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Amazing Wedding Dessert Table Display Ideas For 2022

How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant

Whether youve chosen one or several wedding cakes, displaying them to advantage is an important point for wedding decor, especially if you are going to organize a sweets bar. You can place the cake on a glass table and add flowers or candles, make a floral arch behind your cake, or accentuate it with lights. If you have multiple cakes, you can place them on a stand one above another, put them on branches of a big tree piece, or even hang one above another.I also love using vintage bookshelves, dressers and niches in the walls for displaying cakes, it looks very creative and wont cost a pretty penny. Love is sweet, remind every your guest of it!

Choose The Best Light Direction

Having good quality light to work with is not enough. You also need to work with the light in the right direction.

There are three types of lighting direction you can work in food photography: side lighting, backlighting, and side backlighting.

  • Side lighting is when the light is coming from one side. If you imagine the face of a clock, its at either 9 oclock or 3 oclock.
  • Backlighting is when the light is coming from directly behind the subject, at 12 oclock.
  • Side backlighting is in between the two, at around 10 oclock or 11 oclock.

When you take photos of cakes, you want to avoid frontal light. Sure, it lights your cakes evenly. But it also creates shadows behind your subject. Frontal light can make any food look flat and dull.

It is a great light direction for portraits. But its not so great for when you take food photos.

The best food photos are those with contrast and dimension to the light. If you check out stunning food pictures, you see that the light doesnt look the same through the whole frame. Thats what you should aim for.

The lighting style you choose will depend on the type of cake youre photographing.

If you have a cake with a shiny glaze, or a lot of texture on the surface, like a coconut cake, you might want to choose backlighting. It enhances texture and brings out the shiny parts.

Youll have to experiment with the distance of your light to the set. Bounce some of the light back onto the front of the cake.

Choose The Best Angle To Highlight Your Cake

There is no all-around best camera angle for your cake photography. The best angle is always the one that brings out the qualities of your subject.

What might work very well for one image, wont get you the best results for another.

Before you pick up your camera, consider the cake youre shooting. Decide which camera angle will bring out its best features and serve the story you want to tell.

In general, frosted cakes with layers look best shot straight. This way, you put emphasis on the layers and height of the cake. If the swirls of icing are the focus, a three-quarters shot might work nicely.

Overhead shots dont work as well. Unless you want to keep the focus on the top of the cake. Or you want to create a story where you have several other elements in the frame, like plates and utensils and perhaps a beverage. Flat lay cake shots are good for storytelling.

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Custom Picture Cake Options

The options for designing the ultimate cake can be deliciously overwhelming. Dont worry – we can help! With a selection of over 900 picture cake images to choose from, we most certainly have your occasion and style covered! You can search by theme, holiday, age and more. Check out the DecoPac image gallery to discover hundreds of fun, beautiful, colourful designs created by cake aficionados to make designing quick and easy.

Can You Put Regular Pictures On A Cake Somehow

Dr. Seuss, Oh the Places You

Updated 29 Jun 2010 , 9:29pmby luddroth

I am still quite new to cake decorating and I have someone that wants a picture of their daughter on the cake. I was wondering how to put photos on a cake? I do not have a way to put them on edible paper and was wondering if I could just attach them somehow? How do I do this? Any help would be appreciated!!!

I put photos on cakes by covering them with plastic wrap. I put the pic face down and pull the wrap tightly across the back and sometimes tape it. The only problem I ever have run into is having it wrinkle. Keep checking the face of the photo and adjust the wrap as needed, going horizntal and then vertical. I use to use the origianal photo, now I scan it and use the scanned pic. Never had any real problems. Just put an icing border around it.

Sure can!!! Have the picture printed, then cut it out leaving a bit of white space around it. Use laminating sheets which you can buy at Walmart. I actually found a roll of laminate for $5 at Walmart last year. I still have plenty left. Just make sure after you laminate you use your fingernail or thumbnail to “seal” around the edges. To put it on the cake, take a bit of buttercream icing and spread along the back of the laminated pic and attach to the cake. I just piped along the edges of the laminate to cover and help the pic stay down. This is what I did to the following cakes!

Sorry, here’s the other cake I had a laminated pic on.

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Questions About Icing Sheets

How soon can I receive my image?

Icing Images® offers two delivery options. Standard orders will be processed within 3 business days and require an additional 1-5 days for delivery, depending on your location.Rush orders will be processed immediately and you will receive your order by the third business day. Please remember to allow extra time for the delivery of your image. If Rush delivery by the third business day is not possible, depending on your location, Icing Images will contact you to discuss options.

Will my uploaded picture print exactly the way it looks on my computer?

