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Stripes And A Bow Cute And Modern

Baby Boy Cake Ideas for First Birthdayï½New Born Baby Cake Design

If you have been looking for a simple and clean cake for your baby shower, go no further! Make a two-tiered cake. Decorate one with blue and white stripes of fondant, while coating the other with a simple white fondant and tying a blue bow around it. For a special effect, create baby shoes out of either fondant or marzipan, placing them on the top tier.

An Elegant Cake Blue And White

When designing a cake for a baby boys shower, you cant really go wrong with using blue and white as the main colours. A great and elegant way to decorate a cake is by creating small fondant pearls and sticking them to the sides of the cake. The pearls will give your cake an elegant glow. You can also create fondant baby shoes, to place on the top of the cake.

Baby Booties Baby Shower Cake

Whatâs more symbolic of a baby than a pair of cute little booties? This baby shower cake features a topper with fondant booties in a pale blue. But the idea works well in pink, or any other colour to match the baby showerâs colour theme. Try yellow if itâs a gender-neutral event or spice up your baby shower cake with other colours, like green and gold.

If youâre planning a diaper cake, you can place a pair of real booties on top to match the baby shower cake.

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Giraffe Theme Baby Shower Cake

For something a bit over the top and fabulous, consider a giraffe theme for your baby shower and cake. You can make a tiered baby shower cake that either resembles the giraffeâs long neck or has a giraffe as a topper. Or, opt for another popular jungle animalâa lion, tiger, gorilla, or zebra. Itâs easy to pair this cake with an entire .

Send Yummy New Born Baby Cakes In The Uae Via Our Hassle

Christening, Baby Shower &  Holy Communion Cakes

Do you want to extend your love for the newborn baby? Convey your wishes for the newborn baby and parents with our lip-smacking cakes. Our wide variety of newborn baby cakes are baked by expert chefs using the best quality ingredients and delivered with utmost care. With our hassle-free delivery services, you can get cakes delivered at your preferred destination in the UAE. The flexible delivery services provided by FNP allows you to schedule same-day, midnight, and next-day delivery of cakes across the UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, and Al Ain. Apart from the newborn baby cakes, you can also browse our selection of kids birthday cakes and baby shower cakes. Our delightful cakes adorned with attractive designs and patterns are sure to enhance the excitement of celebrations and get everyone in the fun mood.


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Welcome Cake For New Born Baby Boy

The welcome wishes for the new born baby girl are sent through beautiful cards and lovely gifts for the new born girl as well as the parents. Consider taking one of the sayings below and customizing it for the guest of honor.

Baby Bootie Cake Decorating Photos

Twentyone Cakes By Annie

Stork Delivers Diaper Cake Baby Boy

Oh Boy Shades Of Green And Blue

Now, heres a baby shower cake which looks absolutely fantastic! If you are expecting a baby boy, you will want to decorate your baby boy cake in boyish colours. Blue and green are perfect colours to use for a baby shower cake for boys. Naturally, its up to you on how many tiers youd like to create for your cake and there are limitless ways to use these two colours to make your cake look fabulous. Something funny to further decorate your cake with is creating letters out of fondant which spells out oh boy. Not only does this reveal the gender of the baby, but it also stands for the big adventure of raising a child.

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Diaper Cake For Newborn Boy

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  • Baby Bottom Baby Shower Cake

    Baby Shower Cake | Fondant Sneakers & Buttercream Ruffles

    Bunny bottom cakes and cupcakes were a trend for the longest time, so why not cute baby bottoms? This baby shower cake idea can work well in either pink or blue, or any colour. You can even match or coordinate with the partyâs theme! This cake goes well with a diaper cake or guests bringing diapers as gifts.

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    Baby Shower Cakes: Creative Ideas For Baby Girl & Boy

    Baby Shower is a great party celebrated in the honour of a new baby. These celebrations become big with beautiful Baby Shower Cakes. Check out free cake ideas.

    Most beautiful part of a couples life is when they complete their family. Women feel most accomplished when they have a baby. This occasion is celebrated the most and all family members including elders and youngsters joyfully welcome the new guest in the family. The baby becomes a central attraction and a force that unites all.

    Baby Shower is the great party that is arranged to celebrate the expected or delivered birth of a child and mother is presented with different gifts. The celebration is incomplete without baby shower cakes. If it’s a girl then pick the baby girl shower cakes and if it’s a boy then pick the baby boy shower cakes. This idea will make your celebration more special. Unique and simple cakes for a baby shower, select the best one and make your cake decorations more beautiful. You can also make an order for the cake by using these birthday cake ideas.

