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HOW TO MAKE RICE CAKES TASTE GOOD | Rice cake recipes for weight loss

Since your blood contains less fat, your risk of heart disease plummets. Its also vital to mention that around 45 studies say the same thing. Now, whether you are losing weight for health reasons or not, its worth mentioning. This compounded research says that people who consume more whole grains lowered their risk of cardiovascular disease by 16 to 21 percent! This was in comparison to those who consumed fewer whole grains on average.

Which Is Healthier Rice Cakes Or Popcorn

Rice cakes have long been labeled a diet food because theyre low in calories and fat free. But theyre also sky high on the glycemic index, scoring 82 . One cup of air-popped popcorn is only 31 calories, has a lower glycemic index , and also counts as a serving of whole grains.

Rice Cakes: Are They Healthy Pros Cons + How To Use

By Jillian Levy, CHHC

If youve ever followed a low-fat diet or a fad diet that prioritized cutting calories as much as possible, then theres a good chance that rice cakes made their way into your grocery cart. But are rice cakes actually good for you?

Like many other packaged snacks, there are pros and cons of eating rice cakes. For example, theyre super convenient, usually gluten-free and they make a good substitute for higher-calorie foods like bread yet theyre also mostly devoid of nutrients and relatively high in empty carbs.

Lets take a closer look at what different types of rice cakes are made of, the benefits and drawbacks to including them in your diet, plus some healthy ways to enjoy them.

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Bottom Line: Are Rice Cakes Healthy And A Solid Snack Choice

While not a terrible choice, overall, you could do way better. Most people aren’t committed to crafting a heartier rice cake with smart toppings, so chances are high they may sit down and accidentally eat half a sleeve of them, says Largeman-Roth. “For those individuals, I suggest going straight to a healthy fat and fiber, like avocado on sweet potato toast or grapes and almond butter,” she added. Not only will these options up your fruit and veggie intake for the day, but they’ll also keep you satisfied for longer. Because the less hanger, the better.

White Vs Brown Rice Cakes

Mini Rice Cakes

Most commonly, the primary ingredient in rice cakes is white rice. White rice is brown rice that has been stripped of its germ, bran, and husk to look more appealing and for quicker cooking. This process removes most nutrients and fiber from the rice.

But some rice cake products contain brown rice, which is likely a slightly healthier option if the product carries a Whole-Grains stamp. Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates, fiber, and minerals. However, all rice cakes, including brown rice cakes, remain high on the glycemic index and as described above, most of the nutrient value is lost in the cooking process.

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The Truth About Rice Cakes

During the low-fat, high carbohydrate craze of the late 1980s and 1990s, rice cakes quickly became one of the ultimate diet foods. So we bought them in bulk thinking that, if we swapped our cookies and crackers for 70 calorie rice cakes, wed lose weight and look great.

They may be low in calories, about 35 a pop, but when eaten alone they can actually sabotage weight loss. If you look at the Nutrition Facts Label on a package of rice cakes, youll see a whole lot of nothing. No fat, no fiber, minimal vitamins and minerals, and maybe 1 gram of proteinall important nutrients that nourish your body, improve satiety and actually keep your mind off of snacking.

The truth about rice cakes is this. They are little more than refined carbohydrates that have been sprinkled with salt, and possibly sprayed with some artificial flavoring. Their glycemic index, an indicator of how a food affects blood sugar, ranks pretty high at 82 compared to pure sugar which tops out at 100. Instead of taking your mind off of food, snacking on rice cakes on an empty stomach can induce a spike in blood sugar that might just leave you feeling sluggish and craving, you got it, more rice cakes.

Instead of reaching for those rice cakes the next time hunger strikes, try choosing a nourishing snack with healthy fats, protein and fiber. Here are five quick and easy ideas:

Eating Many Servings Can Make You Fat

Most people wont eat just a couple of rice cakes. Actually, its easy to consume more than a serving! A whole pack of rice cakes may have around 500 calories. Eating half a pack will give you 200-250 calories! Consuming more calories than those we burn makes us gain weight.

So, you should be more careful when eating rice cakes. They have a small satiating effect, causing overeating.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Including Rice Cakes In The Diet

The disadvantages of including rice cakes in diet include

  • Rice is a high glycemic index grain even when it’s eaten as a whole grain , so it may spike blood sugar levels. Some brands add sugar or corn syrup to their rice cakes.
  • Most rice cakes do contain added salt. Individuals at risk for heart disease should reduce their intake of sodium and limit the intake of rice cakes.
  • They are not nutrient-dense foods and are not considered a healthy replacement. Even though their primary ingredient is whole-grain brown rice, rice cakes are low in total nutritional value.
  • The preparatory process makes rice cakes difficult to digest physically and chemically. Rice cakes become hard and sticky when cold and they are not easily dissolved in hot water.

If an individual wants to try rice cakes as a snack, they may top them with some peanut butter, cream cheese or another spread that contains fat and protein, so that blood glucose levels do not spike. Avoid rice cakes with added corn syrup, honey, sucrose or fructose.

Brown Rice Is An Affordable And Healthy Food

10 Rice Cake Toppings For Weight Loss / Rice Cake Recipe Ideas

If you have been on a diet before, you know that it can be a little expensive. The thing is, the healthiest whole foods are relatively cheap. You can pick up a one-pound bag of brown rice for between two and four dollars in the United States. Add it to your stir-fry vegetables or make it a healthy side dish with your grilled chicken or tofu.

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Should People With Diabetes Eat Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are mostly quickly digesting carbs that will increase blood sugar levels, so on their own, theyre not the best choice for people with diabetes.

However, a single plain rice cake contains only about 7 grams of carbs, so it may easily fit into your carb allotment for a meal or snack .