The way you see your image on your computer monitor may vary slightly in the way our printer prints with the edible inks – there are so many computer/monitor brands and settings that an exact match is never possible. Also, taking a photo of an old paper photo for uploading can result in different printed colors depending on how your camera interprets the photo’s colors.

What kind of paper are the images printed on?

The images are printed on our Premium Icing Sheets, which are the highest quality icing sheets on the market. The icing sheet has a backing, similar to a sticker that you will remove before applying the image to your cake. The icing sheet is sealed in a plastic bag, and can last up to 6 months before use, without refrigeration.

How do I put the image sheet on the cake?

What kind of frosting should I use on my cake?

When should I apply the image sheet to my cake?

Costco Cake Prices Are Incredibly Cheap

A Costco cake will set you back less than twenty bucks in most cases. Theres a good chance that you wouldnt be able to beat that price anywhere else, even if you chose to make the cake yourself.

The cost of buying all of the ingredients needed would set you back more than the cost of a Costco cake. Costco beats out the competition too on the majority of cake prices.

Its well worth knowing that they are one of the best-priced cake providers.

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How To Order A Baskin

The staple centerpiece of any occasion is an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins. If youre like us and have already tried almost all of the classic varieties found on, you may be looking for something a little different for your next celebration. Enter: PhotoCake®!

The Create Your Own PhotoCake® from Baskin-Robbins is a one-of-a-kind dessert that includes your go-to Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor, with a favorite photo adorning the top for added personalization. Make your next holiday or socially distanced gathering extra special by surprising everyone with a PhotoCake® that features a memory, funny picture or homage to a pet or family member.

Ordering a Baskin-Robbins PhotoCake® is easy! Keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

  • Navigate to the PhotoCake® design on the Cakes & Pies menu at or open up the BR mobile app to get your order started.
  • Choose Order Online and find your nearest Baskin-Robbins location with our store locator. Then, click the Order Now button.
  • Upload the photo you want to appear on your PhotoCake® by choosing a file from your phone or computer. The image must be in JPEG or PNG format to upload.
  • Next, select your icing border color out of the six color choices. This will be the color frosting that outlines the top and bottom of your PhotoCake®.
  • Select the size PhotoCake® you want made either a round cake or a sheet cake.
  • Choose the cake flavor you want on the bottom layer: chocolate cake or white cake.
  • There Are Only Two Flavors Offered

    How to Assemble and Fill a Cake | Wilton

    You can either order a chocolate cake, or what Costco refers to as a white cake, which is just vanilla flavored. The chocolate version of the cake contains chocolate mousse filling and has chocolate buttercream icing.

    The vanilla version of the cake has a vanilla cheesecake mousse filling and is iced with white buttercream icing.

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    Use A Smaller Aperture To Nail Your Focus

    Last but not least, take care of your focus when photographing cakes.

    In all likelihood, you are using autofocus when shooting your food photography.

    Autofocus is not foolproof and comes with its own set of challenges.

    The AF system can end up focusing on the wrong part of a scene. Sometimes it can struggle to lock onto anything, resulting in a blurry image.

    The most important factors influencing autofocus are the level of light and contrast.

    Your camera can struggle to focus when theres not enough light. Or when its faced with a low-contrast or uniformly-coloured scene. The AF system cant locate a clear edge.

    In these situations, the lens will focus back and forth, looking for something to lock onto.

    You can have this issue in cake photography. A large part of your frame may be dominated by one colour or tone. You may not be able to focus where you want.

    If you want, you can also use manual focus. In food photography, we often work with macro lenses and a narrow depth of field.

    This means that you need to be very precise with your focusing. Being just a touch off can cause you to completely miss focus.

    When shooting cake, try shooting at a smaller aperture, like f/8. More of your subject will be in focus. You should also focus on the front of the cake.

    Customers Used To Have More Options

    There was once a time when carrot cake was an option on the Costco cakes menu. This came with an apricot mousse filling and cream cheese icing which was sprinkled with slivered almonds.

    In international Costcos, there are even more options available. The Australian Costco gives customers the option to mix and match a raspberry filling with either a vanilla or chocolate sponge cake.

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    The Dinosaur Design Was Part Of A Scandal

    In 2015, a story by The Inquisitr broke about a woman who had complained that the dinosaur design on her childs birthday cake only had three legs each resembling the number 6.

    The woman claimed that the bakers had purposely hidden this demonic 666 message in her childs birthday cake .

    However, after some research, it had been found that the article had been written by the mothers boyfriend, and the Costco location that had been mentioned in the story confirmed that there had never been a complaint regarding the cake.

