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We offer a huge range of equipment for making and decorating cakes. From cake mixers to cake dummies, a wide choice of cutters and moulds to embossers and texture sheets! We have smoothers, spacers, rulers and scrapers to help you achieve a professional finish on your celebration cakes and a range of icing tubes and accessories for perfect piping. You will find everything you need to create beautiful sugar flowers, including cutters, stamens and veiners plus stencils, crimpers and modelling tools to meet all your sugarcraft needs!

Get creative with an airbrush kit or edible lace to make stunning lace designs to adorn your cakes. If you are a student or just starting out in cake decorating, take a look at our great value essential kits too! Browse our full range of equipment and cake tools.

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Sugarcraft & Cake Decorating Supplies Specialist

Windsors CakeCraft are suppliers of cake decorations, sugarcraft supplies and cake decorating equipment. We carry a comprehensive range of essentials for all your cake decorating needs. These are available online, mail order or via our retail outlet. Whether you are looking for professional standard sugarcraft supplies wedding cake decorating equipment cake tins cake stands ribbons and cake packaging for a birthday cake then choose Windsors CakeCraft.

Based in the UK we have many years of experience in providing all the cake decorating equipment & sugarcraft supplies for your own bespoke wedding cake.

PLEASE NOTE: If you a visiting our store please note that our website prices do differ from our store prices on some products. Offers that may be available online do not apply in store as they are internet only offers. Please contact us if you wish to check on any available offers that we have in store.

Icing Frosting And Fondant

Before getting into the tools you need to decorate a cake, it helps to know the differences between icing, frosting, and fondant. All have their uses when decorating baked goods. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they arent exactly the same .

  • Icing is a fairly thin mixture of a liquid egg whites, milk, and water are all possible ingredients and confectioners sugar, along with food coloring to tint the mixture as desired. Icing runs along the surface of the cake, so is very useful for creating free-form lines and stripes. Its also very good for writing on cakes. Icing isnt usually flavored, so it has a simple, sugary taste. Once dry, it remains glossy.

  • Frosting is thick and fluffy, so it easily forms into peaks or swirls on a cake. It often has a butter base thats buttercream but the base can also be heavy cream, egg whites, or cream cheese. The base is mixed with confectioners sugar, along with any desired food coloring and flavor. The most basic way to decorate a cake is to cover the surface with frosting.

  • Fondant is a mixture of water, confectioners sugar, and corn syrup. A cake covered in fondant has a smooth, polished appearance this is the finish on most wedding cakes, for example. Because fondant is fairly stiff, its ideal for cutting or pressing into flowers, leaves, stars, or other shapes to adorn the top or sides of the cake. Fondant has a candy-like flavor on its own, but can be flavored or colored as you wish.

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Ny Cake: Shop For Baking Tools We Know You Love

Baking can be a little frustrating when you dont have the right tools. We know. Thats why at NY Cake, we make sure you have everything you need. From ingredients and tools to packaging products and decorations, youre in bakers heaven. If you need Baking Supplies Online, check out what we have in store for you.

Welcome To Our World Of Cake Decorating

VGEBY Cake Decorating Turntable Rotating Cake Stand Baking Supplies ...

Cake Craft World is the UK’s leading cake decorating and sugarcraft store with over 10,000 products. We offer a fabulous range of cake decorations, equipment, tools, books and packaging – with super fast delivery available. With so many cake decorating supplies we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Our friendly customers service team are here to help if you need any advice.

Run your own business ? We offer great discounts for businesses and in some product lines wholesale prices – just give us a call or use our contact form.

Love Cake Decorating? Check out Cake Decorating TV and discover thousands of hours of cake decorating tutorials. Whether you’re a home baker starting out or a seasoned professional, our experts are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

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Bake Delicious And Eye

If you operate a bakery, cafe, diner, market stand, or any other establishment selling baked goods, its important to have a varied selection of cake decorating supplies in stock. When you make us your cake decoration supply store, youll find all the products you need to add intricate details, colorful frosting, garnishes, and more to your cakes and cupcakes! Whether youre baking specialty goods for a formal event, or youre selling individual cakes in your shop, our selection of tools will help make the decorating process more efficient.

Pastry bags, piping tips, and couplers are some of the most necessary cake decorating supplies. They allow you to pipe icing into lettering, flowers, hearts, and other shapes. Youll also find various baking spatulas and smoothers that apply smooth and even layers of icing and fondant. Our revolving cake stands are also crucial to help you frost hard-to-reach areas on your cakes.

