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Randazzo’s Camellia City Bakery

Ready for King Cake? So are New Orleans bakeries

In 1965, the Randazzo family turned their former Camellia City dancehall into Hi-Lan bakery. Generations later, there are more Randazzo bakeries than this but this isn’t a story of a successful chain. It’s more like a House of Gucci-type tale . The Randazzo name has been split among several different bakeries, each serving up a unique style of cake. There’s “Manny Randazzo’s,” “Nonna Randazzo’s,” and the shop named after the original family’s original dancehall, Randazzo’s Camellia City Bakery.

Randazzo’s Camellia City Bakery ships two varieties of King Cakes nationwide. Both King Cakes are made with fresh dough, cinnamon, and sugar braided into the traditional shape, then topped with sweet white icing and Mardi Gras colored sprinkles. One cake offers the option to have cream cheese infused within the pastry and each measures 12 by 16 inches. The cream cheese-filled goes for $65.95 and the traditional goes for $5 less. Best of all? These prices include shipping costs.

A Guide To The Best King Cakes In New Orleans

Whether you are a local seeking a larger selection of king cake offerings or want a king cake delivered to your out-of-town friends, BestKingCakes.com is your source for the best King Cakes in the New Orleans area.

Whos got the Baby? Check out the history behind the King Cake as well as a recipe to make your own, or just review the New Orleans area bakeries below.

Ship King Cakes From New Orleans

If you live out of town or have out of town family and friends who are just missing New Orleans you can always ship a King Cake from New Orleans! Many bakeries will ship a King Cake straight to you or your loved ones house!

Shipping a King Cake from New Orleans can be a bit expensive think about it, its a $16-25 King Cake shipping for $50+.

When suggesting King Cakes to ship From New Orleans to my friends and family, I always recommend Haydels Cream Cheese. It is one of the classic king cake flavors.

Haydels King Cakes seem to ship the best. The Cream Cheese Haydels is perfect for sharing with a large group of people, and it comes with a super cute collectible porcelain doll my favorite family tradition from Mardi Gras.

My Favorite Mardi Gras Shirt from Etsy.

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Visit 9 Bakeries When You Follow The Epic 2020 King Cake Trail In New Orleans

Its Carnival Season and that can only mean one thing: king cakes. Grocery stores have started making their king cake towers, bakeries are hard at work baking up these delicious cakes, and you might even have one sitting on our kitchen counter right now. Since we still have a few weeks until Fat Tuesday, why not take part in this epic king cake trail, trying one of these iconic New Orleans cakes from all across New Orleans.

Wheres your favorite place to get a king cake? Did your favorite bakery make the list? Let us know in the comments below!


What Are King Cakes

Famous King Cake Bakery In New Orleans

King Cakes are a traditional New Orleans delicacy served during Mardi Gras and are believed to have been brought to New Orleans from France in the late 1800s. King Cakes feature a rich, brioche dough and a wide array of fillings, such as cinnamon, cream cheese, and pecan. The crown shaped cake is then decorated with purple, green, and gold icing and sugar. Dong Phuong King Cakes include the signature baby figurine that comes sanitized and placed on top. Traditionally, the host of the party places the baby figurine in the King Cake before its sliced and served. Each person then looks to see if their piece contains the hidden item. If so, then that person is named King for a day and bound by custom to host the next party and provide the King Cake.

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Best King Cakes In New Orleans

Shipping Your King Cake. Caludas King Cakes ships exclusively with FedEx service to all 48 continental United States. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska may be available, but additional costs may apply. Online ordering with shipping is available 24/7.. Order Now!

Manny Randazzo’s is literally hands down the best king cake in the whole world. Bread is soft and moist and the icing is perfect.

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Best King Cake. Let’s not beat around the bead-covered bush any longer. Our panel of tasters has placed the 2012 Times-Picayune/NOLA.com King Cake Crown on the Pecan Praline King Cake at Manny Randazzo King Cakes in Metairie. “Oh my goodness!

