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Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Cake Toppers

Belle doll cake : Beauty and the Beast Disney Princess cakes

A favourite with children and adults alike, Beauty and the Beast makes a lovely theme for a birthday cake. Decorate your cake with toppers inspired by this well-known and beloved tale, including figurines of Beauty and the Beast, wafer plaques, red icing roses and yellow ribbon. Why not browse our range of Disney princess cake toppers for even more fantastic cake ideas. Don’t forget cake ribbons and birthday cake candles for those all-important finishing touches.

Amazing Beauty And The Beast Cake

Beauty and the Beast is a beloved Disney movie for many people. Whether for a childs birthday party or a Disney-themed event, a Beauty and the Beast cake can make for a wonderful and festive dessert. Though you can order a Beauty and the Beast cake at a bakery, you can also make your own version at home.

Whether cupcakes, cake pops, Belle doll cake, or a layer cake, there are many delicious and beautiful Beauty and the Beast desserts you can make. They will amaze your guests and make any Disney fan happy. The desserts are different levels of difficulty depending on your baking skills.

  • How to Make Beauty and the Beast Cake Toppers?
  • Beauty And The Beast Wedding Ideas

    This post is all about inspiration for a Beauty and the Beast wedding.

    Tale as old as time Ahhh what a wonderful love story. It would make an amazing wedding theme. Its a perfect non traditional style wedding for the fairytale bride. We have some ideas on what to incorporate in a Beauty and the Beast wedding

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    The Beauty And The Beast Red Rose Cake

    I have to say, I think this is THE COOLEST Beauty and the Beast Rose Cake EVER!!!

    And talk about making a statement on the table! IT IS FABULOUSLY HUGE!!!

    The cake itself is, of course, the rose! We used a triple-layer chocolate cake and trimmed it slightly into a rose shape before covering it with buttercream frosting and red fondant! I know, I know thats A LOT of red dye but it HAS to be red giggle If you are not a baker, Im sure there is a bakery where you live that can make it if you send them a picture!!

    I have a friend who constructed and painted the base of the cake for me and he did such a great job making it look like the rose was floating! I have no idea if he would like to make more, but if you have an interest in getting one, message me and I will ask him for you!! It is his business and he loves creating!! He also randomly had a 30 perfectly-shaped glass dome on-hand! WOW! We all need friends like that!

    When I ordered the Cake Platter it was out of stock in gold so I had to spray paint it!! If you click on the link it looks like there are a few now in stock! If they happen to be gone when you look, there is a similar one here.

    Off To See Beauty And The Beast 3d

    Beauty and the beast cake

    I went with a theater that had bean bags and couches and the kids had a BLAST!!!! We also did 3-D, but if your child is young you may not want to go the 3-D option! The glasses can be a little bit of a headache for little ones. As we had just eaten I opted for just popcorn and sodas. I had the parents pick up the kids at the theater after the movie ended.

    For Thank You Cards I opted to do a blank one because McKenna Kate is a little older but for the little ones, a simple printed one where they can sign their name is great! I do think it is important to teach gratitude, so send some kind of a card to thank your guests for coming and, if you do gifts, for their gift!

    All in all, WE HAD A GREAT TIME!! If you have any questions about this party, message me!

    Id love to see photos of your birthday parties as well!!!

    Hugs Jennifer

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    How To Throw The Perfect Beauty And The Beast Birthday Party

    When Disney announced the release of a new Beauty and the Beast movie, I dont know who was more excited, my daughter, McKenna Kate or me!!! I have always LOVED the storyline, I couldnt get enough of analyzing the characters and the meaning behind a beautiful girl falling in love with a beast who really isnt a beast ahhhhhh!!! Its just so fun!

    I decided to throw a Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party for her that included seeing the movie! There are so many great themes to choose from in Beauty and the Beast but I chose to focus primarily the ROSE.

