experience altogether.

Think Carefully About How You Pack

If You Can

Parchment paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap are the best materials to secure your food followed by an extra layer of covering or fitted in a ziplock bag. When packing cookies, brownies, or bars, place a sheet of wax/parchment paper between each layer if you are packing them together. If you stop by your local craft store you can find or boxes to pack the wrapped goods in. Also, your handy-dandy plastic containers are ideal for sealing in freshness.

Try to avoid foods that need to be refrigerated. In the case you have to ship something that needs to remain cold, pack your food in a styrofoam container surrounded by frozen gel packs. Once your goods are wrapped properly, find a small- to medium-sized box that will fit all the contents with a little extra room for padding. Bubble wrap, newspapers, and styrofoam are good for stuffing inside the box to prevent your baked goods from moving around while shipping.

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When Packing Keep Flavors Separated Bags And Containers Airtight And Everything Snug

Vitak packs her cookies in separate ziploc bags, often one big one for the majority of the cookies, and additional smaller bags for cookies with strong flavors. The biggest lesson Ive learned is that when you have several flavors in a bag for a few days, those flavors diffuse across all the cookies, she tells me. From her years of experience, shes learned to always separate lemon, coffee, ginger, mint, and almond-flavored cookies. She then squeezes as much air out of the ziploc bags as possible before sealing, places the bagged cookies in a shipping box, and surrounds the contents with bubble wrap or styrofoam packing peanuts.

Cookie tins are also an option, but they come with some limiting factors: namely, youre much more constrained in the number of cookies you can pack and the tin needs to be full to minimize movement, per Vitak.

Jannuzzis Cookies favors a similar packaging method: for each standard order, Rush packs a kraft paper bag typically one with a tin tie, although there are also ziploc varieties with a dozen cookies, seals the bag, and then slips it into a bubble wrap pouch, which then gets surrounded by a layer of tissue paper and tied off with bakers twine. Jannuzzis uses corrugated shipping boxes measured exactly to size from East Coast Packaging. Generic boxes are fine, too, says Rush just be sure to pad out the package with materials like tissue paper, kraft paper, inflated air pillows, newspapers, or even old rags and towels.

Personalised Birthday Cakes Delivered Uk & London Wide

What differentiates a simple birthday cake to one of the best birthday cakes you can buy? Personalised birthday cakes give you a chance to make your gift extra special, with the opportunity to include the recipients name one one of our delicious handmade chocolate plaques – hand-piped using classic white icing.

As well as the opportunity to send a birthday cake by post, you can also have our decorated birthday cakes delivered to your doorstep or venue around the UK if youre celebrating a birthday party elsewhere! Our flexibility means we have one of the best birthday cake delivery services, with our next day gift delivery service at most times – perfect for that last minute birthday cake.

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How To Ship Cookies

Given their hearty nature, cookies are one of the best baked goods to ship. They transport so well, ghost kitchen entrepreneurs have created entire concepts around cookies. Household name Mariah Carey even has a virtual brand, Mariah’s Cookies. However, some cookies ship better than others. Cookies with eggs in their recipe are sturdier than their eggless counterparts , making them better candidates for shipping orders. We explain the ins and outs of how to ship cookies below:

Best For Chocolate Lovers: Carousel Cakes

Cake Mail! How to Cut and Ship Cake Slices!

Carousel Cakes

  • Only ships four days per week

If your birthday recipient loves chocolate, you may want to browse the goodies from Carousel Cakes of Nanuet, New York. Founded in 1965, Carousel is a trusted institution. The bakery’s online menu offers a large selection of cakes, 16 made with chocolate, including Chocolate Rum Cake, New York Blackout, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake.

In addition to its chocolate specialties, Carousel also crafts quintessential birthday flavors like its Nonpareil “Giggle” Cake. All of Carousel’s cakes are certified kosher.

Carousel ships their cakes through Goldbelly or NYC Delivery Doorman and also has in-person sales for less money at their bakery outlet store. For example, the Chocolate Outrage Cake sells for $49 at Goldbelly and $17 at the store.

Shipments are only Monday through Friday, so we advise taking that into consideration when planning your purchase.

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How To Ship Banana Bread

We explain how to wrap, package, and ship banana bread. You can use this method for other moist, quick loaves such as pumpkin, zucchini, and glazed lemon bread.