The best king cakes in New Orleans came from grocery stores, independent bakers, and old-school bakeries like Haydel and Gambino’s.

A King Cake By Another Name

Sweet samplings ideal for the non-traditionalists.

King Cake Beignets These buttermilk drop beignets are topped with ginger-whipped frosting, Dixie crystals, and carnival sprinkles from SoBou. 310 Chartres St.

King Cake Scones Josephine Estelle baker Breanne Kostyk brings back her popular King Cake Scones for the second year in a row this year. These festival treats are made with cream cheese, cinnamon and vanilla. and decorated with traditional Mardi Gras colored sprinkles. Theyre available at the restaurant and nearby Stumptown. 600 Carondelet St.

King Cake Profiterole This dessert from Palace Café is practically fit for a king . The King Cake Profiterole is a cream puff with praline croquantine custard filling and a citrus sauce, arriving just in time for Mardi Gras. 605 Canal St.

Tarte Tropezienne Tableaus Tarte Tropezienne gets a King Cake twist with with brioche, whipped citrus-infused custard, cinnamon almond flour crumble, and a rum glaze. 616 St. Peter St.

King Cake Gelato and Mardi Gras Cannoli This duo from Brocatos puts a Mardi Gras twist on Italian favorites. 214 N Carrollton Ave.

King Cake Scone Josephine Estelle baker Breanne Kostyk brings back her popular King Cake Scones for the second year in a row. For the festival, Breanne creates King Cake Scones made with cream cheese, cinnamon, and vanilla. Decorated with traditional Mardi Gras colored sprinkles, the scones are available at both the restaurant and the nearby Stumptown . 600 Carondelet St.

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Cream Cheese King Cake

Cinnamon infused layers are braided into sweet, handmade dough and baked to perfection. Joes Café Cream Cheese King Cake is filled with a mouthwatering homemade cream filling and topped with creamy cream cheese icing. Topped with creamy icing and colorful purple, green and gold Mardi Gras sugar. Joes Famous King Cake is baked fresh daily.

Medium Serves: 20 24 Two-inch Slices.

He Entire City Is Gripped With King Cake Madness Its Diet And Culture Dominated By The Colorful Cakes

Thousands of king cakes being baked across New Orleans as King’s Day approaches

The king cake reigns among todays New Orleanians. Local anthropologist David Beriss, reporting on Carnival in 2016, noted that the entire city is gripped with king cake madness, its diet and culture dominated by the colorful cakes. All across the city, New Orleanians waited in lines at bakeries and gobbled slices in anticipation of finding the plastic baby. When the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League won the Super Bowl, bakers honored the achievement by wrapping the worlds largest king cake around the Superdome in September 2010, a feat certified by Guinness World Records. They celebrated the pastry at the King Cake Festival, held each January since 2014 to benefit a childrens hospital. Sometimes, it seems like the entire repertoire of New Orleans cuisine is reduced to king cake and beer during Mardi Gras season, Beriss quipped. The king cake, so easily personified through its baby, has captured the imagination in ways that gumbo, beignets, and other local culinary staples cannot. In a city that has embraced its customs and history with vigor in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the king cake has come to embody New Orleans culture: tradition, family, revelry, and devotion. And the king cake baby, like the bean of yore, heralds a rebirththat of a resurrected New Orleans.28

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Grocery Store King Cakes

Because theres nothing wrong with picking up a king cake when youre making groceries.

Breaux Mart This locally owned and operated grocery store offers different types of king cake, from unfilled to praline-covered. Pick up a gallon of Blue Bell Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream while youre there. Locations Uptown and in Metairie

Whole Foods Market Even if it isnt healthy, youll at least feel healthy indulging in this GMO-free king cake. Locations in Mid-City, Uptown, and Metairie

Rouses Market This is aways an affordable way to please a crowd. Pick up a packaged cake at your nearest Rouses, but remember to hide the baby inside before you dig in .

Best New Orleans Bakeries To Buy King Cake Online

King Cake Hub specializes in the best King Cakes around New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana in one convenient central location. Celebrate Carnival and get ready for Mardi Gras with traditional and modern king cakes in all of your favorite flavors.