    Beauty And Beast Cake Topper

    This cake topper is for a birthday party. It is a beautiful cake with a big lion on it.

    The big lion represents the beauty and the beast of the story, but in this case, the beauty is represented by the fluffy white frosting and pink and blue colors. The beast is represented by the chocolate cake that has purple frosting and green color.

    A cake topper is a cake decoration that is placed on top of a cake. It can be made from various materials, such as sugarpaste, fondant, gum paste and chocolate.

    The beauty and the beast cake topper is a popular design for many cakes because it depicts the two characters from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.

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    Does Your Little Princess Absolutely Adore Belle If Youre Looking For Beauty And The Beast Party Ideas Youve Come To The Right Place

    Who doesnt love Belle and the rest of the characters in Beauty and the Beast?! Were sure a Beauty and the Beast Birthday is on every little girls mind because of the popular release of the updated Beauty and the Beast movie. Luckily, we are here to help you create the birthday party of your little girls dream! There are tons of crafty party ideas for a Beauty and the Beast theme and were so excited to share some of our favorites with you below.

    Beauty And The Beast Cake Topper

    EASIEST Beauty & the Beast Cake ð¹How to make a Princess Wedding Cake! â¥ï¸?

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    Beauty And The Beast Cake Near Me

    A beauty and the beast cake is a cake with two different flavors one is the traditional vanilla cake and the other is a chocolate cake.

    The beauty and the beast cake was created by Paula Deen back in 2012. It was inspired by her daughter, who wanted to bake a chocolate-vanilla cake for her birthday.

    The beauty and the beast cake has been popular since then, but it can be difficult to find it today as its not very common. Happy Birthday Cake for 55 Years Old

    A beauty and the beast cake is a cake that has a head of one animal and body of another. It is usually made with two different types of cake and frosted to look like one animal.

    The most popular animals are a lion and a tiger. The cake is usually decorated with stripes, spots, or fur.

    This type of cake is often seen as an example of opposites attract because the two cakes are so different from each other in appearance that they contrast each other nicely.

    Why Have A Beauty And The Beast Wedding

    It is an nice wedding theme if you are having a winter wedding. It is also a nice theme if you are having your wedding at a large, castle like venue.

    It is also a good wedding theme choice if you want to have some non traditional colors in your wedding. The colors to highlight in a Beauty and the Beast wedding are royal blue, yellow and red.

    In this blog post, we will look at some gorgeous Beauty and the Beast wedding ideas. We will look at Beauty and the Beast inspiration for invitations, decorations, food and attire.

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    Beauty And The Beast Party Supplies

    Beauty and the Beast Idea #1: Whats a Beauty and the Beast party without some gold and blue balloons? Check out this amazing yet simple to do Party Balloons. All the materials can easily be sourced from your local party supplier. Its so easy even your older kids can help you create these fun, fun balloons!

    Beauty and the Beast Idea #2: Looking for some table decorations that would fit your theme? Get inspiration from this beautiful table setting! Your guests would be delightfully enchanted with this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast Dessert Table. The iconic beautiful roses, elegant blue and gold backdrop, white side tables, and Beauty and the Beast standees all come together to make this special occasion even grander.

    Beauty and the Beast Idea #3: Grab these delightful Beauty and the Beast Utensils idea for your Beauty and the Beast party! Theyre fun, unique, and easy to DIY. Your guests are sure to be impressed not just with your table settings but with your creative skills as well.

    Beauty and the Beast Idea #4: Cupcakes anyone? These are no ordinary Beauty and the Beast Party Cupcakes. These simple yet beautiful creations will make the perfect addition to your dessert table. You can easily recreate these beauties with some chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream with a few drops of yellow food coloring for the frosting and red coloring for the roses.

    For more birthday party food ideas, follow us on and and join us in our .

    Beauty And The Beast Cake Ideas For Adults

    Beauty &  the Beast cake!