    Cake Pop Balloon Cake

    It seems like the cake pop trend is here to stay, which is great because they are yummy. This cake is decorated with cake pops dipped into different colors of candy melts that make them look like celebratory balloons. Anyone would love this colorful look, which also works well for a gender neutral baby shower.

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    Highchair Baby Shower Cake

    An adorable highchair with a little baby tops this cake. You can also decorate this type of baby shower cake with fun little animals, like hippos or elephants. You can find decorations like these made from marzipan at your local party supply store or from a cake designer. This may be convenient if youâre making the cake yourself, but you donât have the skills or time to create animal figures.

    Blissful Baby Shower Cake

    Welcome new baby cake

    Babies bring the light in your life, and they are the blessings of God. Blissful is what they make your life. And so, a blissful and bright cake design for babies with a fondant baby stroller, fondant t-shirt, fondant toy, fondant baby feeding bottle, and cute baby sleeping on the top of the cake is a great pick.

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    A Suit And Tie Dressed To Impress

    Having a baby means dressing them up for whatever occasion you are going to. If you are going to a more elegant event, then you will have to dress up your baby boy as well. A suit and tie designed for a baby boy is a perfect outfit for a more elegant occasion. If you like these cute outfits, then make sure you use them as an idea for a cake. Create a few tiers for your cake, making them look like parts of a suit. You can form buttons, a bowtie and shoes out of fondant, to make the outfit complete!

    Elephant Or Hippo Baby Shower Cake

    Elephants and hippos are classic themes for baby showers and cake ideas. Use a cute gray elephant or hippo wearing a top hat as the focal point of the baby shower cake, and decorate it with blue, white, pink, yellow, gold, or green flowers. Depending on the colours used, you can easily adapt this cake design for boys, girls, or gender-neutral baby showers.

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    A Blue Pacifier Baby Shower Cakes For Boys

    One object you are guaranteed to see around a baby, probably in their mouth, is a pacifier. So, using a pacifier as inspiration for your cake design makes complete sense. Since we are talking about a baby boy, make sure that you use mainly shades of blue for the colouring of the cake. Create the pacifier out of fondant or marzipan and place it on top of the cake.

    Order Delicious New Born Baby Cakes Online In The Uae From Fnp

    How To Make A Diaper Cake For Baby Girls

    They say children are the angels sent from heaven who spread joy and happiness everywhere. Having a child is one of the most wonderful experiences for any couple. Celebrating the arrival of a bundle of joy with a cake cutting ceremony is the best way to mark the occasion. You can send yummy cakes to congratulate the new parents and wish them a happy parenthood journey. FNP presents a wide assortment of the new born baby Boy cakes including bunny baby photo cake, new baby girl photo cake, heart congratulations cake, its a boy sweet surprise cake, etc. These yummy sweet treats are sure to make the arrival of the baby extraordinary and fill the occasion with sweet memories. We have a wide range of delightful and colourful options for both- cakes for newborn baby girl and cakes for newborn baby boy. Ranging from the pineapple to chocolate, vanilla to blueberry and black forest to butterscotch- you can choose from the wide variety of cake flavours available on our website. Make the occasion of the arrival of a newborn baby extraordinary and fill it with the sweetness of our mouth-watering cakes. Apart from the newborn baby cakes, we also offer theme kids cake for birthdays and other celebrations, such as Barbie cake, car cake, unicorn cake, Peppa Pig cake, batman cake, Lego cake, etc.

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    Excellent Elephants Simple And Adorable

    Elephants are such adorable animals! If you love them as much as we do, make certain to get a bit of inspiration from them for your baby shower cake! Place a figure of an elephant on top of the cake, you can make it look like a toy elephant, even adding stitches as it was sewn together! Use shades of blue for the overall look of the cake and consider adding a heart-shaped sign hanging from the trunk of the elephant. You can write a message on this sign, that reads we love him already or something along those lines.

    Blue Layers Of Ruffles Gender Reveal Cake

    Are you planning to make your baby shower gender reveal party as well? Cakes are a great way to reveal the gender of the baby. If you are expecting a baby boy, make sure you use shades of blue as an overall theme for your baby cake. You can cover your cake in blue ombre ruffles of icing, creating an amazing look.

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    Baby Feet Scrumptious Baby Boy Cakes

    Using fondant as an element of decoration for your cake is a great idea! Its easy to use and it gives a cake a new definition. If you are expecting a baby boy create two baby shoes and the figurine of a baby out of fondant, Place the baby inside one of the shoes, as if it were his cot. Place the tiny baby shoes on top of your cake. You can also create small fondant pearls which you stick around the cake itself.