  • Lay plastic wrap on a flat surface. You can use a baking sheet, cutting board, or cleared countertop.
  • Place the loaf on top of the plastic wrap. Leave enough plastic wrap on the left-hand side to fold over the banana bread.
  • Cut a piece of wax paper the size of your loaf. Lay it on top of your bread to preserve its moisture.
  • Wrap the banana bread in your sheet of plastic wrap. Fold the plastic wrap to the left of your banana bread over the loaf. Then, roll the bread down the length of the plastic wrap. Tuck the plastic wrap at the top and bottom of your loaf into the roll as you turn the bread.
  • Freeze the banana bread. Freezing the banana bread before shipping will help keep it fresh.
  • Lay down a sheet of aluminum foil. Not only will aluminum foil protect your loaf, but it will also shield your banana bread from flavor-altering odors.
  • Remove the banana bread from the freezer and place it on the foil. Place the foil on the left side of the banana bread over it, then roll your loaf in the aluminum foil, tucking the top and bottom pieces of foil into your roll as you go.
  • Place your loaf in a sturdy bakery box, tin, or container. Choose a container that fits your loaf snugly. Add packing materials to any empty spaces.
  • How To Ship Decorated Cookies

    To prevent your cookies from crumbling in transit, use a food tin or box to protect them inside their shipping box. Start by creating a cushion layer of crumpled wax paper on the bottom of the cookie tin. Then add your wrapped cookies to the tin and top them with another cushioning layer of crumpled wax paper. These extra protections are especially helpful for shipping fragile and decorated cookies.

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    How To Send Brownies And Biscuits In The Mail

    • Get your cakes, biscuits and brownies safely to their destination. Source: Tanaphong Toochinda | Unsplash

    Unexpected box of brownies arrives in the mail? Brilliant? Unexpected box of cookie crumbs? Not so much.

    Want to send a thanks, hello, miss you or other kind of baked hug in the mail? Wondering if its allowed, and if so, how to do it so your gift doesnt end up as a pile of crumbs ? Heres what you need to know about sending brownies or other bakes.

    Is it legal?

    Sending food in the post isnt a problem. But popping some flowers from your garden in with your box of bakes could be. We checked in with Australia Post and they confirmed that shipping brownies and other perishables is fine, as long as they are packaged properly and meet state quarantine regulations. You can read more here about Australias interstate quarantine rules, which are designed to stop pests, diseases and weeds being carried between different parts of Australia. Make sure that the baked goods are packed tightly enough that they wont move around in the box in transit, the Aus Post spokesperson also told us .

    Pick the right recipe

    Chewy chocolate chip cookies

    A lot of brownies and slices will also travel well – go for a dense brownie, like these chewy two-choc pecan brownies or for something you can throw together very quickly, honey oat slice.

    Double choccolate pecan brownies

    Cool thoroughly before packing

    Package it properly

    Birthday Cake Delivery Special Offer

    Cake by post. Ideas and inspirations for sending a delicious cake gift.

    Send FREE birthday ‘extras’ with our Triple Chocolate Paradise Cake. Always popular with every age group, this is chocolate cake at its very best. We’ll include FREE candles, a FREE ‘Happy Birthday’ cake topper and a FREE birthday card with your personalised message printed inside. Gift wrapped in its own exclusive cake tin and delivered on your nominated date.

    Send FREE birthday ‘extras’ with our Triple Chocolate Paradise Cake. Always popular with every age group, this is chocolate cake at its very best. We’ll include FREE candles, a FREE ‘Happy Birthday’ cake topper and a FREE birthday card with your personalised message printed inside. Gift wrapped in its own exclusive cake tin and delivered on your nominated date.

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    How To Make A Money Cake

    Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the post for much better directions and information.


    Obviously, Youll need a CAKE. I made a delicious and easy chocolate peanut butter cake. I included the recipe at the bottom of the post.

    You can, however, use ANY kind of layered cake youd like. My popular Cannoli Cake would also be great for this. Or this Carrot Cake or Funfetti Cake would be fun too!

    If youre not a baker, you could even use a store-bought cake. If you do use a store-bought cake, Id suggest getting some additional frosting and/or decorations to cover up part of the top of the cake that you will soon be taking out.