    Our Commitment To Quality

    Oh the places you

    Whimsical cake studio is a locally owned and operated custom cake and confection bakery, committed to producing the highest quality products. We believe in making our ingredients, products, and even garnishes from scratch. We endeavour to use the highest quality natural ingredients that we can. We source ingredients from the most local suppliers when possible. Our team is passionate about cake and creating amazing designs and flavours for our customers events and celebrations.

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    Use Natural Light To Make The Shoot Easier

    I always hear people say that natural light is better than artificial light when it comes to shooting food.

    Most food photographers actually work with artificial light, but it can be quite complex and requires expensive gear.

    Natural light is the best option when youre new to photographing food. Or if you dont have a lot of experience with flash. It takes only a few simple tricks to make the natural light work for you when shooting cake photographs.

    Make sure youre working close to a window so you get the most out of the available light.

    Use a diffuser or translucent material as a diffuser. A curtain can get you fantastic results. This will soften any harsh light or sunshine coming through the window. Youll avoid hard shadows on the cake. If its a cloudy day, you might not need a diffuser.

    How Long Does It Take Safeway To Print Photos On Cakes

    Depending on what other types of decorations and customizations you want to do to the cake, it generally takes anywhere from an hour to a few days before your order is ready.

    Another factor on how long a custom cake will take is the time of the year. Generally, if there is a holiday approaching, the bakery will have more orders to fulfill than normal. This means that you are likely going to have to wait much longer to get your photo cake. Make sure you ask in advance how long the cake will take so that it is ready before you need it.

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    Does Safeway Print Pictures On Cakes

    Regardless of the occasion, getting a custom photo printed cake is a great way to celebrate. There are many places that offer the service, but a few more curious about whether or not the Safeway prints pictures on cakes, then you have come to the right place.

    I contacted Safeways customer service to find out everything there is to know about their custom photo cakes.

    Does Safeway print pictures on cakes? Yes, Safeway does print custom photos on their cakes. All you need to do is bring your photo to their bakery section and request a custom cake. The price ranges a bit, but for a cake that feeds 10 people, a custom photo cake will cost around $27.99 in total.

    How To Create Your Asda And Morrisons Photo Cake

    How to Print Edible Images and Put Them on Your Cake

    To make your cake topper, upload your photo through your iPhone or USB or scan in a printed photo. You add borders and a message before printing a receipt, selecting a cake and taking both to the bakery where the unique design will be printed and placed on an iced cake. The process will take roughly 10-15 minutes.

    A small cake serving 22 people costs £12, while a large cake for 40 people is £16. The cakes come in vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and buttercream filling, and chocolate with chocolate buttercream filling .

    If you prefer to make your own cake or cupcakes, you can design and order your topper online and get it delivered to your door. The icing will be printed and posted flat the next day. Prices start from £6.50. Once your topper arrives, you can stick it to the cake and cupcake of your choice for the perfect personal touch.

    Fancy something different? Check out our 10 mouth-watering birthday cake alternatives.

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    How Much Does A Custom Photo Cake Cost At Safeway

    The cost of a custom photo cake at Safeway strictly depends on the size of the cake that you want. The most standard size, which feeds about 10 people, will cost about $27.99 in total which includes the custom photo.

    Obviously, if you are looking to buy a smaller cake, then the price will be less, and if you are looking for a cake that is larger than this, you will have to pay slightly more.

    We Arent Like The Other Bakeries

    Our Sweet shop is in Old Strathcona is nestled between some of the cities best coffee and dining establishments, and only moments away from downtown, right off of Whyte Avenue. We are delighted to call Edmonton home for our unique bakery, where we proudly make all of our products from scratch in house. From the sweet fondant we use to cover our hand made cakes, to the chocolate syrup we drizzle on the fresh cupcakes . Our bakers and artists love what they do, and it shines through in everything we make. Entering the store is a sensory adventure, with scents recalling memories of baking with your family, delicious treats to tantalize your tastebuds, a plethora of fun products to see, and laughter ringing in your ears from the staff as they happily create. Custom cakes, simple cakes, cake pops, cake bombs, cake jars, but we do so much more than cakes! Hand made cookies, brownies, meringues, nougat, toffee, even our own line of sprinkle mixes all made in house! Elegant wedding creations to 3-D sculptures each of our custom cakes is a work of art. Birthday, Comic, Nerdy, Cartoon, or Kids, Special event and even corporate function, if you can dream it, we can make it into a Custom Cake just for your celebration. Or stop by for a tasty treat while you stroll Whyte Avenue, there is something for everyone, and always something new, cause we love to play with our food! Come visit our shop and enjoy the wonderful aromas of our Edmonton bakery we would love to see you.

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