    Lovely Teddy Bear A Babys Best Friend

    New born baby cake

    A tree stump as the bottom tier, baby clothes drying in the blue sky and a teddy bear on the very top of the cake creates a gorgeous cake. Using tones of blue and brown are perfect for a baby boys shower. To give your baby shower cake a bit of an edge, make sure you place a few fondant clothes on the plate itself as if they fell off the clothesline and tumbled down to the ground. Teddy bears are always a great source of inspiration for baby showers, as they are a babys best friend!

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    Tiered Baby Shower Cakes

    Tiered baby shower cakes are actually quite simple and easier than you may think. You just need a few different sizes of baking tins.

    Tiered Layers

    Simply buy two or three cake tins of varying diameters. Once the cakes are baked, place them on top of one another, covering them in frosting. If you only have one larger sized cake tin, you can try your hand at trimming the sides of the cake with a knife, creating smaller layers as you stack them. Frosting is your friend, as it can help hide any inconsistencies!

    One Tall Layer

    To make one tall layer, you simply bake the batter in two or three of the same sized cake tins and stack them. You can add frosting between each layer and cover the sides, so it appears to be one solid piece.

    Washing The Clothes Baby Shower Cake Ideas For Boys

    The arrival of a baby in the family means a lot of things! Besides bringing joy, the baby boy will also bring new responsibilities and tasks with himself. One of the few ways of taking care of the newborn is by making sure that his clothes are always clean. The best way of picturing this on a cake is by creating small baby clothes out of fondant, and sticking them on the sides of the cake. It will look like the clothes are drying on a clothesline. You can create a bib, a onesie or a diaper out of fondant.

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    Diaper Cakes For Boys

    Browse our collection of handcrafted diaper cakes for boys, available in a variety of colors, themes and sizes. From classic baby-blue hues, to plush toys that any newborn boy will love, our boys’ diaper cakes are sure to be cherished by the proud parents. Each diaper cake is crafted by hand with Pampers diapers and beautifully adorned with premium ribbons, bows, tulle, and other decorations to make each baby cake a truly unique and unforgettable gift. Many of our diaper cakes for boys are topped with special gifts for baby and his parents, including baby safe shampoos, lotions, washes, and powder. Each original design makes a great baby gift for any shower, whether it is for a coworker, friend, or loved one, and it’s sure to bring smiles to their faces.

    Cake Pop Balloons Baby Shower Cake

    How to make a diaper baby – Sleeping Baby Boy (Diaper Cake)

    It seems like the cake pop trend is here to stay, which is great because they are yummy. Decorate this baby shower cake with cake pop toppers dipped in different colours of candy melts to make them look like balloons. Any parent-to-be would love this colourful look, which also works well for a gender-neutral baby shower cake.

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    Our Personalized Gifts Feature Blankets Hats Clothing And More With The Babys Name Prominently Displayed In The Design

    Welcome cake for new born baby boy. The best idea is often to personalize the cake saying with the name of the mom to be andor the baby if known. So on their request i made it again and within a day the whole cake got gobbled up by the five of us. New born baby wishes congratulations messages a new born baby brings lots of happiness and uncountable joys with his arrival on this earth.

    The birth of a baby girl indicates prosperity and good luck to the family. Really its a great moment for the parents and the babys all near and dear relatives. Lots of newborn baby boy card messages you can write in your card.

    See more ideas about babyshower cakes for boys baby shower cupcakes for boy and easy baby shower cakes. Congratulations bunny gift set. With 253 variations youve found the perfect post for that.

    I have made this cake before and you can find the recipe for it here. See more ideas about babyshower cake ideas baby shower cakes and shower cake. We also have lots of other categories to always help you know what to write in your next greeting card.

    Save time and effort by using our ready made messages in your next newborn baby boy card. Looking for a diaper cake practical baby shower gift table decoration or a baby shower centerpiece that is guaranteed to be rememberedyou came to the right place. To give you some ideas weve put together this list of baby shower cake sayings in various styles and for various situations.

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    Cake For New Born Baby Boy

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    70 Baby Shower Cakes And Cupcakes Ideas

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    Baby Tampopo Cupcakes Sweet Treats

    New Baby Cakes Personalised New Born Gifts Bakerdays

    New Baby Boy Cake New Baby Boy Arrival Blue Newborn

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