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Funnel Cake Frying Temperature

16339 Gold Medal Funnel Cake Fryer $850.00

In order for a funnel cake to even work at all, a relatively high frying temperature is needed. 375°F is high enough to start coagulating the proteins and gelling the starches in the batter almost on contact, preventing the batter from literally frittering away. A lower temp wouldnt get the cooking going fast enough, and slower cooking would also result in a soggy, oil-logged funnel cake.

Of course, getting that temperature right is not merely a question of guessing, or flicking a few drops of water into a hot oil pan. A bread crumb will sizzle and a drop of water will pop at temperatures well below 375°F . Using a thermometer is the only way to really know how hot your oil is and to ensure a proper cooking environment for your funnel cakesor any other fried food, for that matter! The ChefAlarm is perfect for deep frying, with its high- and low-temp alarms and included pot clip.

Note that these cakes cook very quickly. Only 15-30 seconds may elapse before you need to flip the cake, a task that is most easily done with a mesh spider tool and a fork.

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This Carnival King Liquid Propane 40 Lb Flat Bottom Countertop Funnel Cake / Donut Fryer Is Perfect For Frying Funnel Cakes Donuts Or Other Wet Batter Products

The flat bottom on this fryer is perfect for shallow frying wet batter products. With a 40 lb. oil capacity, this fryer is the ideal unit for restaurants, concession stands, sports stadiums, farmers markets, or carnivals. It fits 8″ funnel cakes at once, increasing output and profit. This unit requires a liquid propane connection for operation.

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How To Top A Funnel Cake

Funnel cakes are usually given a small blizzarding of powdered sugar, much like the famous beignets of New Orleans. But that is far from the end of the story. Many funnel cake stands also provide the option of a fruitor other sweettopping. Really, funnel cakes are a blank canvas. Use pie filling, use jam, use honey, use butter, use honey butter. Chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, butterscotch topping are all great. Look, there are no rules here. Use a funnel cake as a raft for carrying some tender smoked brisket to your mouth. I tried it. Its tasty. While I think that omitting the sugar and using spicy chili will be too messy, I cannot say that it will not be delicious. Go for it!

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The Carnival King Dfc44001 Funnel Cake / Donut Fryer Is Great For Making Golden Funnel Cakes Donuts Churros And Other Fried Pastries

Funnel Cake Fryer for sale

Made for medium duty, continuous use, this 4400W unit is among the most powerful you can purchase with a standard plug, which gives you the flexibility to use it almost anywhere from carnivals and fairs to restaurants and concession stands. This unit’s element shape provides quicker and more even heating than competitors. You can fit 6″ funnel cakes or 8″ funnel cakes in the fryer at the same time.

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Should You Buy A Gas Or An Electric Fryer

  • Electric fryers take longer to heat up oil than gas fryers, but once they’re up to temperature, they recover more rapidly between frying cycles. Electric types have heating elements built into the oil, which improves efficiency. They’re also more portable because they don’t require a gas line.
  • Gas fryers heat up faster and can achieve superior oil temperatures.

Gas Funnel Cake Fryers

Pronto Pup has both gas and electric funnel cake fryers in our inventory for anyone interested in purchasing one. Gas funnel cake fryers run on propane and are excellent options for anyone who plans on using fryers in a place that might not have a reliable power source. They come in handy for those cooking funnel cakes at carnivals, festivals, and fairs. Some of these funnel cake fryers can even be used to make multiple funnel cakes at a time.

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Funnel Cake Mix & Mold Rings

If youre going to be serving up a bunch of funnel cakes at an event, the last thing you want to do is get stuck having to mix up the ingredients for funnel cakes yourself. Youre much better off investing in funnel cake mix that you can use in funnel cake fryers. There are also funnel cake supplies like mold rings that can be used to make funnel cakes quickly. Pronto Pup can be your funnel cake mold ring supplier and help you find the right mold rings for your specific fryers.