    Make sure your cake is TALL and WIDE so that it will fit the money tube inside. Id suggest a cake that is at least 9-inches wide and 3 to 4inches tall. You could possibly use a smaller cake BUT it will depend on how much money you want to put in the cake and how large the tube is that youll be using .

    If youre making a homemade cake, Id suggest assembling the cake layers with frosting in between, but do NOT frost the outside or top of the cake until youve inserted the money roll. Its just less messy to wait and frost until the end. If its already frosted though, no worries.


    Youll also need to attach the money roll to a stick of some sort. I made homemade lollipops using a plastic mold, candy melts, and lollipop sticks.


    At this point, you should have a long stream of treat bags.



    How To Package Baked Goods For Shipping

    Follow these general guidelines to package baked goods for shipping:

  • Cool baked goods before packing them. You should only package cooled baked goods.
  • Secure each item. Wrap individual treats in food grade bags, parchment paper, or food liners to help keep them intact. Individual wrapping also prevents sticky treats from conjoining.
  • Leave no wiggle room. Fill any voids in the box with bubble packaging or foam.
  • Give your package a good shake. If you hear any rattling or feel jostling, reopen the package and add additional cushioning.
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    Stunning Birthday Cakes For Every Get Together

    With options to have your birthday cakes personalised, our stunning designs are perfect for the biggest occasions choosing the perfect 18th birthday cakes, 21st birthday cakes and treats for other big birthdays is a challenge at the best of times, but with our luxury birthday cake designs created by our own team of professional bakers and decorators, creating memories youll look back on and smile at is easier than ever. Our birthday cake delivery to order online isnt just for younger members of the family with both elaborate and understated simple birthday cakes, choosing an elegant 30th birthday cake or 40th birthday cake is an easy task!

    Buying a birthday cake doesnt have to be difficult, or expensive! We specialise in creating happy birthday cakes that look and taste great, with options to deliver anywhere in the country. For an even more special surprise, send a birthday cake by post to the lucky recipient to let them know youre thinking of them! Whichever of our luxury buttercream cakes you choose, you can rest assured that every single one of our birthday cakes is created with the same love and passion as if they were our own.

    How To Prepare And Pack A Cake For Shipping

    How I Ship Bundt Cakes | Preparing a Cake to Ship
  • Use thick icing for protection to keep the cake moist during transit. Non-decorated cakes without cake ornaments are easier to transport, so if possible, pack any decorations separately.
  • Wrap tightly using multiple layers of cling-film, then an additional layer of bubble-wrap. Place the cake onto a cake-stand and secure it with an extra layer of cling-wrap.
  • Place into Styrofoam cooler to keep the cake cool during transport. Place gel cold-packs around the cake for added temperature control.
  • Place into box nest the cake cooler on a layer of foam peanuts and place additional cushioning around the cake to ensure it cannot shift while the box is being transported.
  • Seal and label the box Mark the box This Side Up to minimise the risk of mishandling and damage during transport.

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    List Of Baked Goods That Dont Ship Well

    Just like certain baked goods hold up well in the mail, others lose their form and flavor. Dairy-rich sweets require low temperatures for safe consumption, and so they make poor shipping candidates. Items with delicate toppings often arrive smashed and ruined.

    Sticky sweets, like caramel and toffee, cling to packaging and other baked goods, ruining their presentation. This doesn’t mean you can’t successfully ship these items with the proper packaging, but it will be more expensive. You will also run a greater risk of product loss and customer dissatisfaction. Discover the riskiest baked goods to ship by their type below:

    • Bread – Yeast-leavened and crusty bread don’t ship well.
    • Frosted Cake –Frosting is a poor shipping candidate with whipped cream frosting and cream cheese frosting being the worst since you must keep them refrigerated. Carrot cake, strawberry shortcake, and icebox cake are some of the hardest cakes to ship.
    • Pies – French silk pie, lemon meringue pie, and key lime pie are very hard to ship.
    • Cookies – While they’re still relatively shipping-friendly, cookies with sticky ingredients like caramel, frosted cookies, and eggless cookies like shortbread are harder to ship.
    • Bars – Ooey gooey butter bars, chess bars, and caramel bars require careful packaging.
    • Cheesecake – Since cheesecake must maintain a low internal temperature, it is not an easy item to ship.

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