As your wholesale cake decoration supply store, we also carry products that help you craft specialty cakes for weddings and other upscale events. Our plates, pillars, dowel rods, and cake levelers allow you to construct sturdy multi-tiered cakes, while our cake fillers let you inject pastries with various fillings. You can also add shaved chocolate on top of baked goods with our garnishing tools.

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Welcome Cake Craft Shop

Shopping for cake decorations or cake making supplies?Whether you are looking for birthday cake toppers, cake decorating tools, cake mixes, icings, cake boxes and boards, we have it all at great prices! With over 9000 products we are the one-stop shop for all of your cake decorating supplies. If you need some help finding a product – use the chat icon below or drop us a message from our contact page. As a family business we care about our customers and are here to help.

New to Cake Craft Shop – Edible Photo PrintingPersonalise your cakes or cupcakes with our . We have 100’s of designs to suit all ages and hobbies. We use premium icing sheets in a printer specifically prepared for food use with edible ink. We print these in-house and despatch in double thick carded envelopes to prevent damage. Our kitchens have been given a 5 star hygiene rating by the local council.

Need some cake inspiration ?Check-out our project page for some fabulously free cake decorating ideas and tutorials. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll let you know when the next cake tutorial is ready. We’ll also send you a discount code to help you buy any products you may need.

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Wholesale For Large Scale Consumers

A special occasion calls for a special cake. Have you turned your passion for baking and cake decorating into your profession? Do you complete birthdays, weddings and other special events of your customers by delivering beautiful cakes full of surprising flavours with the greatest care? That’s also where our company once started. So when selecting our range, we certainly also think of cake designers, professional home bakers and other large scale consumers.

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Cake Decorating Supplies from Amazon

There’s nothing more appealing to customers than the aroma of freshly baked goods. Thanks to our selection of baking equipment, dry ingredients, and other bakery essentials, customers will be lined up at your business in no time.

Choose our high quality baking supplies to ensure evenly done desserts every time! To prevent dough from sticking and pans from warping, we stock highest quality cookie sheets and cake molds, as well as hundreds of disposable bakery supplies like pan liners, foil pans, cupcake wrappers, and taster spoons.

Our baking tools and utensils cut down on the time you spend prepping ingredients in your commercial kitchen, and once you’re all done our cake decorating supplies let you put the final touches on specialty cakes, pies, and other treats. We’ve got you covered right down to the sprinkles you add to cupcakes!

When it comes to merchandising popular items like pastries and freshly baked bread, our crystal clear bakery display cases will help attract the attention of potential patrons, while our cake boxes and containers provide you with an easy way to package baked goods on-the-go.

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The Cake Decorating Company

The Cake Decorating Company is the UK’s largest retailer of cake decorating supplies, stocking the basics from sugarpaste, cupcake boxes, cake tins, cake stands and boards to the latest in innovative products. Working closely with world renowned cake artists and designers, we help bring revolutionary products to market, meeting the demands of thousands of customers on a daily basis. Not to mention we stock all of the biggest brands in the cake decorating universe, including major favourites like Renshaw, Massa Ticino, Roxy & Rich, Spectrum Flow, Cake Lace, Katy Sue Designs, Karen Davies, LorAnn and many more. We also stock the best edible printers and chocolate moulds too!

Our online store is tailored to meet the needs for both beginners and expert cake decorators, offering advice daily from 9am to 5:30pm via our online chat, email, or by phone. We are highly regarded for our professionalism and attention to detail, having built an enviable reputation for offering the best customer service to our clients both in the UK and abroad.

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Essential Cake Decorating Supplies

When I am decorating a cake I usually have a few keys supplies on hand.

-rotating cake stand

-small offset spatula

-bench scraper

Being able to turn the cake while you are decorating is a wonderful thing! I really like this rotating cake stand is this one by Ateco. It is very sturdy and always turns smoothly.

By far my favorite tool is an offset spatula. It works on big and small cakes alike and is very easy to use. Find an offset spatula here.

Bench scrapers are using for the final, smooth layer of buttercream on a cake. If you chose to cover the chocolate candy cake with buttercream a bench scraper would help to make sure your frosting is smooth and seamless! This is my favorite GIR Bench Scraper. It is slightly flexible and works on any cake stand!

