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Signature Select Chocolate And Vanilla

The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake | An Easy Birthday Cake Alternative!

If you’ve browsed the bakery section of Safeway, then you’ve likely seen Signature Select’s Ice cream cakes. Safeway is one of the stores owned by Albertsons Companies, which since the 1860s has grown to own popular brands and grocery chains such as Lucerne Dairy Farms, and of course, Signature Select. There are more Ice cream cake flavors with Signature than the previous entry, including chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream, along with two others that are further down this list.

While Safeway’s ice cream cakes come in more flavors than other store-bought cakes, most of the ice cream cakes leave much to be desired. The chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream flavors are double-layered cakes, though you wouldn’t be able to tell at first, thanks to their size. These cakes have thinner layers of both cake and ice cream that left us wanting more cake and ice cream. When we want an ice cream cake, we go big or go home, but this ice cream cake made us want to leave Safeway and go home.

Tips To Make The Best Sugar Cookie Cake

  • Adjust baking time based on what type of dish you use. You can use a pizza pan, cake pan, pie dish, tart pan or springform pan. The thicker your cake is, the longer it will need to bake.
  • I baked a slightly smaller, thick sugar cookie cake, which required 20 minutes baked to perfection. If theres anything I can recommend in life its that you should never over-bake your cookies.
  • If youre newer to baking, you can certainly mix this recipe by hand. However, I love using my stand mixer fitted with a flat edge beater.
  • Get creative! We love to frost our cookie cakes, but any type of candy toppings look cute as well. You can also simply top with a little homemade whipped cream and a sprinkling of confectioners sugar.
  • I slightly under-bake just about everything for that melt-in-your-mouth texture weve all come to love about sugar cookie cake!

Faq: Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Recipe Results

How big is this giant chocolate chip cookie cake?

Truth be told, most supermarket chocolate chip cookie cakes clock in at larger sizes and are usually between 12 to 18 inches wide or at least they were in Texas, where I grew up .

However, my recipe makes a chocolate chip cookie cake that is smaller than that. My chocolate chip cookie cake is around 10 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. Why? Most folks dont have a 12-inch+ cake pan in their home kitchen. But a lot of folks have a 10-inch or 12-inch cast iron skillet. As a result, I decided to develop a recipe for that pan.

That being said, if you are the proud owner of a 12 inches+ cake pan, feel free to bake this chocolate chip cookie cake recipe in it! You may need to shorten the Bake Time. Because the cake pan is bigger, the dough will spread more thinly across the pan and require a shorter Bake Time.

Help! My chocolate chip cookie cake tasted super salty. What did I do wrong?

Heres the thing: although I instruct you to use salted butter for the cookie dough in this recipe, its always a little bit risky to do so. Why? Different brands add varying levels of salt to their salted butter. That means that the flavor of your dessert will vary widely depending on whatever brand of salted butter you happened to use. And if you found this chocolate chip cookie cake too salty, its likely because you used an extra salty type of salted butter.

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How Can You Improve A Boxed Cake Mix

The beauty of boxed cake mixes is that theyre consistent, and can be altered in a wide variety of ways. The easiest ways to alter or improve a boxed cake mix include:

  • Add a half or full teaspoon of an extract. Almond, coconut, lemon or citrus, or even maple or cinnamon extracts can really deepen the flavor of your cake.
  • Instead of water, add another liquid. Some people reach for milk, sour cream, or buttermilk, while others reach for coconut milk, coffee, juices, or even ginger ale.
  • Add some mix-ins, whether it be chocolate chips, citrus zest, shredded coconut, sprinkles, cookie crumbles, or fresh fruit mix-ins instantly personalize a boxed cake mix.
  • When youre ready for some deeper experimentation, consider adding an extra egg or egg yolk to the mix for a more rich and moist cake. Alternatively, consider adding powdered pudding mix to the cake mix for an ultra-moist and densely fudgy-textured cake .

Signature Select Mixed Berry And Moose Tracks Ice Cream Cakes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting

The other two Signature Select ice cream cakes that made this list were “Mixed Berry,” and “Moose Tracks,” flavors that are sold with the brand’s other three flavors. The Mixed Berry flavor is a dessert made with a berry ice cream filling, and a graham cracker-y crust on the bottom. It’s Moose Track variation is a chocolate crumble base, and is filled with a peanut butter cup ice cream. It is also topped with a thicker layer of vanilla frosting, and has peanut butter cups and a chocolate drizzle on the top.

