Halo Top Dairy Free Birthday Cake Review

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: 3/5

Halo Top Birthday Cake Ice Cream Review

While some may enjoy this flavor, I found that the chocolate chips were too small and there werent enough chunks of cookie dough to really match the taste and texture you might expect from regular cookie dough ice cream.

However, though it wasnt my top pick, I still enjoyed it and would buy it again.

What Is Halo Top Ice Cream

Owned by the Iowa-based company Wells Enterprises, Halo Top was founded in 2012 by Eden Creamery.

The pint-size ice cream is a bestselling frozen dessert brand thats available throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and some European countries.

Halo Top has significantly fewer calories than traditional ice cream because it contains natural sugar substitutes and less cream.

Its also made of a mix of natural and organic ingredients. For example, Halo Top uses dairy products from conventionally raised cows and organic cane sugar.

In addition to the original dairy-based varieties, Halo Top comes in versions suitable for people following vegan or keto diets. The brand also offers dairy- and fruit-based pops.

Can I Lose Weight Eating Halo Top

If youre swapping Halo Top for high calorie desserts, it could help you lose weight by reducing your overall daily calorie consumption.

Halo Top frozen treats also contain a good amount of protein, which can increase feelings of fullness to help you maintain a moderate weight .

However, regardless of your health- or weight-related goals, its best to moderate your portion sizes and enjoy Halo Top products as an occasional treat as part of a balanced diet.

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Does Halo Top Taste Like Ice Cream

While certain flavors of Halo Top taste more like ice cream than others, there are still slight differences in flavor and texture.

For instance, because its sweetened with stevia and sugar alcohols, some varieties may have a slight aftertaste.

Additionally, because its much lower in sugar and fat, it isnt nearly as creamy or smooth as regular ice cream.

Fulfill Your Most Magical Dreams With These Mermaid Popsicles

Halo Top, Dairy

Now that the weather is finally turning warmer, we feel like it makes at least a little more sense to be eating ice cream specifically one of our favorites: Halo Top. To kick off Spring on the right foot, Halo Top created for us a simple recipe for magical mermaid popsicles using some of our favorite flavors. The pops here come in three different varieties, but using the recipe, you could easily create many more iterations to suit what you like.

From Halo Top

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Reason #: I Can Have My Cake And Eat It Too

Did you know the average Lemon Bar has over 8 grams of saturated fat, 35 grams of sugar, 0 fiber and under 3 grams of protein? Well, this Lemon Bar Ice Cream Cake is your new best friend, because in one cake, you get over 13 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber, only 5 grams of sugar and just under 3 grams of saturated fat. Yep, say it with me, #winning!

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How Much Does It Cost

The price for Halo Top varies depending on where you buy it.

Typically, a pint of Halo Top including dairy-based, nondairy, and keto varieties can range from around $4$6.

Fruit pops, dairy-based pops, and keto pops are available at a similar price point and typically cost around $4$5 for a pack with 46 servings.

Halo Top ice creams and pops can be purchased at most major supermarkets. To find a specific product, you can enter your zip code on the brands website to locate a store near you that has it in stock.

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Keto Melted Ice Cream Cake Glaze Instructions

While the cake is baking, add the glaze ingredients to a bowl and mix it with a hand mixer on high until its fully combined.

Frost the cake while its still slightly warm.

Here are a few photos we took!

It was fantastic! In fact, it was so good, that we made another!! This is the next cake we made in the mini bread loaf pans. The cake was put on the top rack of the oven and thats what gave it that golden brown soft crust on top! It was delightful! You dont need sprinkles but the sprinkles are fun!

Here are the macros for the Halo Top Ice Cream:

Lemon Bar Ice Cream Cake

Halo Top: Birthday Cake Ice Cream Review
  • Pin

Say it slowlyLemon Bar Ice Cream Cake.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Halo Top Creamery. As always, I only work with those brands I myself endorse and purchase for Mr. CEO and I. Thanks for supporting the companies that help keep me up and running!

Your mouth is already watering, huh?

Dont worry- in just a few short minutes you can head out the door and grab the ingredients to make this delicious Lemon Bar Ice Cream Cake!

But, before you reach for your keys, lets chat real quick. I like to make lists when I think about things you do too, right? Well heres the top 3 things that came to mind as I started to think about why I needed to create a Lemon Bar Ice Cream Cake. Hopefully it inspires you to whip up this taste treat, too!

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Halo Top: We Ate All The Flavors So You Dont Have To

Lets play a game, shall we? Its called eat all the flavors of Halo Top and rank them.* If you want, you can play along by downloading my homemade score sheet here.