How To Clean A Commercial Deep Fryer

Carnival King Funnel Cake Fryer

Keeping your fryers clean will not only prolong the life and use of a commercial fryer, but it will also improve the quality of the product being cooked. Sediment should be removed daily, and the oil should be completely drained as needed, depending on how frequently you use your fryer. We offer the following appliances to help you keep your commercial fryer lasting longer:

  • Commercial Fryer Filters Fryer filters remove and filter the gunk out of oil, pumping it back in fresh and free of broken-down carbon and cooked product debris. This adds life to the most heavily used oil, saving you thousands in annual oil costs.
  • Fryer Oil Waste Removers Quickly and completely removes hot, used oil from fryer tanks. They can usually hold 40 100 pounds of oil. Coming on mobile carts, they make oil removing easy for anyone.

Check out the Burkett Blog, “How to clean and maintain a deep fryer,” for an invaluable resource to keep your commercial deep fryer in optimal condition.

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Fry Up Appetizers Sides And Entrees Quickly And Efficiently With A Commercial Deep Fryer

In almost every professional kitchen, you will find a commercial deep fryer. Frying equipment serves as the backbone of many commercial foodservice establishments’ appetizer menus and is also used to cook a variety of entrées. We offer plenty of sturdy, stainless-steel models to choose from, including both gas and electric models to meet the specific needs of any foodservice establishment. Fryers are an important part of the kitchen, and numerous choices are available for selection. The location of the sediment zone is the primary difference between types of commercial fryers. Breading, cracklings and small pieces of food gather in the sediment zone in a fryer. Different heating powers for each type allows you to further match your needs. Higher BTU or wattage means quick heat up time and minimizes temperature drops between batches, but can expedite oil break down.

Featuring top manufacturers like Pitco, ANETS, Vulcan, and SEAGATE, our collection of commercial deep fryers are sure to provide the highest quality for years to come.

How Do You Evaluate A Used Commercial Deep Fryer

Funnel Cake Fryer for sale

When choosing a used commercial deep fryer for your business, there are a few different factors to consider.

The first consideration is whether you want to go with an electric or gas model. In some kitchen, this decision will be based less on the merits of the individual options, and more on which resource is readily available if you dont have natural gas or propane lines, an electric fryer is the obvious choice.

Gas fryers tend to heat up more quickly, can reach higher operating temperatures, and are somewhat more energy efficient for maintaining oil temperatures.

Electric fryers have heating elements which come in direct contact with the oil, which means easier cleaning, quicker recovery times between batches, and a higher ease of installation. However, these types of fryers typically take longer to heat, and are not capable of higher temperatures.

Next, consider the type of burner thats right for your business.

Open pot fryers contain heating elements which are located outside of the oil well, which makes them easy to clean, and a good choice for pre-breaded frozen items or french fries.

Tube fryers contain pipes that run through the bottom of the oil pot, filled with gas. While theyre a good fit for high-volume or heavy-sediment cooking, theyre a pain to clean ask any line cook thats spent a closing shift elbow-deep in black fryer sludge.

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How To Serve Dairy

We use the classic powdered sugar dusting in the recipe below, but you can certainly get more creative. Some delicious toppings include dairy-free whipped cream, chocolate whip, chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, blueberry sauce, cinnamon sugar, fresh berries, sautéed apples, icing with sprinkles, or a scoop of dairy-free ice cream!

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What Can You Cook In A Used Commercial Deep Fryer

While the basic function of a commercial fryer is the same across all form factors, different applications require different types of fryers. The size of the fryer, the physical orientation, and the power source are all important factors to consider.

At the most basic level, fryers can be separated into two distinct categories: Countertop or freestanding floor models. Each type of fryer has its advantages and disadvantages, relative to the planned application and type of kitchen the fryer is integrated in.

Freestanding floor fryers are an important part of any large restaurant kitchen that focuses on moving high volumes of frozen or fried food. Because these units are meant to be fired up in the morning and turned off only at closing, they can handle constant use throughout the day, while keeping energy use and oil breakdown to a minimum.

Floor fryers are generally available in both electric and propane or natural gas models, and can each sport one main cooking chamber, or multiple pots for frying different types of food. Most floor fryers feature deep baskets that are lifted out of the surface of the oil, with some even including programmable controls to help maintain consistency and quality.

That covers the basics. Now, lets take a look at a few of the more specialized options, for commercial deep fryers.

Most commercial kitchen appliances are required to be placed under an expensive commercial hood , with exaust fans, filtration, and fire suppression.

