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What Size Cake Stand Do I Need

Best White Cake Stand With Dome And Lid

You will want to choose a cake stand that is the same size or bigger than the bottom tier of your cake. Most tiered cakes are created on a cake board and, ideally, your cake board and cake stand will be the same size.

If you have chosen a simple cake design with minimal decorations, a cake stand that is the same size as the bottom tier of your cake will create a seamless transition from the cake to the cake stand. If your cake design has embellishments, such as flowers, you will want to use a cake stand that is bigger than the bottom tier of your cake to provide a small ledge for the embellishments.

I recommend never using a cake stand that is smaller than your cake board in order to ensure that your cake is as stable as possible. If you have any questions about the size of your cake or cake board, it is best to ask your baker.

Extra Tip When choosing a cake stand, make sure the top plate is completely flat so that it supports your cake properly. Any dips in the top plate can cause your cake to sag and ruin the design. All of Sarahs Stands cake stands feature a flat top plate for this reason.

Cake Stands Plates Holders & Platters

Whether you’re serving cured meats and cheeses or birthday treats and desserts, create a dazzling presentation atop cake pedestals and stands. For formal dinners and holiday gatherings, arrange homemade confections on a glass stand as a centerpiece for the dining room table. Alternatively, set up a multi-level dessert bar on a sideboard or buffet with tiered servers and platters in matching styles. Mix and match materials to create an eclectic spread for pair a wood cake stand with metallic or . Serve hard cheeses and berries at the bar with wines that emphasize hidden aromas and muted flavors. For everyday, grab-and-go snacks, keep fresh produce or baked goods on a pedestal atop a kitchen table or island. Complete the look with glass domes or cloches that add flair to fresh baked goods.

An Overview On Cake Stands

Whether youre a baking pro or just learning how to frost your first masterpiece, the right cake stand can elevate any creation. Placing your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and bars on a stand will make your countertop feel like a professional bakery. It also makes your baked goods more appealing at bake sales or other public events.

There are two types of cake stands: functional and display. Functional cake stands are simple stands that rotate 360 degrees to help you ice and decorate every inch of your cake. Theyre made of materials like acrylic, stainless steel, silicone and aluminum alloy.

Functional cake stands often come with sets of decorating tools, like spatulas, decorating combs and icing smoothers. The best functional cake stands have safeguards to keep your cake in place as you ice it. Look for features like non-slip surfaces and rubber feet to prevent a decorating disaster.

Display cake stands show off your cakes once youre done decorating them. Theyre made from food-grade acrylic, metal or even wrought iron. Theyre often adorned with tassels, beads and fun colors.

Single-level cake stands are great for presenting full-sized cakes at birthday parties or professional catering events. They also class up ordinary cakes on your kitchen counter. Tiered cake stands are best for showing off batches of cupcakes or other small sweets.

Now that youve got some basic knowledge about cake stands, you can read our Tips & Advice for nitty-gritty details

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What Is A Cake Board

A cake board is a cardboard disc that your cake is built on and it is used to help transport your cake to the venue. There are a variety of cake board sizes available and the design of your cake determines the size of the cake board.

I recommend using a cake stand that is the same size as your cake board. If you do not know the size of your cake board, consult with your baker.

The Cake Stand Buying Guide

Arthur Court Grape 14
  • Think about what kinds of baked goods you make the most frequently before you buy. If youre all about full-sized cakes, a single-level cake stand is best. If youre a cupcake aficionado, select a tiered cake stand to show them off.
  • Check out the size and weight limits on your cake stand before you buy.
  • How often do you bake? If you only make cakes and cupcakes for special occasions, an inexpensive acrylic or plastic stand will be more financially appropriate. Frequent bakers should feel free to invest in a pricier option with tassels or a fancy paint job.
  • Most cake stands from online vendors will come in pieces that need to be assembled. Check and see that you have any tools you might need before you buy.
  • If youre buying a functional cake stand to help you ice and decorate your cake, make sure that it looks nice enough to double as a display cake stand. If it doesnt, be very careful when youre transferring your cake from the functional stand to its final destination.
  • Scope out any included tools that come with a functional cake stand. Most of them come with scrapers , decorating combs and spatulas . These sets are a great way to learn the basics of cake decorating without spending a ton of money.
  • Some cake stands are dishwasher safe, but handwashing will help them last longer. Acrylic and plastic stands will wipe clean with a wet cloth and some dish soap. More complex materials like steel or wrought iron may require special cleaning solutions.

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Why Do I Need A Cake Stand

A wedding cake stand is the secret weapon that will make all of your guests ooh-and-aah over your cake.

It is the perfect finishing touch as it will add height and drama to the cake presentation. It can be the splash of color that brings your cake design together or it can make a simple design sublime. I often say that a cake stand is like a perfect pair of high heels for a glamorous dress.

Added Bonus: Your cake stand will make all the future celebrations in your new, happily married life that much sweeter.

Did you knowA cake stand makes smaller cakes look bigger. If youre on a budget, this is a simple way to add some oomph to your cake presentation.

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Inch Cake Stand With Dome

How Do I Pick A Color For My Cake Stand

M1 Max 14-inch MacBook Pro Battery Performance | Low Power Mode

Choosing your cake stand color is an opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors, accentuate a specific feature of your cake, or add color to a simple cake design.