If youre unfamiliar, Halo Top is a low calorie, high protein, low sugar ice cream that is taking the nation by storm. You can literally eat an entire pint for less than 250 calories! That is CRAZY TALK, people!

The brand boasts, Healthy ice cream, that actually tastes like ice cream. And were not joking. While Halo Top is low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, we use only the best, all-natural ingredients to craft our ice cream so that it tastes just like regular ice cream. We know it sounds too good to be true, so dont just take our word for it dig in and see for yourself just how good healthy ice cream can be!

Sounds tempting, right? Well we tried every flavor and while some certainly live up to the hype, others should probably not be on the top of your list. Dont get me wrong, every single pint was finished, but there were a few that were left in the way back of the freezer until my desperation got the best of me. Lets do this:

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Halo Top Birthday Cake Review

The Halo Top Birthday Cake is a 280 calorie pint with 20 grams of protein. We love it because its sweet and contains sprinkles.

It is one of the sweeter flavors weve had, but cake is sweeter than coffee or pistachios to start with. So you kind of know what youre going in for.

If you like Marble Slab or Maggie Moos Birthday Batter, youre going to probably like this one as well!

Between this one and Enlighteneds Birthday Cake Halo Wins!

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Getting It Cheaper Coupons

If you go to their website above, you can usually score a $1 off. They also will send contests by email. They rarely do coupons after the first one though.

Grocery stores like Kroger and Ralphs will typically run them on sale from time to time too. Regular price is about $5, and you can sometimes get them for about $3.

Best Vegan Ice Cream Brands Of 2022

Halo Top DairyFree Birthday Cake Frozen Dessert Pint , 16 fl oz ...

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy.

Vegan ice cream is no longer hard to come by, but which brands are worth buying? Here are the best vegan ice cream brands, along with a simple vegan ice cream recipe.

bhofack2 / Depositphotos

You give up a lot of tasty food when you decide to go vegan. Luckily, a rise in the number of plant-based eaters and increasing demand for sustainable food has led to more and more vegan-friendly versions of all our favorite foods.

One area where that trend has recently led to some seriously tasty results is in the vegan ice cream niche.

Gone are the days of choosing between a handful of chalky, tasteless dairy-free ice creams. Now, your choices for ethical ice cream brands number in the dozens, and many of them are actually pretty dang good.

Ready to get your ice cream fix? Here are 9 of the best vegan ice cream brands youll wish you knew about sooner.

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Halo Top Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Review

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a bit higher in calories clocking in at 360 calories for the pint and 20 grams of protein.

We love this one because the vanilla ice cream is light, and the cookie dough runs pretty heavy! Some have said that the dough is kind of gritty but we think regular dough is kind of gritty because of the sugarso were giving it 2 spoons up!

Between Enlighteneds Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and this brand Halo Wins!

What Are The Ingredients In Halo Top

Halo Top ice cream comes in more than two dozen traditional and whimsical flavors, such as Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter Cup, all of which contain the same core ingredients.

Generally, most flavors include ingredients like skim milk, erythritol, eggs, prebiotic fiber, cream, organic cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, and organic stevia leaf extract. However, the ingredients may vary slightly for specific flavors.

For instance, in addition to the ingredients listed above, the vanilla flavor also includes milk protein concentrate, natural flavors, sea salt, vanilla beans, organic carob gum, and organic guar gum.

The dairy-based pops contain most of the same ingredients as the pints in varying amounts but are made without soluble corn fiber.

In vegan versions, the milk and eggs are replaced with a base of coconut cream mixed with water, which is essentially reduced fat coconut milk.

Most Halo Top fruit pops are made with real fruit and contain other ingredients such as soluble corn fiber, sugar, stevia, natural flavors, citric acid, and lemon juice concentrate.

Meanwhile, items in the keto series have most of the same ingredients as the dairy-based ice creams and pops but contain more cream and are made without cane sugar.

Heres a closer look at some of Halo Top ice creams core ingredients.

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More Facts On Halo Top Dairy

Price: $5.49 per pint

Availability: Halo Top Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert is sold in most stores where Halo Top ice cream is sold in the U.S. This includes major grocers like Walmart. Select dairy-free flavors are also available in Canada at stores like Loblaw and Sobeys. You can also order online direct from the companys website below they ship throughout the U.S.

Certifications: Halo Top Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert is Certified Vegan and Certified Kosher DE . Most varieties are Certified Gluten Free, as noted above.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Halo Top Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert is dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, soy-free, vegan, and vegetarian. Many of the flavors are made without peanuts and tree nuts, and most are gluten-free.*

For More Product Information: Visit the Halo Top website at www.halotop.com.

