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The Sturdier Or Denser The Baked Good The Better

How to Ship a Cake

When it comes to cookies, its no surprise that hardier varieties travel the best. Gingerbread and thicker chocolate chip cookies are two examples of sturdier types, says Alex Rush, a co-founder who handles all things packaging and shipping. Additional recommendations include hard cookies, like shortbread and biscotti, and bars, such as brownies and blondies, according to the Kitchn.

Other softer cookies can potentially survive the trip, depending on how well theyre packaged, says Rush, but delicate cookies like sugar, pizzelles, or even thin and crisp chocolate chip cookies are likely to break in the mail, no matter how meticulous the packaging. Cookies with soft fillings also tend not to travel well, according to Jessica Vitak, who, with her family, bakes an average of 4,000 cookies of which approximately 1,000 are mailed out each holiday season. Vitak, an associate professor at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies, says that cookies with elements like caramel can be mailed, but they have to be packed carefully to avoid sticking to each other and causing a mess.

How To Ship Cupcakes

Once you’ve baked and decorated your cupcakes as desired, chill them in the fridge or freeze them for a few hours before packaging them for shipping. This will help preserve their taste during transport. Because cupcakes are delicate and perishable treats, you need to follow a strict packing process to ensure they arrive intact, safe to consume, and delicious.

Purchase a cupcake container. Choose between a plastic cupcake box with individual compartments or cupcake bakery box inserts. Either option will shield your cupcakes frosting and prevent them from knocking into each other.

Protect the cupcakes by placing candy sticks in the center of each cupcake and trimming the sticks so they hit the lid of the cupcake box. This anchors the cupcakes in place and prevents their frosting from smashing into the lid.

Choose A Shipping Service

You must decide how you want to ship your baked goods. While ground services are less expensive, air delivery services help keep your perishable treats fresh, especially if you’re sending them several states away. You’ll need to weigh your packages because their weight affects shipping fees. Select overnight, next-day, or two-day air shipping to keep temperature-sensitive items edible.

Talk to different carriers customer service representatives and see which team you feel the best working with. The success of your bakerys e-commerce business depends on customers receiving their orders fast and intact. You need to have a good working relationship with your shipping company.

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Sealing And Labeling The Box

  • 1Use packing tape to seal off the edges of the bag and box. After using packing tape to seal off the insulation bag, tape up the box as well. Place the tape on each open edge of the box, creating a fully sealed cooler so no cold air is able to escape.XResearch source
  • Tape the top, bottom, and each edge of the box using packing tape.
  • Use multiple layers of the tape to create a secure seal.
  • 2Attach the address and shipping labels to the box. Either hand-write the address on the box to bring to the post office to pay for a shipping label, or do your shipping label online to make the process easier. If youâre printing out your shipping label with the address on it, tape the label on using packing tape.
  • Make sure the address and shipping barcode are clearly visible on the box.
  • 3Write “Fragile” on the box so postal workers know to handle it carefully. Once your box is all taped up and labeled, use a permanent marker to write “Fragile” on the top and sides of the box. You might also label which side is up so that postal workers know to handle the box carefully as well as which side to set it down on.XResearch source
  • If you have a sticker that says “Fragile,” this would work as well.
  • Mailing Baked Goods & Enhancing The Presentation:

    Best Way To Send A Cake In The Mail
    • Try placing your wrapped and packaged baked goods in a decorative tins, themed gift bags or wrapping in shimmering cellophane. Use curling ribbon and stickers to enhance the packing bags and containers
    • A baking cookbook can make a great gift to compliment a box full of goodies or even just attaching a recipe card to each item so that the recipient can make them themselves.
    • Placing fun, themed stickers all over the outside of the box is sure to bring a smile on the recipients face before they even open the package.

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    How To Mail A Homemade Cake

    You may not get home for Grandma’s birthday celebration this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to the party. Find a way to show you care by mailing a specialty baked good or family recipe that will surprise whoever receives it and leave a smile on their face. Whether shipping a few miles or across the ocean, these easy methods make sending a taste of home as easy as pie. Plus, your baked goods will arrive just like they left your kitchen delicious! To ensure fresh-from-the-oven quality baked goods, prepare your package by following these steps.

    Sending Cake To Loved Ones Is A Great Pleasure

    We miss our loved ones when they are away from us. It is felt more keenly when it is an important day in their lives and we just wish we were there. An efficient mechanism of choosing a gift cake, leaving instructions of special packaging, delivery date and time, created by 1800giftportal has made this online task extremely fast and enjoyable.

    Our suggestions as per the occasion for sending the gift cake are our own small but unique contribution in making the moment memorable for you. Regardless of your location, if it is a city in Canada where you wish to send a cake on that special day, our portal has some of the easiest interfaces on the web.

