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Is This Teddy Bear Named Buttons

Baby Shower cake/guess gender cake idea

It should be. A blue teddy bear tops this cute 2-tiered, 2-colored baby shower cake. The bottom tier is adorned with buttons covering the sides while the upper tier features baby clothes hanging from a clothesline. And theres the most perfect spot for babys name! This is another very well-designed cake you cant stop staring at.

Best Baby Shower Cake Inscriptions

What should I write on a baby shower cake? If you still have a hard time deciding on baby shower cake inscriptions, then look no further. In that regard, whether you keep things a secret till the babys birthday. Or, when the gender is unknown, it is best to put gender-neutral cake sentiments.

Moreover, baby showers are all about the joy and excitement of welcoming a new baby into the world. Because of that, the cake will indeed be the focus of the celebration. That is why there must be meaningful wordings on a baby shower cake. In addition to that, baby shower cake inscriptions will interest everyone. Not only that but also with thoughtful and specific sayings, you are sure to make fun and loving memories.

  • Tips and Tricks For What To Write On Baby Shower Cake
  • Natural Woodland Baby Shower Cake

    Not only is this cake elegant and unique because of its towering height, itâs topped with real green foliage as well as blue macarons placed strategically on the top and sides. Plus, thereâs a little baby boy figurine at the top with balloons for a sweet touch. This cake can easily fit into many different baby shower themes for boys, not just a woodland theme.

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    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

    Your little star will be shining bright with this lovely gender neutral twinkle twinkle little star theme! This stars theme is such a sweet theme for any time of the year.

    The whites, silvers, and golds are a great color scheme, but you could always make it more colorful with blues and purples ! Just dont forget your Twinkle Twinkle Little Star banner and some moon and star balloons!

    Baby Shower Cake Sayings According To The Theme

    Cakes by Joanna: Baby Shower

    Some people look for a theme party, which is a great idea to set things in a particular way. Here we have included some interesting themes for an amazing baby shower. Look for your favourite theme and cake wordings related to it.

    1. Winnie the Pooh

    • We made a wish, and you came true.
    • Think it over, think it under. Ill be your Thunder!
    • I wonder whats going to happen?

    2. Blue/Pink Theme

    • Pink or blue, we welcome you!
    • Girl or Boy, Bundle of Joy.
    • He or She? Cut the cake and see!
    • Pink or blue, I cant wait to hold you.
    • Girl or boy, you will bring us joy!

    3. Nursery Rhyme Theme

    • Ten Little Fingers! Ten Little Toes!
    • Twinkle twinkle, little star, how we wonder who you are.

    5. Jungle Safari Theme

    • Our little deer is just about here.
    • Baby, Its a Wild World!
    • Welcome, little bug, with a kiss and a hug!

    6. Circus Theme

    • A bouncing baby boy is coming to stay.
    • Welcome to the circus, little peanut!
    • Hoot hoot! Here comes something cute!

    7. Royal Theme

    • Come fast, princess of our heart!
    • Daddys little princess and mommys pride!
    • King of the world!

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    Baby Girl Cake With Pink Sneakers

    This is another one of the cakes for girls! It has two tiers. The bottom one is covered with shades of pink ruffles and a purple ribbon and bow. The top tier is pink with white dots. That one also has a purple ribbon at the bottom. A really sweet and girly addition are the pink baby sneakers placed on the upper tier. The upper tier also has a space for a message.

    The Best Time Of Day For A Baby Shower

    The timing of your baby shower is actually really relevant to your baby shower cake. If youre having a brunch baby shower at 10:30AM, you may end up taking a lot of that cake home! Some people just cant stomach a lot of sweets before its even lunchtime.

    I always like to have parties involving cake later in the afternoon even close to dinnertime. Yes, Ill have to feed my guests dinner, but a variety of simple finger foods can easily fill everyone up. Plus, this means your cake is more likely to not only be eaten, but completely devoured! Thats one less leftover you have to pack up.

    Even better? Youll have more time on the day of the shower to finish the baby shower cake including deciding how to write your favorite greeting on the cake before the party starts. That way everything is fresh without you having to rush to get it done.

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    Southwestern Baby Shower Cake

    Cactus-themed decorations are really in right now. This naked-style cake is decorated with a cutout cactus made from fondant. Add the babyâs name if youâre sure the mom-to-be has decided on it and is happy to share it, or write something more generic like âTaco âbout a baby!â To add more, you could add cactus blooms or different types of cacti in different heights and sizes.

    Unisex Baby Shower Cake Sayings

    DIY Baby Shower Cake – Gender Neutral & Easy!