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Do Not Allow Direct Contact Of This Equipment By The Public When Used In Food Service Locations

A funnel cake fryer allows you to prepare crisp, golden cakes with ease. Showing all 3 results #5094 four funnel cake lp fryer $ 1,694.00 add to cart #5096 low boy cart $ 491.95 add to cart #5099ns the improved six cake funnel cake lp fryer $ 2,349.95 add to cart Stainless steel legs and 60,000 btu, this compact commercial fryer is a powerful cooking model.

Carnival King 40 Lb Liquid Propane Flat Bottom Countertop Funnel Cake / Donut Fryer

Gold Medal Funnel Cake Fryer at Work
  • Durable stainless steel front, tank, and sides, with double-walled construction
  • 32 wide, 40 lb. oil capacity makes 8″ funnel cakes at once
  • Includes mesh strainer and drip tray that doubles as a lid
  • Intuitive thermostatic dial controls with snap-action thermostat and safety shutoff
  • U shaped burners, liquid propane connection 81,000 BTU

Overall Dimensions:

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Do You Need A Ventilation Hood For A Deep Fryer

Yes. Commercial deep fryers release hot grease into the air, thus a Type I hood is typically required. As with nearly all gas-powered cooking equipment, gas fryers always require a ventilation hood.

However, with countertop electric fryers you can get away without the need to purchase a hood. Most operators will still find the fumes from these compact models irritating though, so proper ventilation is advised.

Be sure to check with your local health and fire codes as to what ventilation requirements need to be met.

What Fry Pot Designs Are There

The “fry pot” is the term for tank in which the oil is held and heated in a deep fryer. Heating elements within this pot heat the oil and fry items. Two things you need to think about first are pot design and oil type, both of which affect the quality and flavor of your fried foods. Commercial fryers come with three different fry pot designs: Tube-type, open-pot and flat-bottom.

  • Tube-type fryers are ideal for heavily battered foods like fried chicken and fish.
  • Open-pot fryers are best used to make French fries, cheese sticks or other lightly breaded foods.
  • Flat-bottom fryers are ideal for frying delicate items like funnel cake, tortilla chips or taco shells.

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What Types Of Deep Fryers Are There

  • Commercial Electric Deep Fryers – Electric types have heating elements built into the oil, which improves efficiency. They also recover more rapidly between frying cycles.
  • Commercial Gas Deep Fryers – Gas fryers heat up faster and can achieve superior oil temperatures.
  • Funnel Cake & Donut Fryers – Funnel cake and donut fryers allow you to provide the crispy, golden sweet treats that customers love. These fryers produce treats that are a staple of any carnival and sure to fill the air with delicious smells.
  • Corn Dog Fryers – Including both gas and electric models, corn dog fryers are the perfect pick for creating plump, flavorful franks to share with hungry customers.
  • Ventless Fryers – Ventless deep fryers remove the hassle of having to install expensive hoods over cooking equipment. We offer Countertop Ventless Fryers and Floor Model Ventless Fryers.

Gold Medal 5099ns Funnel Cake Fryer

Gold Medal 8051D 20 lb Capacity Funnel Cake Fryer, 120V

part #5099NS | Gold Medal

Start profiting with funnel cakes, a classic carnival treat loved by many, with this gas funnel cake fryer from Gold Medal. This large funnel cake fryer enables you to quickly make six 8 in. funnel cakes at one time. Its non-electric thermostat holds your cooking oil temperature and reduces cooking oil absorption, which increases your profits. For outdoor use only, this commercial funnel cake fryer puts out a powerful 95,000 BTUS from its single jet burner.

Standard Features:

  • 8″ funnel cake capacity
  • Thermostat control
  • 95,000 BTU’s
  • 22 1/2â x 29 1/2â x 7 3/4â

Funnel Cake Fryer, LP gas, 50 lb. oil & 8″ funnel cake capacity, thermostat control, jet burner, safety pilot & drain, stainless steel construction, 95,000 BTU’s

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Electric Funnel Cake Fryers

While gas funnel cake fryers have their advantages, Pronto Pup can also supply electric funnel cake fryers to those who dont want to have to worry about their propane levels running low while making funnel cakes. We can provide you with both shallow and deep funnel cake fryers depending on your specific needs.

Would you like to buy one of the funnel cake fryers we have in stock? Or do you need to order funnel cake mix before your next big event? Call Pronto Pup at 503-244-9421 to get your hands on the funnel cake supplies in Oregon you need.

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