    A user-friendly system and satisfied customers in Canada and elsewhere, have made 1800giftportal the most trusted channel to send gifts worldwide.

    Now you too can turn a loved ones birthday, or your parents anniversary, or a friends engagement, or your grandparents anniversary into a moment to cherish forever. Lovely designs and beautifully decorated cakes add the right amount of dash and zest to the occasion.

    Can I send cake to Canada?

    Yes, it is not only possible to do so, but it is very easy and quick to send cake as a gift to cities in Canada. In a few clicks of your keyboard or mouse button, you can browse the vast range of yummy cakes, lock your choice and sit back.

    Is there cake delivery in Brampton Canada?

    Which is the best online cake delivery medium?

    Can I order a custom cake online?

    Customer Service

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    Places To Order Birthday Cakes From That Ship Nationwide

    Because of COVID-19, many spring celebrations have had to be canceled or put on hold, and that includes birthday festivities. Yet just because you can’t eat it a cake sitting around a table with all your friends and family, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a decadent treat on your special day. And get thismany bakeries around the country are ship delicious birthday cakes nationwide!

    Yep, that’s right, no need to skip your birthday celebrations this yeareven if it is just you and the cake. They also make a perfect gift if you’re quarantined away from someone you love on their birthday. Here are some of our favorite spots to order a birthday cake from that will ship nationwide, so you can celebrate your day wherever you’re stuck at home.

    How To Bake The Perfect Birthday Cake

    How to Ship a Cake [ Shipping cakes in the mail ] Ship Cakes

    First, you want to start with a great recipe. The yellow cake recipe listed below is a classic, but some folks also like chocolate cake or white cake. Next, pair that classic with the best homemade chocolate buttercream! Once you have made your cake and covered it in buttercream, top with some festive rainbow jimmies. The final touch can be personalizing it with a handwritten Happy Birthday or you can also fill the center of the cake with candles. No matter what you decide to do, the birthday boy/girl is sure to love it!

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    Uk & International Destinations

    • Inner packaging
    • Any internal packaging materials must be based on the requirements of the live creatures, insects and invertebrates, taking into consideration the necessary humane care they require while in transportation
    • Outer Packaging
    • Must be constructed to protect, keep safe and securely contain live creatures, insects and invertebrates.
    • Must be constructed to prevent escape and to preclude the container and its contents from being crushed in normal handling
    • Any outer packaging containing live creatures, insects and invertebrates requiring moisture during transportation must be constructed of water resistant material.
    • Security and Ventilation
    • Containers must be constructed to prevent the escape of the live creatures, insects and invertebrates and must always provide adequate ventilation.
    • Posting and Markings
    • 1st Class must be used as the minimum service.
    • Items must be clearly marked ‘URGENT – LIVING CREATURES – HANDLE WITH CARE’.
    • The sender’s name and address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.
    • Returns can only be sent using Royal Mail Tracked Returns® and Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed Returns®. All variants of Business Response and Freepost are excluded.

    Creatures or insects classified as dangerous within the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 .

    • International destinations – Not allowed in the mail
    • UK destinations – Not allowed in the mail
    • International – Not allowed in the mail
    • UK – Not allowed in the mail

    Which Shipping Service Is Best For Shipping Baked Goods

    The best shipping service for baked goods depends on the volume and type of baked goods youre sending. We explain the benefits of different carriers below:

    • USPS – The US Postal Service provides the best rates on small, lightweight packages and usually offers fast delivery timelines.
    • UPS – For large and/or heavy shipments, use UPS to get the best rate. Given their expedited shipping times, UPS is also ideal for highly perishable deliveries.
    • FedEx – FedEx offers niche shipping services for frozen food and businesses.

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    But Its Still Worth It

    Its been a hard year. The coming year will likely continue to be hard. For people like Vitak, who is immunocompromised, mailing cookies is a way to send a big hug to friends she hasnt seen in a long time.

    In the end, I dont mind the costs of shipping cookies because I know how much my friends appreciate getting them, she says. It brings me such pleasure to know that these cookies are enjoyed by my friends and their families and that they look forward to December because of my familys cookies. This holiday tradition has been in her family for nearly 50 years. Now, more than ever, she intends to keep it alive.

    Package Your Baked Goods For Shipping

    Best Way To Send A Cake In The Mail

    The ideal packaging for baked goods varies by the type of sweet treat youre shipping. No matter what, you must secure them inside their shipping container. There is nothing more disappointing than receiving a crumbled pastry mess in the mail. We provide some bakery shipping tips that will help preserve the structural integrity of your sweets.