Best King Cakes A Guide to the best King Cakes in New Orleans! Whether you are a local seeking a larger selection of king cake offerings or want a king cake delivered to your out-of-town friends, BestKingCakes.com is your source for the best King Cakes in the New Orleans area.

Cannatas King Cakes. Generations of Love in Every Bite. 80 years to bake it, 8 seconds to devour it. A start in 1939 and New Orleans roots, a long-standing and uncompromising commitment to Time-Honored Scratch Baking these are just a few of the long-respected ingredients that shape a Cannatas Award-Winning KING CAKE.

mmmmm King Cake!!!! I think the best king cake varies from person to person, as some places use different types/consistencies of frostings and sprinkles and what not. I usually always go for Whole Foods, Sucre, or Haydel’s. The only king cake I don’t like is McKenzies. Other than that, I’ll pretty much eat any king cake sitting in front of me.

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What Does The Baby Inside The King Cake Mean

Hidden in its interior, or under a slice, is a small plastic baby. Whoever finds it must either bring the next cake or throw a party, thus sparking an unending round of food and fun. Whether at the workplace, school or home – king cake is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the Mardi Gras season.

Visiting The King Cake Hub

The Best King Cakes In New Orleans

New location! 636 Broad Street

In 2019, a new way to buy King Cake was created the King Cake Hub.The King Cake Hub is a temporary pop up in one of New Orleanss favorite mid-city spots Broad Theater!

Instead of running around and buying King Cakes from all of the bakeries in New Orleans, you can stop and pick up some classic favorites from the King Cake Hub.

Bakeries include Bittersweet Confections, Brennans, , Caludas, Cannatas, Caywood, Gambinos, Gracious Bakery, Hi-do, NOCCA Cake Cafe, Randazzos, Sugar Love Bakery and Zuppardos

My first ever trip to the King Cake Hub was at their last location the Mortuary- and I got a delicious king cake from Bywater Bakery.

Since that first trip, I have gone multiple times and purchased quite a few king cakes from this central hub! They are open from 8 am 6 pm daily.

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In 1989 Fedex For The First Time In Its History Crafted A Special Box For Shipping A Specific Product Partnering With Haydels To Design A Container For Mailing A King Cake

King cakes were also branded as home goods and souvenirs. In 1980, a home decorating store in New Orleans stocked a gold satin King Cake pillow looks good enough to eat. A jewelry store several years later offered a necklace featuring a silver king cake baby on a purple, green, and gold silk cord. Such marketing has only increased during the twenty-first century. Today, another local jeweler crafts a variety of king cake baby pendants, some with the baby holding a trumpet, wine bottle, or cell phone. Consumers can even find king cake flavored vodka and coffee brands year-round.21

A shift in racial demographics within New Orleans from the 1960s onward contributed to the diversification of the king cake, particularly in regard to the now ubiquitous baby. The construction of Interstate 10, which passed above Claiborne Avenue, a historic African American business corridor, undermined the economic opportunities available to black residents and gutted nearby black neighborhoods. Over the next decades, African American community leaders urged fellow revelers to come back to their roots in this city and celebrate Mardi Gras on Claiborne Avenue like we used to in the 1950s and 1960s. Simultaneously, white city residents fled to suburbs in adjacent parishes, eroding New Orleanss tax base.22

Get Your King Cakes Here

One stop shops for multiple king cakes

King Cake Connection Serving as a hub for Black-owned bakeries, King Cake Connection premiered this year and features cakes from 11 different businesses. The King Cake Connection is at Seven Three Distilling. It is open Wednesday/Thursday 12-6 p.m. and Friday/Saturday 12-7 p.m.

