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It goes without saying that whenever I make cookies or cake, or any baked good for that matter, there is spoon and bowl licking involved.

Most of the time it is before any of it even makes it out of the bowl onto the cookie sheet or into the cake pan.

Yeah, I have no self control.

But as a fitness coach and in an effort to stay healthy, Ive decided to make a cake batter protein shake.

So instead of licking the bowl clean of batter, Ill just whip up one of these babies.

Wait who am I kidding there will still be bowl licking involved and I will probably make one of these as well because I will feel guilty that I am eating raw cake batter and how its not good for me and yada, yada.

Than Ill make one of these and drink it down and try and feel better because I am doing something good for my body.

Its a vicious, never ending cycle.

However, on the days that I am not making cake or cookies or a sweet, baked good and am craving something sweet, this is one of my go-to shakes.

When I have made it in the past, I used actual cake mix to make it taste like cake batter but that negates it being a healthy smoothie.

So I have found a way to get that same great cake batter flavor but without the actual cake mix.

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LEAN is not Just a Shake.

Developed by a panel of doctors, bio-engineers, & flavor chemists, its ingredient profile has been diligently studied at the highest level to prove its efficacy & ability to create results for women.

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With all this going for it, just think about how youre going to feel drinking it.

Dont have time to cook 6 meals a day

A patented blend of digestive enzymes that supports proper digestion of protein so you can enjoy all the benefits of LEAN® without the discomfort, gas, and bloating associated with digesting other protein-rich foods.

A patented blend of digestive enzymes that supports proper digestion of protein so you can enjoy all the benefits of LEAN® without the discomfort, gas, and bloating associated with digesting other protein-rich foods.

Can I Use Chocolate Flavored Protein Powder

Yes! If you have a favorite chocolate-flavored protein powder, feel free to use that in place of the vanilla protein powder and cocoa powder.

If you dont have chocolate-flavored protein powder, follow the recipe and include your choice of protein powder and cocoa powder to create a rich chocolate-y flavor.

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The Ultimate Protein Cake Bite Recipes

When it comes to making delicious protein cake bites, remember that mixing your dry ingredients and wet ingredients until a dough forms is the best way to begin.

Having dough that is too loose will make it impossible for the protein cake bites to set. But having a dough that is too firm will lead to protein balls that are nearly impossible to sink your teeth into.

Tip: You can get some great flavors into LadyBoss LEAN birthday cake protein bites. Simply add a drop or two of your favorite flavored extracts to get tons of taste without adding an ungodly amount of calories.

Cook’s Tips And Recipe Variations

Lady Boss Lean Protein Shake Mix Vanilla Cake Flavor for sale online
  • I like to use frozen pineapple for two main reasons: it stays fresh for months in the freezer, so you don’t have to worry about a pineapple going bad in your refrigerator before you have a chance to enjoy it and the frozen fruit adds a thick, rich, creamy texture to the smoothie that you don’t get from fresh fruit.
  • Blend in healthy mix-ins for a nutritional boost. For instance, I often toss in some spinach, frozen sliced banana, flax, oatmeal, peanut butter, or almond butter to give my breakfast a healthy dose of fruits, veggies, and fats .
  • If youre preparing this healthy smoothie for kids, you can omit the protein powder and substitute with Greek yogurt. Since the protein powder adds not only thickness, but also flavor to the smoothie, youll want to use a sweetened vanilla Greek yogurt or use a plain Greek yogurt and add your own sweetener, to taste. The taste and texture of the smoothie recipe with yogurt will not be quite the same as the protein powder version, but your family will still love it!
  • Keep the protein shake low sugar by using unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a sugar free protein powder.
  • I prefer whey protein for flavor and thickness in this smoothie, but if you prefer a plant-based breakfast, you can substitute with a vegan protein powder.

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Upside Down Pineapple Cake Protein Shake

Have your cake and eat it, too! This Upside Down Pineapple Cake Protein Shake is packed with all of the flavors of your favorite dessert — in a low calorie, healthy breakfast smoothie!