    Some families decide not to reveal the gender of their baby. They like to keep it a surprise until the baby arrives. Although the decision should be respected, that does not mean the party should be a boring affair. We have included some adorable baby shower cake sayings that are gender neutral with a great message for parents-to-be. Here are some cute and quirky cake wordings that will surely steal the show:

    • Hey sweetheart, please come fast!
    • Bowties or bows? Nobody knows!
    • Coming soon! A parcel of happiness!
    • Hurray! A miracle is on the way!
    • Knock knock, a bundle of joy is arriving from the top.
    • Shower of Happiness, Shower of Love.
    • Rock and roll and welcome a beautiful soul.
    • The apple of mummys eye is arriving soon from the sky.
    • Pink or Blue! We have no clue! God bless Baby and You.
    • Someone special, someone dear, someone NEW is almost here!

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    Little Cutie Baby Shower Theme

    Whats sweeter than honey? A honey-bee baby shower theme! If youre a fan of yellow then this is the perfect gender-neutral baby shower for you.

    The honeycomb shaped cupcake holder is just precious. And those honey bee cookies? So sweet! This would also be a great theme for some lemon cake to snack on too! Who doesnt love a dessert table?

    With a whole set of matching honey bee baby shower decorations, your baby shower will have all your guests buzzing with excitement!

    Sending A Loving Message

    No matter the theme, color scheme, or type of shower, the words on a baby shower cake should express love in a way the new parents will appreciate. There are no hard and fast rules about what to say on this type of cake. Get creative, keep it short and sweet, and give the new family a celebration they’ll never forget.

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    On The Move Cake For Boys

    Heres one of the smaller baby shower cakes that is still 2-tiered. Shown on the cake are all the kinds of things boys love that move, a car, a truck, a helicopter, a hot air balloon and a train engine topper. All pictured against a smooth sky blue background with clouds. Lovely.

    Hot Air Balloon Fantasy With Animals

    Baby Shower Cake

    Several little animals are involved in getting the balloon ready for takeoff. Soft white puffs surround them. The balloon itself is amazing! Its so well-designed with blue stripes on white, a ring of pearls encircling a pink flag atop the balloon. A pink banner draping around the balloon is held in place with pretty yellow bows. The wicker basket already has a couple of passengers. Gorgeous.

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    Welcome Baby Boy Cake

    If youâre looking for something simple, this cake with its âWelcome Baby Boyâ message is it. And it wouldnât be that difficult to bake this cake at home. You would just need to roll out some fondant dyed in different colors to cover the cake. Then use alphabet cookie cutters to create the lettering, or pipe it on with frosting.

    Sleeping Like A Baby In The Clouds

    This might be the best one yet! In the year 2018 creativity has no limits. This topsy-turvy, dreamy 2-tiered wonder takes your breath away. A realistic-looking baby tops this cake with an impossibly long blanket draped across both tiers. A crescent moon, stars, and clouds surround the precious sleeping infant.

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    Jungle Animal Trio Baby Shower Cake

    This unique cake design will be a perfect addition to the table at your baby shower! An elephant, a giraffe, and a lion are toppers on three separate multi-layered creations. Displayed at different heights and of different color schemes they work together nicely and certainly make a statement.

    Baby Shower Cake Sayings

    How to Make Mini Diaper Cakes | Pampers Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas

    The essential part of a baby shower cake is heartfelt sayings. Because of that, the parents will indeed appreciate the thought and effort in wishing their lovely new child. Besides, you can use these sayings as inspirations to write your own baby shower cake inscriptions.

    Gender Reveal

    For the most part, gender reveals party is when the loving parents let their families and friends know what the gender of the baby will be. In this regard, it is indeed plenty of fun. So with that, if you plan to have one, then these sayings are ideal for the cake.

  • Girl or boy, a bundle of joy!
  • Blue or pink, what do you think?
  • Guns or glitter?
  • Bowties or bows? Nobody knows!
  • Little he or little she?
  • Mom and dad are full of joy. Lets welcome their new girl or boy!
  • Heels or wheels?
  • Welcome to the circus, little peanut.
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    + Awesome Baby Shower Cakes To Match The Event Youre Planning

    Are there some cake ideas here that match your baby shower idea? These cakes are so great that one of them may give you an idea! It could work either way. The main point is that the cake will be an important element at the baby shower. Hopefully, one of these baby shower cake pictures will inspire and guide you in your planning. Most important is that you have fun planning this event, and get lots of help, both professionally and from friends and family. The day will be enjoyable and make lots of great memories for everyone!