*Always read the ingredient and nutrition statement prior to consumption. Ingredients, processes, and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company or product. Contact the company to discuss their manufacturing processes if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. No food product can be guaranteed safe for every individuals needs. You should never rely on ingredient and allergen statements alone if dealing with a severe food allergy.

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How Does It Taste

Halo top birthday cake ice cream review

The reviews on Halo Top Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert are quite mixed. Most concur that it is a frozen dessert, but not ice cream. The consistency is a little icy and not as creamy as some might expect. Nonetheless, it has gained a loyal following. Read the reviews below from consumers like you and leave your own rating once youve tried it!

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Halo Top Launching New Plant

Related tags:, plant-based,

The new recipe with lower calories than traditional ice cream will be in all seven existing dairy-free flavors: Birthday Cake, Candy Bar, Chocolate, Chocolate Almond Crunch, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Cup, and Sea Salt Caramel.

Halo Tops Dairy-Free series starts with a coconut milk base and now contains fava bean protein, which the company said provides a soft texture and creamy taste.

As a leader in the better-for-you category, Halo Top is always looking for new ways to innovate and bring forward quality products our consumers will love, said Shilpa Gadhok, senior brand manager, Halo Top.

With our Dairy-Free line, we replaced brown rice protein with fava bean protein for a creamier texture thats packed with flavor. Plant-based demand is higher than ever, and we want to provide our fans with an offering they feel great about eating so they dont have to choose between pursuing a plant-based lifestyle and enjoying dessert.

Each Vegan Action-certified pint contains 280-360 calories and 10-20 grams of protein per serving.

The new dairy-Free pints start rolling out in September with Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavors. The rest of the revamped dairy-free line will be on shelves in October.

More About Halo Ice Cream Sold Where Recipes


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  • Add sugar if you like. Personally, I find that the other ingredients are sweet enough so I do not any more sugar.


  • arrange the rest of the ingredients on the ice and then put the scoop vanilla ice Cream in the middle. Enjoy!.Please note you can get all the ingredient in a jar of halo-halo except for the shaved ice, milk and ice cream. I found it cheaper to buy a bottle of halo-halo than to buy each item individually

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Keto Melted Ice Cream Cake

I just had the best kitchen accident ever!! I made a Keto Melted Ice Cream Cake !

Why is it an accident? Well, I started to take a spoonful of the Keto Birthday Cake Halo Top Ice Cream. I wasnt too fond of the taste or the flavor. I was just about to put it back in the freezer when I was interrupted. I forgot to put it back in the freezer and it melted! Ice cream never tastes the same after its completely melted and then put back in the freezer. Those little pints of Halo Top Ice cream are not cheap either!

I remembered a non keto recipe we made a long time ago. It was a melted ice cream cake recipe that was made in a bundt pan. It was made with only 3 ingredients!! It was a mixture of 2 cups of vanilla flavored ice cream along with 1 box cake mix and 3 eggs. I remember it being incredibly good so I decided to make a Keto melted ice cream cake out of my melted ice cream! I wasnt about to let that ice cream go to waste. Not. A. Chance!

Baking anything keto tends to be a bit of a challenge. The flours that are keto friendly can either be too dry or too grainy. Plus, you always need to add some baking powder to make it rise and some eggs to bind the ingredients. It shouldnt be that hard, right?!

Does Costco Sell Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Birthday Cake Ice Cream 473ml

4.2/5Halo Top CreameryHalo Top ice creamat COSTCOHalo Topsbestis the

Though lower in calories, Halo Top should not be viewed as healthy but instead as what it really is â a lower calorie alternative to ice cream. Aside from calcium and protein, Halo Top is not a good source of nutrients.

Beside above, is Halo top ice cream available in Canada? Attention low-cal iced dairy dessert lovers: Halo Top is now officially available in Canada! The popular guilt-free U.S. ice cream brand announced on its Canadian Instagram page today that it had finally landed in grocery stores around the country.

Also know, is Halo top ice cream Keto friendly?

Halo Top Has A Whole KetoFriendly Line Of Ice Creams Including A Jelly Donut Flavor. The ice creams, which cost $5.99 per pint, are made with skim milk and have net carb counts that range from 5 to 10 grams.

How much does Halo top ice cream cost?

The low-cal and low-sugar Sundae Shoppe pints areâget thisâabout half the price of Halo Top, ringing in at just $2.99 a pop.

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  • Sugary drinks. Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients in the modern diet.
  • Most pizzas. Pizza is one of the worlds most popular junk foods.
  • White bread.
  • Fried, grilled, or broiled food.
  • Pastries, cookies, and cakes.
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