After sharing quite a few recipes for some of my favorite protein shakes, it’s probably pretty apparent that I’m a huge fan of these sweet, filling, and healthy treats. No, I’m not a fitness fanatic. And no, I’m not a body builder looking to bulk up my muscles! But I definitely rely on protein-packed meals and snacks to get me through my busy days and to keep me going without that constant nagging pit of hunger in my stomach.

This particular healthy smoothie flavor will soon become one of your favorite ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, too!

Protein Cake Bite Recipes

The majority of no-bake recipes mix dry ingredients like flour and sugar with wet ingredients like milk or peanut butter.

When it comes to no-bake protein cake bites, your dry ingredients should include some form of protein powder. And you want that protein powder to taste good with minimal add-ins.

LadyBoss LEAN, for example, already tastes like vanilla cake, so it is the perfect supplement for a recipe like this.

Youll also need flour to add to your dry ingredients. We recommend almond flour or coconut flour for nearly all of our protein bite recipes. This will help keep your protein balls together and give them a better texture.

Next, you want to consider your wet ingredients. In a lot of cases, protein cake bite recipes are packed with nut butter and peanut butter.

However, you can also use things like melted coconut oil, water, syrup, milk, and fresh juices .

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Girls Scout Cookie Healthy Shake Recipes For The Sweet

Protein cake bite recipes are pretty easy to come by these days, but is there a protein cake bites recipe that will really knock your socks off?

While most of these recipes require an overwhelming amount of nut butter, there are some delicious protein cake bites out there that dont taste like a giant ball of peanuts.

From chocolate protein cake balls to cake batter protein balls, you can find tons of recipes for treats that are made with protein powder.

If youre looking for a recipe for some of the best cake batter protein bites you ever tasted, check out our delicious birthday cake protein bites recipe.

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What Is An Upside Down Pineapple Cake

LadyBoss LEAN Review: “A protein shake with only 110 calories/serving flavored like vanilla cake!”

An upside down pineapple cake is a cake that is baked in a single pan with its toppings at the bottom of the pan, hence upside-down. Then, when removed from the oven, the upside-down preparation is de-panned onto a serving plate, thus righting it, and serving it right-side up.

The toppings become caramelized and give the cake so much delicious, rich flavor!

This healthy pineapple smoothie borrows all of the same flavors, from the cake bake batter base to the pineapple, the caramel and even the cherry on top! Thick and creamy, you can even eat this with a spoon!

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Kaelin Tuell Poulin Ladyboss Co

A chocolate protein shake recipe can provide health benefits while still capturing the flavor of your favorite chocolate dessert!

A healthy chocolate protein shake just sounds like a contradiction.



Say what?

Well, its true. With a few tweaks, a chocolate protein shake can be both healthy and delicious. Because contrary to popular belief regarding both chocolate and vanilla protein shakes, you dont have to compromise flavor to be healthy. You can recapture the tastes of some of your favorite chocolate desserts and treats.

You also dont need chocolate protein powder for a chocolate protein shake recipe, and we can prove it!

Weve compiled our favorite chocolate shakes. Each protein shake is made with chocolate baking powder or our favorite healthy chocolate pudding mix, a handful of other healthy ingredients, and our premium vanilla-flavored LadyBoss LEAN ® protein powder.

Now, lets get down to the vital part: Figuring out which healthy chocolate shake will be your new favorite!

Almond Joy

Yes, like the candy bar.

Make This Shake Dairy Free:

If you are looking to go dairy free, you can make this protein shake with almond, coconut or soy milk. Make sure you check with the ingredients on your protein powder as a lot of powders out there contain milk.

If youd like to limit the calorie count you can even make this breakfast protein shake with water.

Using milk will provide a more rich, creamy flavor and texture.