King Cake Hub Returning for another year, King Cake Hub features over 16 bakery partners with king cakes in a variety of flavors, plus king cake ice cream, Mardi Gras apparel, and king cake books. The hub is located at Zony Mash Beer Project and is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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The Huge Floats Like Gilded And Frosted Sugar

Carnival organizations created a space for the resurgent white supremacists to reclaim the citys streets while lampooning Republican leadership. The shared experience of Confederate service, Union occupation, and slave emancipation had united a slice of the white population. A German visitor to New Orleans in the 1870s remarked that Carnival royalty ruled as absolute monarch of this and every other city of the South. In the most infamous of its symbolic attacks, Comus named The Missing Links to Darwins Origin of Species as its parade theme in 1873. Its floats depicted Republican officials as pests, including President Grant as a tobacco grub and Louisianas Republican governor as a snake. Even when not so explicit, Carnival parades suggested racial hierarchy. In the 1931 novel , by Frances and Edward Tinker, readers encountered King Rexs float, a huge confection of papier mâché and tinsel drawn by four mules caparisoned in white with a large Carnival crown on the side, each one led by a negro shrouded in a white cloak and hood that made him look like a member of the Ku Klux Klan in full regalia. As historian Elaine Parsons has argued, New Orleanss Carnival pageantry strongly influenced the vigilante groups associated with Ku-Kluxism across the American South.7

Icipating Locations Throughout The City*these Treats Were Gifted To Me By Reginellis Through An Influencer Eventbread Pudding

King Cake is Mardi Gras’ Most Famous Dessert | Legendary Eats

Sometimes you are at a restaurant and want the flair of purple, green, and gold and cinnamons flavor. This is where King Cake Flavors come in!

Every Mardi Gras Season, Reginellis prepares a special Mardi Gras Menu that is sure to leave you satisfied. The menu includes a Bayou Eggplant, smothered in a spicy cream sauce and crawfish tails, a Cajun Crawfish Pizza, topped with alfredo, the holy trinity, and mushrooms.

But the real standouts of the menu is the King Cake Cocktail and the King Cake Bread Pudding!

First, the King Cake Cocktail has Fireball, Rumchatta, and all fixings to make it taste like a King Cake in the glass. Just check out the purple, green, and gold rim!

The King Cake Bread Pudding, perfect for sharing with 2-3 people, is cooked in individual cast-iron skillets, topped with Mardi Gras Sprinkles and whipped cream what is better than combining King Cake Flavors with a New Orleans Classic of Bread Pudding!

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Through Clouds Of Flour

Though the king cake likely reflects ancient pagan influences related to the Saturnalia festival, its origins can be traced to medieval Europe. There, Catholic countries celebrated the Epiphany on January 6 and consumed a pastry that contained almonds. The religious holiday marked the revelation of the newborn Jesus Christ as God incarnate during the visit of the three Magi. It also marked the start of the Carnival season, which ended weeks later on Mardi Gras, otherwise known as Fat Tuesday. In France it was celebrated with a pastry called galette des rois, meaning cake of the kings, a tradition that the French colonial outpost of New Orleans inherited. In the Crescent City, Carnival celebrations were largely family-oriented events under the French and Spanish and continued after the United States purchased Louisiana in 1803. In 1809, the arrival of some 9,000 refugees from the Haitian Revolution reinforced Franco-Catholic traditions within Louisiana. New Orleans grew from a city of roughly 27,000 residents in 1820 to over 168,000 in 1860, spurred by steamboats and the cotton trade. As such, antebellum New Orleans became one of the most crowded urban centers in the nation, consisting mainly of French Catholic Creoles of black and/or white ancestry, Irish and German Catholic immigrants, Anglo-American Protestants, and African American enslaved people who often blended Catholic and Protestant practices with those from Africa.3

What Is King Cake

King Cake is a ring of pastry, made from sweet, rich yeast-raised dough, shaped into a crown and iced with Mardi Gras seasons signature colors of green, purple and gold. The King refers the Christmas story of the Three Kings or Magi, wise royal leaders who traveled twelve days through the desert to see the Baby Jesus, arriving on January 6th.

King Cakes reign at gatherings plain and fancy, throughout Mardi Gras season in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Bakeries and grocery stores in the region sell King Cakes throughout the season, and most people buy them rather than make them at home.

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