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    How To Package Cakes For Shipping

    If youre wondering how to ship a cake with frosting, this is the best way to package frosted cakes for shipping:

  • Use a cake shipping box. A fitted Styrofoam mailerwill prevent the cake from jostling in transit.
  • Keep the cake cool. Remove frozen cool packs from the freezer and insert them around the cake.
  • Insert the mailer into a box. You want a mailer that fits the box perfectly and leaves no room on the sides.
  • Seal the box. Tape all its seams and smooth them down.
  • Use stickers to mark the outside of your box. Show where the top of the box is so transporters dont tip your cake upside down. Mark it as perishable and fragile.
  • Your cake is ready to be shipped. Choose overnight shipping and work with a carrier you have a good relationship with.
  • How To Prepare A Cake For Shipping

  • In order to properly send a cake, it is necessary to consider the temperature and atmosphere of the final destination.
  • Using insulation to preserve your baked goods from temperature fluctuations is recommended if you are shipping them through the postal service.
  • You may either purchase cake shipping insulation expressly designed for this purpose or utilize materials you already have on hand, such as bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Pack your cake securely in a strong box to guarantee that it arrives in perfect condition.
  • Place the cake in the center of the box and wrap it with packing material to protect it from damage.It is essential that there is sufficient of space around all edges of the cake to ensure that it does not shift during shipping and storage.In the event that you are shipping a cake through overnight courier, please sure you follow the companys special packaging requirements for fragile products.Most courier companies demand that you package the cake in a specific box with foam or other cushioning to ensure that it is protected while transit.

    Make sure to add a letter with your contact information in case the recipient needs to get in touch with you regarding their cake.

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    When Packing Keep Flavors Separated Bags And Containers Airtight And Everything Snug

    Vitak packs her cookies in separate ziploc bags, often one big one for the majority of the cookies, and additional smaller bags for cookies with strong flavors. The biggest lesson Ive learned is that when you have several flavors in a bag for a few days, those flavors diffuse across all the cookies, she tells me. From her years of experience, shes learned to always separate lemon, coffee, ginger, mint, and almond-flavored cookies. She then squeezes as much air out of the ziploc bags as possible before sealing, places the bagged cookies in a shipping box, and surrounds the contents with bubble wrap or styrofoam packing peanuts.

    Cookie tins are also an option, but they come with some limiting factors: namely, youre much more constrained in the number of cookies you can pack and the tin needs to be full to minimize movement, per Vitak.

    Jannuzzis Cookies favors a similar packaging method: for each standard order, Rush packs a kraft paper bag typically one with a tin tie, although there are also ziploc varieties with a dozen cookies, seals the bag, and then slips it into a bubble wrap pouch, which then gets surrounded by a layer of tissue paper and tied off with bakers twine. Jannuzzis uses corrugated shipping boxes measured exactly to size from East Coast Packaging. Generic boxes are fine, too, says Rush just be sure to pad out the package with materials like tissue paper, kraft paper, inflated air pillows, newspapers, or even old rags and towels.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cake Shipping Services

    How I Ship Bundt Cakes | Preparing a Cake to Ship
    Can I ship cake with every courier company?
    Can I ship a cake by courier or mail?
    Which packing materials will I need to transport a birthday cake safely?

    Depending on the type of cake you wish to transport, we recommend to use the following packing materials to minimise the risk of damage or spoiling when transporting a birthday cake:

    • Cake holder or separate plastic containers Place the first tier of your birthday cake onto a cake holder. If you are transporting a multi-tiered cake, place each tier into a separate plastic container.
    • Styrofoam cooler box to maintain the temperature and slow down thawing while transporting a birthday cake or shipping perishable goods.
    • Frozen gel packs will help to keep the items cool when shipping birthday cakes internationally and domestically. Take extra care to ensure that gel packs wont damage the cake packaging when melting, by adding an additional layer of plastic wrap.
    • Wooden crate or a strong cardboard box to prevent damage from other items during transport, a wooden box is the ideal packaging whether shipping a birthday cake individually or on a pallet.

    Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping a birthday cake. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship a birthday cake, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.

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    What Are The Best Luxury Layer Cakes To Order By Mail

    You know what they say: let them eat cake. And even though Marie Antoinette may not be the best role model, we think she had a point. Cake is always the answer.

    What are the best mail-order luxury gourmet layer cakes currently online to buy by mail?

    Maybe its your birthday, or maybe its someone elses or maybe its a normal day, and you just want a bite of something sweet and delicious. That when the best luxury layer cakes by mail can come to the rescue.

    How Can I Send A Birthday Cake

  • I think Bake Me a Wish is the best overall.
  • Instacart is the best budget option.
  • Goldbelly is the best restaurant for foodies.
  • The most festive place to eat is at the milk bar.
  • Carousel Cakes are the best choice for chocolate lovers.
  • Cakes by Carolines Cakes are the best for food sensitivities.
  • Send a cake is the most customized option.
  • Postmates is the best local.
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