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How To Make Pumpkin Protein Shakes

  • Freeze the banana: While Pumpkin Protein Shakes are quick and easy to make, youll need to do a bit of planning to make sure the banana is fully frozen when you need it. I like to prep the bananas right after bringing them home from the grocery store so I dont forget. Remove the peel, slice the banana into coins, place in freezer-safe containers or bags, and freeze overnight. Its not hard you just have to remember in advance to do it.
  • Measure: While it might seem silly to actually measure out ingredients for a shake instead of just throwing everything in the blender, I highly recommend doing so the first few times you make this, or until you have a feel for the quantities. Throwing random ingredients in a blender can often end up giving you WAY too much Pumpkin Protein Shake or it can taste, well, off. Its also a good idea to measure if youre tracking macros or calories.
  • Blend: If you have a high-powered blender , you can add in the ingredients and blend until smooth. If you dont have a powerful blender, however, follow manufacturer instructions for what ingredients to add first to avoid cavitation.

A Quick Way To Get The Protein And Vitamins Your Body Needs An Ultra

NEW Lady Boss Lean Protein Shake Vanilla Cake Flavor ð?° 30 Servings

FREE Bonuses Included With Purchase:


FREE Bonuses Included With Purchase:

Form: Powder

# of Servings: 30 full scoops

Serving Size: 1 scoop/ 28g

  • Label


  • Add 1 scoop of LadyBoss LEAN® to 6-8 oz of water, almond milk, or your favorite liquid and mix thoroughly in a shaker bottle or blender .
  • For optimal texture and results, consume immediately after mixing with desired liquid.
  • For maximum results drink LadyBoss LEAN® 3x per day.
  • BONUS: LadyBoss LEAN® is extra delicious mixed with 1 scoop of LadyBoss GREENS® to get all the benefits of LEAN® PLUS the antioxidant equivalent of 8 FULL SERVINGS of fruits & veggies in a tasty Apple Pie A-La-Mode flavor.

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What Kind Of Protein Powder Do You Use

Not all protein powder is made equally. Do some research. As some friends.

At the time I developed this recipe, I was going lower-carb. I was using Atkin brand vanilla protein powder.

At the time of writing this post, I use Lady Boss Vanilla Cake protein powder. I chose this for specific things I was looking for.

Banana Chocolate Breakfast Protein Shake

A creamy, rich breakfast protein shake filled with banana and chocolate with a hint of oatmeal. A great breakfast replacement that will keep you full until lunch.

Are you a fan of granola? This easy, filling protein shake tastes like a granola bar with chocolate. Its sooo good. This is my second youngest daughters favorite breakfast smoothie.

This breakfast protein shake is great for breakfast or a quick snack.

It tastes DELICIOUS! The hardest thing for me and protein shakes is does it taste good? If I dont enjoy drinking a protein shake, why would I make another? This one tastes great even the kids like this.

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How To Make An Upside Down Pineapple Cake Protein Shake:

First, let’s start with the basic ingredients: a scoop of vanilla or cake batter-flavored protein powder, frozen pineapple, milk and caramel flavor. You’ll also need ice and a pinch of salt.

This IdealLean Cake Batter is my favorite protein powder, which has 0 grams of sugar and only 80 calories per scoop. It adds the perfect thick, creamy texture to the smoothie! I also like this Quest Vanilla Milkshake protein powder.

Place the ice, protein powder, pineapple, caramel flavor and salt in a blender.

Slowly add just enough milk to reach a smooth and creamy.

The key to a thick and creamy milkshake-like smoothie is a lot of ice and just a bit of milk! It should have the texture of your favorite Dairy Queen Blizzard !

No matter what, please be sure to garnish your smoothie with at least a little drizzle of caramel sauce . It wouldn’t be an Upside Down Pineapple Cake without a sticky, gooey, caramel topping and a bright red marschino cherry!

What To Serve With An Upside Down Pineapple Cake Protein Shake:

Protein Balls | LadyBoss Lean Recipes

On its own, this smoothie is probably not enough to serve as a stand-alone meal. Youll either need to boost the calories and fat content by mixing in nut butter, coconut oil, or flax or, you can serve the smoothie as a side along with a larger breakfast. For instance, I like to enjoy my protein smoothies with:

  • Peanut butter toast
  • A muffin

Or anything else that you think sounds delicious! Just make sure that youre pairing the smoothie with enough carbs and healthy fats to create a satisfying meal that wont leave you starving an hour later. That said, the smoothie makes a perfect light snack on its own at any time of day!

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