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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Nothing Bundt Cakes Talks Nothing But Cakes

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip nails the peanut butter and chocolate combo. The moist peanut butter cake, combined with chocolate chips and the signature icing, meld seamlessly into a rich dessert that fans of both flavors will crave. It also has a homemade feel to it, like something your mom would bake for your birthday. Customers across the board seem to agree this flavor is one of Nothing Bundt Cakes’ absolute best. “This one is a KEEPER” one Facebook commenter gushed, while another wrote “Why would you get rid of this delectable peanut butter flavor??? It is SO heavenly!!!”

Considering how many delicious recipes Nothing Bundt Cakes whips up, it’s impressive how many people say this is their favorite. Heck, it’s even good enough to serve at the most special of occasions. “You have to make this a permanent flavor,” one implored. “It’s by far your best, and that’s saying something since everything you make is great! Side note: I ordered this flavor for my wedding, and everyone loved it.” It’s surprising a flavor like this is limited-edition, but if Nothing Bundt Cakes is reading this, maybe they’ll start offering it all the time. Take it from us and order it when it’s in stock. It really is that good.

How Many Bundtinis Does A Person Have

Because Bundtinis are single servings, youll need quite a few. We suggest 1.5 to 2 Bundtinis per person if it will be the only dessert. If the couple is serving other goodies, we suggest a 1:1 ratio. It can be quite beautiful to have a two-tiered bundt cake with an array of Bundtinis surrounding it.

How Much Does A Nothing Bundt Cakes Franchise Owner Make

Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise earnings and revenue can vary significantly from one franchisee to another. The Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise owner profits can be influenced by labor costs, lease rates, hours worked as well as other factors.

Nothing Bundt Cakes discloses financials at the unit level. In other words, they show how much Nothing Bundt Cakes franchisees made in the past. Through analyzing this information available in the metrics tab, it can serve as a good basis to further explore the opportunity or not.

At Vetted Biz, we advise you to speak with 5 to 10 franchisees to understand how much money they are making from the Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise. Roughly 60% of franchises disclose financials and it makes the process easier when filtering potential franchise opportunities like Nothing Bundt Cakes. Dont just speak to existing franchisees, call franchisees who have recently left the system and try to find out how much those Nothing Bundt Cakes owners were making.

Visit the Nothing Bundt Cakesmetrics tab to explore the financials for this business.

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How Much Do Nothing Bundt Cakes Cost

Nothing Bundt Cakes was established by Mara Fortin, who created the most sought-after dessert in San Diego.

While Mary Fortin was the first person in this area to open a Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise, she took the idea, recipes, and title from the original Nothing Bundt Cakes that was established by Dena Tripp and Debra Schwetz. These two ladies took the bundt cake recipes from their mothers, combined them, perfected them, and created one of the best bakeries out there.

Nothing Bundt Cakes Menu

nothing bundt cakes: How Much Is A Nothing Bundt Cakes Franchise

Nothing Bundt Cakes Menu offers a large variety of bundt cakes, including their classic Original Batter Cake. Bundt Cakes menu also includes other varieties such as the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Lemon Poppyseed Bundts.Nothing Bundt Cakes is a bakery that specializes in bundt cakes. Nothing Bundt cakes are typically made with butter, eggs, flour, and sugar. Although they have many other varieties of cake available for purchase, the most famous type is their Original Batter Cake which has been featured on the Food Networks The Best Thing I Ever Ate.Nothing Bundt Cakes are known to be one of Americas favourite baked goods. They were created by a woman named Hilda Dow, who was looking for a way to make an easy dessert that would look like it came from scratch.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes Menu Prices 2021

Nothing Bundt Cakes is a chain of cake shops specializing in bundt cakes. Nothing Bundt Cakes prices are a great deal considering some of their cakes can serve upwards of 30 people so your entire party might only need just one bigger bundt cake.

In addition to having 8 and 10-inch bundt cakes, they also have Tiered Bundt Cakes, which are cakes that have a 10-inch cake at the bottom, and an 8-inch cake at the top. The menu also includes small personal-sized bundt cakes called Bundtlets, stacked Bundles called Bundtlet Towers, and bite-sized bundt cakes called Bundtinis.

Below are the latest Nothing Bundt Cakes prices.

FOOD Frosted in a Bakery Box 8 Frosted in a Bakery Box 10 8 Cake Over 10 Cake $65.00

The Complete Menu Of Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt cakes serve a diverse array of bundt cakes in terms of flavor and sizes. Since its inception in 1997, it has spread its branches all over the US, opening bakeries in major US cities. Unfortunately, they have failed to keep up with the time demands and are among the most non-vegan-friendly cake bakeries.

Let us look at their popular flavors and verify whether there are any vegan options at Nothing Bundt cakes.

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Nothing Bundt Graduation Cakes

Round Nothing Bundt cakes can make great graduation cakes. The Cround for a day cake is an original graduation cake, Also, let your alumnus be the king or the queen of the day. Moreover, their best cake makes an elegant cake, suitable for alumni preparing to enter the corporate world. Also, the Center of Attention cake is another wonderful option, adding much joy to this special day.