The Moose Track and Berry ice cream cakes are a bit bigger and have way more ice cream than the chocolate and vanilla flavors, but they reminded us more of cheesecake made with ice cream instead of an ice cream cake. We preferred the Moose Tracks flavor, and liked the peanut butter cups on top, though the peanut butter cups in the ice cream weren’t as numerous. This isn’t helped by the fact that there is no actual cake in this dessert, which isn’t always a detriment, but when you’re going up against ice cream cakes made by world-famous ice cream creators, it might help to have something else going for you as a frozen treat.

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Pipe Or Spread Frosting

Use the instructions in the recipe card below to make my homemade vanilla buttercream or you could also use canned frosting.

Using a large star piping tip, pipe around the edges then immediately add sprinkles .

If youre feeling fancy, pipe phrases like Happy Birthday on the top with frosting OR use this fool-proof letterboard cake topper kit .

Frosting Tastes Even Better On Cookies

Most people enjoy eating cake because the frosting is so sweet which makes up for the lack of flavor in the cake. Yet, can you imagine what it would taste like to eat a rich, flavorful cookie with a creamy frosting on top?

Great American Cookies is a profitable franchise to own because weve perfected the cookie cakes. Our customers simply cant resist one of these mouth-watering treats that is both unique and enjoyable.

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Cookies Have Their Own Monster

Have you ever heard of a cake monster? Theres a reason why even monsters prefer cookies to cakes. Can you picture what Cookie Monsters reaction would be if he saw one of Great American Cookies amazing cookie cakes? Hed probably eat us out of business! Got cookie?

Great American Cookies is a profitable franchise to own because we specialize in delicious, homemade cookies that everyone can enjoy. So, stop wondering, Should I open a franchise? and check out our online brochure to learn how you can open your own cookie franchise today.

Carvel’s Fudgie The Whale Ice Cream Cake

How To… The Best Cookies & Cream Cake

This next cake was one of the more fun-looking cakes on the list. Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale cake was a cute, chocolatey dessert that stood out on freezer shelves with its adorable whale shape and frosting smile. Carvel is known as “America’s “first ice cream franchise,” created by none other than Tom Carvel. The website describes this ice cream as having a lighter, creamy taste. With that in mind, this cake tasted just as great as it looked. The standard Carvel cake comes with two layers of vanilla and chocolate ice cream that are separated by a layer of “Crunchies”, though these are customizable. With milk fudge and a whipped frosting, this cake gave us a whale of a time, and should make for a cool chocolate treat at a birthday party. Something we noticed, however, was that the fudge would often be cracked, and the “crunchy” middle was disproportionate throughout. Besides that, this cake is great for any sea-themed parties you want to plan!

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Gluten Free Cookie Cakes Available

We understand that many of our clients are now trying to live a healthy lifestyle or are gluten intolerant. Because of this, we now offer gluten-free cookie cakes for our clients. Whether you have celiac disease or are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you can enjoy our cookie cakes guilt free. Be sure to talk to us about your dietary needs before ordering your cookie cake.

Baskin Robbins Celebration Party Cake

This Baskin Robbins entry is its standard Baskin Robbins Celebration Party Cake. It’s a single-layered cake in the sense that it has one ice cream layer, and one cake layer. The cake layer can be either chocolate or vanilla, while the ice cream inside can be selected from the brand’s list of available ice cream flavors, such as rocky road, peanut butter, and chocolate, or chocolate chip cookie dough. The cake is then covered with a white, creamy frosting, lined with a blue frosting, and decorated on top with extra colorful frosting and sugary sprinkles.

The reason this cake is higher on the list is because of the delicious ice cream you can get with the cake. The cake was pretty solid in terms of flavor, and tasted more like your typical chocolate or vanilla cake, but the ice cream, being Baskin Robbins ice cream, made up for that tenfold. While we weren’t a big fan of the sprinkles, which felt more like an afterthought on an already decent cake, If you’re a diehard fan of Baskin Robbins ice cream, we’d suggest either this cake, or the next Baskin Robbins entry we have on this list.