Here is a video showing how I decorated these cakes:

Want more cake decorating ideas? Check out these popular designs:

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Exclusive Distributor Of Funcakes

As the exclusive distributor of FunCakes, CakeSupplies is the number one wholesale for purchasing FunCakes baking products. The brand offers a wide range of baking mixes, sugar paste, marzipan, flavourings, colourings and decorations with a very wide choice of colours and flavours. FunCakes products enable hobby bakers to effortlessly make beautiful, creative treats with great taste from their own kitchens. Favourite among many home bakers and therefore indispensable in every bake shop.

Cake Decorating Supplies Ship Free

Basic cake decorating kit  CakeJournal.com

Like you, were cake decorating supply aficionados too, and we dont carry any cake decorating supply we wouldnt use ourselves. We carry many styles like pens, icing combs and icing tips, and were happy to declare that each product we sell here at BuyCakeDecoratingSupplies.com is only the highest quality from every blade to every bag!

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Welcome To Cake Stuff

Cake Stuff is the UKs top online store for cake decorating equipment and sugarcraft supplies, with famously low prices and award-winning friendly service. We remain a small, family-run business based in the historic village of Lesmahagow, in Lanarkshire, around 20 miles South of Glasgow in the tropical South West of Scotland. Here, among the palm trees and golden sands, suitably protecting ourselves against the strong sun, we ship orders to 125,000+ lovely cake-making customers all over the world.

Cake Stuff now operates from one super duper state-of-the-art warehouse, offering our customers a massive and ever-growing range of over 11,000 different baking, cake decorating and sugarcraft goodies from all the top brands. Cake Stuff is famous for low prices, fast delivery and friendly service plus we have thousands of Trade and Wholesale customers too, and our regular email newsletters are filled with news of new products and special offers so sign up and join in the fun!

How To Make A Sprinkles Cake

Bake cake in two 6-inch round cake pans. Prepare vanilla buttercream.

Set the first cake layer on cake stand. Spread buttercream between layers when stacking cake. Cover cake in a rough crumb coat.

Set cake stand on a cookie sheet. Take sprinkles in your clean hand and press into the side of the cake starting at the bottom and working up. Keep a clean towel nearby in case frosting gets on your hand. Press sprinkles over entire cake. You can stop at any time and scoop up the sprinkles that have fallen on the cookie sheet.

Using a fondant smoother or piece of parchment paper, press firmly against the sides and top of the sprinkle covered cake. Chill until ready to serve.

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And For Retailers In Cake Decoration

The vast majority of our customers are retailers in cake decoration. We supply small baking shops and large chains, and everything in between. Our products from 30 top brands are in shelves throughout all of Europe. Do you also run a baking shop or would you like to add a baking assortment to your cooking store, bakery or supermarket? With CakeSupplies as your one-stop-shop, you buy everything from one party. Your orders are delivered from our own warehouse in Amsterdam, meaning we can keep delivery times short and reliable. And our enthusiastic sales and marketing team will be happy to support you in determining your range and setting up your store.

Tools For Cake Decorating

Easy Cake Decorating Tools for Beginners | Part 121

Youve baked your cake and let it cool. Now its time to decorate! There are many different tools to accomplish the task. The ones you need depend on what you hope to create, as well as the type of frosting youre using.

Cake board or drum: Most often made of heavy cardboard, and sometimes covered with foil, every cake sits on a cake board. It gives the dessert a firm support so you can pick up and transport the cake without it falling apart. A cake drum is a sturdier cake board used to support heavy or multi-tiered cakes.

Cake turntable: Unless you want to walk around and around your cake while decorating it, youll need a cake turntable to make the process smooth and easy. Its basically a lazy Susan on a stand.

Off-set spatula: A long, thin spatula with an angled shape, this tool is a must for smoothing frosting over the top and sides of your cake.

Fondant smoother: A flat paddle with a small handle, the fondant smoother evenly spreads the fondant over a cakes top and sides for a smooth and perfect finish.

Fondant rollers: Available in large and small sizes, bakers use these to roll the fondant out into a thin sheet prior to laying it over the cake or cutting out shapes.

Piping bags: Disposable bags are plastic reusable bags are generally cloth. Either way, icing fills the bag, which has a small opening at the pointed end covered by an icing tip.

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