Nothing Bundt Cakes Salary Faqs

The Dish | S7:E37 – Nothing Bundt Cakes

The average Nothing Bundt Cakes salary ranges from approximately $25,391 per year for a Dishwasher to $47,234 per year for a Bakery Manager. The average Nothing Bundt Cakes hourly pay ranges from approximately $9 per hour for a GSR to $17 per hour for a Manager. Nothing Bundt Cakes employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.8/5 stars.

The highest-paying job at Nothing Bundt Cakes is a Bakery Manager with a salary of $47,234 per year.

The lowest-paying job at Nothing Bundt Cakes is a Dishwasher with a salary of $25,391 per year.

Nothing Bundt Cakes employees attributed a compensation and benefits rating of 2.8/5 stars to their company. Read what they think about their salaries on our Compensation FAQ page for .

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How Much Does Nothing Bundt Cakes Cost

The cakes at Nothing Bundt Cakes are always priced differently depending on what you want to buy. A mini-cake can be as cheap as $3.99, but a larger decorated tiered bundt cake could cost upwards of $67. For more precise pricing and information about ordering make sure to check their official website.

Also read our articles about the cost of wedding cakes, Walmart cakes, or Cake Boss cakes.

You can also check out our table below for average prices you might stumble upon at your local franchise:

Type of Cake
$10 for two$15 for three

Keep in mind that these are only the average prices. As you might notice yourself, all locations will have their own prices, but usually, they will be very close to the ones we have gathered in our table.

The Nothing Bundt Cakes located in Sherman Oaks, CA, as an example, offers individual serving cakes for $3.99 and larger size bundts at a cost as high as $69, and as low as $21. There will be some differences within pricing depending on the location you visit but most of them should follow this pattern.

Inch Bundt Cakes Menu Prices

8-inch bundt cakes are a delightful option for any occasion. Their menu offers four different flavours: chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and almond. Our 8-inch cake prices range from $7 to $9 per slice. For a complete list of Bundt cakes menu items and pricing, please visit the below tables,

8 Inch Bundt Cakes Menu Serves

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Fdd Talk: How Much Does A Nothing Bundt Cakes Franchise Make

You will learn the following things from this FDD Talk post: Introduction to the Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise opportunity, including background information and current news updates.

Based on Item 7 of the companys 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document, Section II presents an estimate of the initial investment required to open a Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise.

Items 5 and 6 of the companys 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document govern the initial franchise fee, royalty charge, marketing cost, and other payments associated with a Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise.

The number of franchised and company-owned Nothing Bundt Cakes locations at the beginning and end of each year for 2018, 2019, and 2020, as reported in Item 20 of the companys 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document.

Nothing Bundt Cakes financial performance representations, based on Item 19 of the companys 2021 FDD, are presented and discussed in Section V. This section includes information on the following topics:

As of December 27, 2020, the average, median, highest, and lowest net revenues for 270 franchised bakeries , all of which have been in operation for at least 24 months, were calculated.

All 42 franchised Bakeries that opened during the 2018 calendar year and have been operational for a minimum of 24 months as of December 27, 2020 have reported average and median net revenues for the first and second full 12 months of operations.

How Long Is Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat Recipe Good For

Nothing Bundt Cakes

This Nothing Bundt Cakes copycat recipe seems to get better and better every day. It was good on day one, but it was fantastic a few days later. We’d recommend making it the day before you need it. That way, you won’t have to stress about letting it cool before frosting it, and it will taste even better than the first day.

If you really want to keep your Nothing Bundt Cakes copycat cake fresh, you’ll need to store it in the refrigerator, where it’s good for up to five days. It’s best to keep the cake whole and loosely wrap it in plastic wrap so it will stay as moist as possible. But, you could also store individual slices if you prefer.

If you still have leftovers , you can freeze them for up to three months. The best way to freeze this frosted bundt cake is to put it in the freezer for 15 minutes to set the frosting. Then, wrap it very tightly with a layer of plastic wrap. Finish by wrapping it in aluminum foil and store it in the freezer for up to three months. When you’re ready to eat, let the cake thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

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They Offer Several Flavor Options

You might be asking yourself just how much one can do with a Bundt cake. The answer is, plenty! The creativity over at Nothing Bundt Cakes is extraordinary with quite the extensive list of products to enjoy: standard Bundt cakes in a variety of sizes, tiered cakes, medium sized Bundtlets and Bundtlet Towers, and bite-sized Bundtinis, all of which can be turned into a themed showstopper for your next celebration or holiday get-together.

For each tasty treat, you have of the option going with just the cake or adding a drizzle of the bakery’s signature frosting which is made with velvety cream cheese and real butter. The extensive list of Nothing Bundt Cake flavors includes red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, carrot, lemon, marble, pecan praline, chocolate chocolate chip, and confetti, to name a few. There is even a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie flavor, though the company warns that it is not baked in a gluten-free environment.