Making a bold choice like pink or mint can make your whole cake presentation stand out. Or, you can choose a subtle color like black or silver that will add height and drama to your presentation. When in doubt, a white cake stand is a classic choice that is always in style with any design.

Choosing a color will depend on your style and the type of display you would like to have for your cake. Thinking about your cake stand as a part of the overall cake design can lead to stunning results. If you are having trouble picking a color for your cake stand, contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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Showing Results For Cake Dome

This Deyoung Cake Stand has been an all time favourite. Artistically designed to coordinate beautifully with any tabletop décor. Rest assured this cake dome will make a statement of elegance, thereby changing the ambiance from the simplest affair to an upscale event.

  • Overall: 7.8” H x 11.5” W x 11.5” L
  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 7”
  • Overall Product Weight: 1.1lb.

Good size and tall enough for high cakes, something I didn’t find elsewhere with shopping around. much easier and works.. Laverne. Island View, NB. 2021-07-09 07:16:25

Have your cake and your punch, too. This cake stand with cover does double duty so you can meet all of your holiday party demands. Use it as a cake stand with a lovely fluted base and dome cover. Or turn it upside down, and you have a punch bowl and pedestal stand. Made of elegant yet heavy patterned glass in a simple design. Dishwasher safe. Made in the USA.

  • Overall: 10.5” H x 12” W x 12” L

Add an upscale flair to parties and potlucks with this Footed Round Serving Board made from beautiful, durable Acacia wood with a tall, elegant glass dome perfect for cakes, desserts, pastries, cheese plates, muffins, and more. This set includes an 11.6-inch round serving board and tall glass dome.

  • Overall: 11.75” H x 11.6” W x 11.6” L
  • Overall: 7” H x 13” W x 12” L

What Else Can You Use A Cake Stand For

Cake stands are great to use for decoration when not using for desserts. Put one at the center of the table and place candles and seasonal decor on it. You can also put some fruits on it for easy access to enjoy as a snack or after a meal. Let your creative juices flow to make your own unique decoration with a cake stand.

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Make Any Dessert Look Elegant With These Displays

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Having the perfect cake stand in your kitchen is like having the perfect little black dress in your closet.Even the most basic cake stand can take a dessert from the simple to the sublime. It’s also incredibly versatile. Place it on your dining room table stacked high with fresh muffins for breakfast, center it on your living room coffee table with wedges of cheese and a handful of pretzels for guests, or make a space for it on your kitchen counter with lots of colorful fresh fruit to snack on whenever you pass it . Brownies made from a box become gourmet treats when cut and placed in a pyramid on your cake stand, and layer cakes become instantly picturesque.

This selection of the best cake stands intentionally has a wide range of styles and sizes so you can get a feel for what suits you best.

How Much Weight Can A Cake Stand Hold

Amazon.com: Guzzini Tiffany Collection Raised Cake Stand ...

This will depend on the manufacturer and quality of the cake stand you choose. After youve spent all that time designing your wedding cake, you want to make sure your cake stand will support the weight of such a large cake.

You can test out your cake stand by stacking books or dumb bells on it that equal the same weight as your cake. Or, you can get a Sarahs Stands cake stand that is specifically designed to hold the weight of tiered cakes. We even have a snazzy weight chart here on the right of the maximum weight we recommend for each size cake stand.

As you can see, our cake stands can easily support the weight of tiered cakes. In fact, the maximum weight capacity is well over the weight of an average size cake.

Cake Stand Size

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Get Your Cake Stand Online

That delicious looking cake you just spent all that time preparing, baking and decorating? It deserves to be displayed on a cake stand that is just as beautiful. That’s why at Catch, we offer all different types of cake stands – various designs, colours and sizes, that are guaranteed to make your cake a true head turner. No matter what the occasion – celebrating a birthday, tying the knot with that special someone, or getting that perfect shot for instagram, you’ll be glad to have a cake stand on hand!

The Amalfi Decor Glass top stand is essential for anyone looking to display their cute little cupcakes on a luxurious 3 tier cake stand. While the Maxwell & Williams Red Cake Stand is perfect for those looking to serve their cake on a subtle yet elegant cake stand. And the beauty with Catch is, it’s so simple! All 100% online and delivered straight to your door, piece of cake! Plus,with free shipping for so many cake stands, that’s a cherry on top. Shop now at Catch and save BIG.

Grape Cake Stand With Glass Dome

Handmade Aluminum Tableware

All Arthur Court products are made from high-quality aluminum, a lightweight metal that combines well with other materials, such as glass, wood, and acrylic. Our signature aluminum is handcrafted and sand-casted into unique shapes of detailed brilliance.

Over 50 Years of Innovative Designs

Arthur Court Designs has always been at the forefront of innovative designs and function. With a flair for the whimsy and a passion for nature, our designs have become a timeless addition to the countless connoisseurs who continue to add to their collections with each new introduction. All our products are designed in California and hand-made by our artisans around the world. Each creation has the individuality of the craftsmen who have cast these pieces from the raw aluminum to the beautiful table decorations you see today.

“The Perfect Accent Piece for my Home”

“This was the perfect accent piece for my home. I have several Arthur Court pieces. I love all of them, but the cake stand is my favorite. It is hard to find craftsmanship like this. This is a beautiful and well made piece!”

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