Regardless, try to stick to just one serving as a snack and add healthy protein, fat, and fiber to both reduce the blood sugar effects and make the rice cake more filling and nutritious (

7 ).

You can buy many varieties of rice cakes, so they can be fairly versatile snacks. There are whole grain versions made with brown rice, miniature versions that are bagged like potato chips, and thin varieties.

Rice cakes also come in several flavor options, including savory flavors like sour cream and onion and cheddar and sweet flavors like chocolate and caramel.

Miniature savory-flavored rice cakes are a lower calorie alternative to potato chips, but its a good idea to eat them with a yogurt- or hummus-based dip to add some protein and fat.

Try pairing rice cakes with:

  • hummus and sliced cucumbers and tomatoes
  • cream cheese, smoked salmon, and sliced cucumbers
  • peanut butter and sliced bananas
  • almond butter and sliced strawberries
  • guacamole and sliced cheese

The Type Of Rice You Eat And The Portion Size Which Refers To The Amount Of Rice You Eat Daily So What Kind Of Rice Is Best For Weight Loss

  • NDTV Food Desk
  • Brown rice, red rice and hand-pounded rice have more fiber
  • All types of rice have similar calorific values
  • White rice has the maximum calories

All types of rice have similar calorific values 1. White Rice:2. Brown Rice: 3. Red Rice: This variety of rice gets its rich colour from an antioxidant called anthocyanin. 4. Black Rice: Tips to use rice for weight loss

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Calorie Diy Flavored Rice Cakes

Plain, lightly salted, boring rice cakes have 35 calories per cake. Add flavor without adding calories by using delicious low calorie seasoning!

The calories and macros for a plain, lightly salted rice cake are 35 calories, 0 g protein, 7 grams carbs, and 0 grams of fat. To step out out of boring rice cakes, without adding calories, I use butter flavored spray, and a variety of seasonings for many different flavors.

Packaged flavored rice cakes calories

  • Caramel rice cakes are 50 calories
  • White Cheddar rice cakes are 45 calories
  • Apple Cinnamon rice cakes are 50 calories
  • Butter flavored rice cakes are only 35
  • and the Chocolate rice cakes are 60.

I like to use a plain rice cake and add flavor with the following seasonings:

Other flavors by Feast mode that I want to try are chocolate and pumpkin! (If you try Feast Mode, I have 10% off with this coupon code: roskelley10

I love finding products that add flavor without adding calories. One of my favorites is Kernel Season, which has a huge variety of flavors including:

What other seasonings would you try?

Why Rice Cakes Are Bad For Quick Weight Loss

Rice Cake Diet To Lose Weight

If you are on a diet and yet struggling to lose weight, it is pretty clear that you need to get rid of your poor food choices. Most importantly, you need to bid goodbye to your junk food buddies and embrace the organic and REAL foods in their place.

Nevertheless, no matter how much we monitor our food consumption habits, one or two bad foods almost always manage to sneak past our sharp eyes. One such food is the innocuous rice cake.

Yep, rice cake is one food which is usually eaten by wannabe loss strugglers, especially those who are dieting. They believe rice cakes are low on calories. Funny enough, they seem to be ignorant of the fact that this low-calorie food is preventing them from losing fast.

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Any Food Can Be Fattening If Portion Sizes Arent Controlled

As with most things in nutrition, the dose determines the poison.

There is nothing particularly fattening about rice, so its effects on weight must come down to serving size and the overall quality of your diet.

Studies have repeatedly shown that serving food in a larger container or dish increases intake, regardless of the food or drink being served .

This has to do with the perception of the serving size. Serving large portions has been shown to increase calorie intake significantly, without people realizing it.

Also, since people dont realize that they are eating more than usual, they generally dont compensate by eating less at the next meal .

One interesting study showed that participants who didnt know they were eating soup from a self-refilling bowl ate 73% more soup than those eating from normal bowls.

Most importantly, they didnt realize that they ate more than the others or perceive themselves as more full than those eating from normal bowls .

Studies that have analyzed the effects of serving size have shown that reducing the size of the rice bowl is an effective way to reduce calorie intake, body weight and blood sugar levels (

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Do Rice Cakes Make You Gain Weight

It is possible that rice cakes may make you gain weight. This is especially true if you eat several at a time and top them with unhealthy things.

Rice cakes are a snack food. They are disk-shaped products made of puffed rice . They are low in calories . Other minor ingredients, such as sesame seed, millet and salt may be added to give them a distinct flavor or consistency.

The low-calorie count of rice cakes may be a bonus, but they are not the best weight-loss food. Rice cakes digest quickly since they are devoid of a significant amount of fiber. The spike in blood sugar and insulin levels after ingestion of rice may cause weight gain. Rice cakes may not give a feeling of satiety if a person is just eating one or two rice cakes. Some flavored rice cakes also have added sugars, salt, calories and artificial ingredients. Choose rice cakes made with brown or whole-grain rice because these will be more filling. Carbs can make an individual hungry, so combine rice cakes with a protein source, such as ham, low-fat cream cheese with smoked salmon or a little peanut butter. The nutritional value of rice cakes depends on how an individual is eating them.

Ok So What’s Not So Great About Them


Depending on the type you buy, they may have added sugars or artificial flavors. “Avoid the ones with chocolate drizzle and other sweet flavors,” recommends Largeman-Roth. “They don’t have that much sugar per rice cake, but if you eat several of them, it can add up to 12 to 15 grams of sugar.”

Instead, opt for unflavored, lightly salted rice cakes made from brown rice and other grains, like quinoa. “You’ll get a little protein from the quinoa and a bit more fiber from the brown rice,” says Largeman-Roth.

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