Nothing Bundt Birthday Cake

The decorated cakes at Nothing Bundt are ideal for small and medium sized birthday parties. You can design your own cake or choose from one of the standard Nothing Bundt designs. The Happy Bundtday cake is topped with presents, flowers, a party hat, and a message saying happy birthday to the guest of honor. There are also themed birthday cakes for big birthday like turning 40 or 50. Other options include the many celebratory bundt cakes, which can be topped with cheerful banners, confetti, and flags. For birthday people with special interests like golf, Nothing Bundt also offers a variety of special themed designs. Kids will love the cute designs, including butterflies, princesses, and football, that are available for birthday bundt cakes.

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Common Questions About Salaries At Nothing Bundt Cakes

They’re Earning Nothing Bundt Rave Reviews

Nothing Bundt Cakes – 11/11/20

With hundreds of locations nationwide, Nothing Bundt Cakes has captured the hearts and appetites of people from all corners of the country. The bakery chain earns glowing praise across multiple websites including Yelp apparently people just can’t get enough of that magnificently moist, cream cheesy goodness.

One TripAdvisor user titles their review: “I Have No Words” and goes on to write , “I don’t like cake, honestly, but I LOVE these Bundt cakes. They are quite possibly the most delicious dessert I have ever eaten! They have new flavors regularly and have different sizes to fit all needs!” Another user gushes, “This is one of the best baked goods on earth in my book. I had a sample at a show in another town and was so excited to see a store in Cary on my visit. I had a lemon Bundlet, and it was perfection.”

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What Theyre Famous For

The answer to this question is already in the name of the business: Nothing Bundt Cakes. As mentioned above, they didnt really add other baked goods in their menu, so you can only really get bundt cakes from them.

This doesnt mean, however, that you dont have options. For starters, their bundt cakes come in two sizes, 8 inches and 10 inches. You can also get tiered cakes for larger gatherings. If you dont need to feed 8 to 30 people, however, you can just go for bundtlets and bundtinis which are smaller versions of the traditional bundt cake.

As each cake made at Nothing Bundt Cakes is handcrafted, you can also order them in various flavors. There are 10 flavors to choose from, so you also wont feel like you dont have much of a choice.

Nothing Bundt Cake Models

As the name implies, the store mostly creates bundt cakes that are shaped like a ring with a hole in the middle. You can order the cakes in a few different sizes, and they can be ordered as single cakes or tiered cakes. Nothing Bundt cakes come in many flavors, including chocolate, lemon, carrot, and vanilla. All of the cakes are frosted with plain icing, and some are also decorated with a festive sign or floral arrangement in the center. Nothing Bundt cake designs can be personalized through the addition of little notes stuck into the center bouquet.

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How Does Franchise Owner Make Money

Typically, franchisees own a portion of a corporation through equity, which means they have a financial stake in the enterprise. It is possible that the profitability of a firm does not correctly represent its underlying profitability. The owner might make a substantial amount of money if he or she sells the franchise.

About Nothing Bundt Cakes

How Much Are Nothing Bundt Cakes

In the restaurant industry, having a very specific offering isnt a new thing. Malt shops did it decades ago, juice bars and dessert shops continue to flourish, and cookie stores prove to be very successful concepts. With the right timing and raging trend, a very particular dish can conquer the market.

Still, it can be quite baffling how a very specific type of cake became so popular to start a chain of its own. Bundt cakes are popular among those who like to bake at home as it allows creativity but such enthusiasm doesnt always translate commercially. However, the success of the chains that specialize in such items tends to say otherwise.

Nothing Bundt Cakes prices, selection of products, and very friendly branding, certainly appealed to the general public, allowing the chain to grow to its large size today. Its pretty much the most popular and mainstream source of bundt cakes, so you can say that theyve cornered their market.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes Franchise Opportunities

In 1997, Friends Dena Tripp and Debra Shwetz cofounded Nothing Bundt Cakes outof Las Vegas. What started as an operation out of the womens kitchens meantto cater to their friends and family soon expanded to a full-fledged business.Nine years later, the business partners franchised their company, which hasspread to several states.

These Bundts Are Beautiful And Budget Friendly

A quick glance at Nothing Bundt Cakes’ will show you just how gorgeous one of these tasty treats can be. No matter what your occasion, be you in need of a Prettiest Princess Cake, a Baby Gender Reveal Cake, a Thanks With Frosting On Top Cake, or a MVP Football Cake, Nothing Bundt Cakes has got you covered. The options are endless. And at the center of your celebration table, this gorgeous dessert will serve as not only a crowd pleasing, sweet tooth-satisfying end to your meal, but a flavorfully festive and gorgeous centerpiece. So go ahead, snap those Insta-worthy photos and give them a post.

And while prices vary depending on location, a Nothing Bundt Cake is a fairly financially reasonable option for any budget, too. Compared to any number of fancy bakeries where a beautiful cake might set you back upwards of hundreds of dollars, a two-tiered, beautifully decorated Nothing Bundt Cake that serves up to 30 people will only cost you around $76 .

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