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Can You Use Melted Butter

In one of my favorite recipes for chocolate chip cookies I use melted butter. I tried this cake both with melted butter, and room temperature butter , and preferred the latter. Its more cake-y but in a good way, and the flavor and texture were better. Thats my personal opinion though and you can try it with melted butter if you like. If you do, theres no need to use a mixer. Mix the melted butter with the sugar, and continue with the recipe as usual, adding eggs and vanilla, and then dry ingredients.

For The Chocolate Frosting*

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Recipe with Chocolate Fudge Frosting
  • Butter: I stuck with the unsalted butter, but salted butter should work fine if needed.
  • Cocoa Powder: It is a chocolate frosting, after all!
  • Vanilla Extract: For another touch of extra sweetness.
  • Salt: Kosher salt works well, but you can use whatever youve got on hand.
  • Powdered Sugar: To give the frosting that smooth, light texture.
  • Milk: Use whatever you like 1%, 2%, etc.

*The frosting used here is half a batch of this homemade rich chocolate frosting!

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How Do You Make Cake Pops With Boxed Cake Mix

Making cake pops with boxed cake mix couldnt be easier. Simply mix and bake the boxed mix cake as directed in a 9 by 13-inch pan. Once entirely cooled, youll crumble the cake and mix it together with a can of frosting. From there, you can form the cake and frosting mixture into balls, which youll then add to sticks and dip into coating chocolate to make cake pops.

Melt Butter & Add Ingredients

In a small microwave-safe bowl, melt the butter for 20-30 seconds until JUST melted .

Transfer butter to a larger mixing bowl and add in white sugar and brown sugar. Use a spatula to stir by hand until combined. Mix in egg. Next, add in baking soda, baking powder, and salt and mix again.

Add flour and mix until all the flour disappears into the dough. Lastly, add the 1/2 cup of chopped chocolate chips and 1/2 cup of whole chocolate into the dough and mix.

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Sherry B Dessert Studio Chappaqua New York

At Sherry B Dessert Studio in the sleepy town of Chappaqua, New York, trained pastry chef Sherry Blockinger combines French techniques with her love of classic American cookies. Case in point: The monster-sized Sherry-O, which sandwiches smooth vanilla frosting between two dark chocolate cookies. The chocolate chip cookies are considered to be the best in Westchester County, and possibly Manhattan, once Sherry B opens in the Meatpacking District.

What If I Dont Have A Cookie Cake Pan

The Best Cookie Butter Cake | CHELSWEETS

Dont have a round 10.5 cookie cake pan? You can bake in a 9×13 metal pan OR create a DIY cookie cake pan using the instructions below. Super easy to do!

  • Take about 2 feet of aluminum foil and fold it a few times to create a long skinny strip. Wrap that strip around the top of a large mixing bowl to use as your guide.
  • Remove it from the bowl then take a smaller strip to secure the two ends closed, completing the circle.
  • Place the foil ring on a parchment-lined baking sheet then press dough into the middle, trying not to let any slip below the bottom ridge of the foil .
  • Bake. Because you dont have as much heat from a real metal pan, these typically take an extra 4-6 minutes to bake through. Immediately after baking, carefully remove foil ring then use a butter knife to push in any rough edges. Youre not going have as clean of edges as you would with a real pan, but the foil ring definitely helps create a wall rather than having the cookie spread onto the pan.
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    Cold Stone Creamery Strawberry Passion Ice Cream Cake

    You might be surprised to see a strawberry cake on this list, but here we have Cold Stone Creamery’s Strawberry Passion Ice Cream Cake. This fruity dessert is made of two layers of Cold Stone’s strawberry ice cream that’s separated from two layers of red velvet cake by a strawberry puree. The cake is topped with a soft, pink-colored strawberry frosting, a graham cracker crust, and topped with actual strawberries. We know what you’re wondering: Does this strawberry ice cream cake truly stand up to the classic ice cream cake flavors?

    It’s challenging to get red velvet right. Since it’s essentially chocolate, it’s got a rich flavor that can overpower almost anything it’s paired with. While the red velvet cake layers of this cake were definitely the dominating flavor of this ice cream cake, we were happy to still be able to taste the strawberry in the ice cream and the frosting. The graham crackers gave the cake a nice crunch, though we felt as though they were mostly for the aesthetic. Our favorite part of this cake was the frosting. Light, creamy, and this time, strawberry. If you like strawberry ice cream, then this cake is perfect for you.

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