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    + Cool And Trendy Baby Shower Cakes To Choose From

    Cakes are the centerpiece at parties for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. At a baby shower party, the cake should reflect the parents style, the colors in the other decorations, the gender of the baby if known, or the date of the babys birth. The pink for girls and blue for boys is traditional. The cake should be the right size for the number of guests. Youll see from these 50 pictures that many are cute, sophisticated or funny and usually have a theme. A message can also be written on the cake. Most have a topper or main design focus on the top. Popular trends are elephants, woodland scenes, hot air balloons, monkeys and realistic detail are seen in cakes seen on the internet and in bakery advertising. Toys, storks and teddy bears are still pretty common too. Many of the cake ideas are tall with multiple tiers which makes a visual statement. Cake design is an art that has gotten more impressive with new icings and techniques being used. Take a look at our gallery and find the best ideas for 2018!

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    How To Have A Gender

    Good news! Theres barely any extra work involved in planning a gender-neutral baby shower than there is when having a traditional one.

    Its Easy

    It really just comes down to specifying your theme to your guests so they can send the appropriate gifts and so you can modify your games a bit. And the best part is that gender-neutral showers work well with either physical or virtual events!

    Before we explain more, decide what type of baby shower you want to throw. There are in-person gender-neutral baby shower options, or you might choose to host a virtual baby shower with a gender-neutral theme. WebBabyShower offers plenty of templates, as well as ready-made and beautiful gender-neutral themes.

    If you cant decide and like both ideas, why not opt for a hybrid baby shower? This combines the best elements of an in-person and a virtual event into something more inclusive and fun, with opportunities for all guests to participate.

    Check out our detailed guide youll find all the information you could want about hosting an in-person or virtual gender-neutral event.

    Peter Rabbit Party

    This classic story can make a beautiful theme for your party. Add fun childrens books and a lot of outdoor greenery to make it feel like a garden, even while indoors. This is also the perfect moment for a rustic tiered cake, and pastel colors like peach and white.

    Bohemian Look

    + Amazing Baby Shower Cake Ideas That Will Inspire You

    Baby Shower Cake

    Okay, if you stumbled upon on this article I am sure you need a baby shower idea, so start looking at these wonderful baby shower cake designs! The cake will set the tone for all the other decisions and it offers deliciousness of course, but its a decorating element too that adorns the food table. The mom, or guest of honor, expects a cake thats personalized according to what she likes and anything known about the baby. So to satisfy her we deliver the coolest baby shower cake pictures that will inspire you.

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    Simple Elegance And Shine

    The rings of grayish-silver hues on the bottom half are repeated on the upper tier by the gray umbrella-toting elephant cake topper. Well-thought-out color choices include the yellow fondant on the upper tier repeated by the yellow umbrella which is tied with a silver ribbon. This is a very sophisticated elephant baby shower cake design.

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    Creamy Piped Abstract Shapes As Topper

    Soft pink and vivid green colors are blended to create the abstract topper with a contrasting background of green. The green drips down over the sides which makes another pretty contrast to the pale pink. Its gorgeous! Guests will be tempted to stick their fingers in that piped topper! This is a very modern and unique cake design.

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    Sleek Giraffe And Balloon Design

    This is one of the clean-edged baby shower cakes that is very modern and sleek. This one is just one tall tier and has a giraffe topper next to a pink balloon. The sides are scattered with stylized clouds and the word baby! is prominently piped on among the clouds. Its one of the baby shower cakes that could be gender neutral.

    What To Write On A Baby Shower Cake: 50+ Cute Messages

    BABY Gender reveal cake | Cake decorating tutorials | Sugarella Sweets

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    No baby shower is complete without some form of cake. From sentimental to serious, the baby shower cake inscription can pull the theme together and convey warm wishes for the parents-to-be. Learn what to write on a baby shower cake for any occasion.

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    Ready To Pop Baby Shower Ideas

    I thought this Mommy is About to POP baby shower theme was beyond adorable! Its also very fitting to use the phrase Ready to POP for this unique baby shower theme idea!

    Perfect for a summer pregnancy and I loved all the bright, vivid colors as well as the adorable prints! My sweet friend Robyn put so much thought into the party decoration and it came together so perfectly.

    What is a baby shower without baby shower favors? The Orange Crush soda bottles were a fun way to incorporate the Ready to Pop baby shower theme as well as served as an adorable gift and decor while being something a little different instead of the typical candy bar or themed sugar cookies.

    Baby shower games are aways the best part of a baby shower! A fantastic gender neutral baby shower game activity is to have guests write messages on baby diapers using a sharpie. It makes those middle of the night diaper changes more enjoyable to read inspirational quotes, encouraging words, or a funny phrase. Plus it doubles as an awesome baby shower gift for the mom-to-be to take home too!

    You can see more of the Ready to Pop baby shower ideas here!

    Taking Baby For A Stroll

    This cream-colored, smooth-edged baby shower cake has decorative flowers growing up from greenery as a border on the bottom edge. Its topper is a mom in a straw hat pushing a pink baby buggy which holds a smiling baby. This cake is very springlike and so different than most of the others.

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