    This section will discuss some cake ideas for adults which are inspired by Disneys Beauty and the Beast. The cake ideas are not complicated and can be easily made by any baker. These cakes can be made for birthdays, weddings, or for just fun.

    For the first cake idea, you will need to make a chocolate cake with a white frosting and a layer of raspberry filling in between. For the second one, you will need to make a white cake with raspberry filling in between two layers of chocolate frosting. For the third one, you will need to make a vanilla cake with raspberry filling in between two layers of chocolate frosting.

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    Take A Look At The 12 Most Amazing Beauty And The Beast Party Ideas

    Did you see the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie with Emma Watson? I thought it was fantastic and so did my daughter! Undoubtedly there are many little girls dreaming of becoming Belle . If your daughter is one, check out these amazing Beauty and the Beast party ideas from our site!

    We’ve got ideas for birthday cakes, dessert tables, cookies, decorations, party favors, and much more…

    A Beautiful Beauty And The Beast Cake

    Beauty and the Beast is one of the most popular Disney movies and there are some great desserts you can make based off it. You can make cupcakes, cake pops, round cakes, layer cakes and even a Belle doll cake.

    Do you have any questions regarding making a Beauty and the Beast cake? If so, please ask your Beauty and the Beast cake questions in the comment section below.

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    Beauty And The Beast Party Ideas

    Get fun ideas for birthday cakes, decorations, invitations, party favors, and more! Whether youre setting the most enchanted table or royal sweets buffet, or crafting a fun rose project for your party, these ideas will help you on your way to creating the most magical evening for your guest of honor! What are you waiting for? Were here to delight and inspire you with these enchanting party ideas! Be our guest and capture the true magic of this classic tale with the most amazing birthday party your little one will never forget!

    Beauty And The Beast Cake Decorations

    Beast cake Beauty and the Beast Disney cakes

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    Beauty And The Beast Cake Decoration

    Beauty And The Beast Birthday Party

    Beauty and the Beast parties seem to be all the rage these days. Especially when the lovely Emma Watson starred in the live-action remake of the movie that was released by Disney. Girls from all over the world adored this new Belle with her spunky attitude, smart ways and her absolutely stunning yellow ballgown. So its no surprise if your little princess is keen to be Belle when she celebrates her birthday.

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    + Best Beauty And The Beast Cakes Disney Themed Birthday Supplies And Party

    Check beauty and the beast cakes from Disney Movie. This is a section about cakes that are both beautiful and tasty.

    The idea of combining beauty and the beast into one cake is not new. The first known example of this was in the story Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, published in 1740.

    However, it wasnt until recently that cake decorators began to take note of this trend and started to make these cakes for themselves.

    A cake that is made of the same ingredients as a cupcake, but baked in a bundt pan instead of muffin tins.

    A beauty and the beast cake is made with two different cakes: one for the top layer and one for the bottom layer. The top layer is usually a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, while the bottom layer is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

    Beauty And The Beast Cake Ideas

    Beauty and the Beast Cake!

    From Belles beautiful yellow dress to the lovely red rose, there are many different cake designs you can make inspired by this movie. They can make beautiful desserts to serve at parties or events. No matter your experience level, there are stunning Beauty and the Beast desserts you can make that any Disney fan will appreciate.

    Even if you arent confident in your decorating skills, you can use cake toppers to make adorable cakes and cupcakes. This is also a great option if you are short on time.

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    Bell: Beauty And The Beast Cake Modelling Tutorial

    In this cake decorating tutorial I show you how to make your favourite Disney Princess Belle as a doll cake!

    I show you how to make the doll using modelling paste. If you prefer to only make the cake itself you can use a Belle barbie doll in the middle. Some of the modelling in this tutorial can be quite difficult but don’t give up trying! I made this video after being inspired by the Beauty and the Beast trailer .

    Tools and products used in this video:Half sphere cake tin – Fondant icing Yellow –

    Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cake Decorations

    The Best Wedding Decoration Ideas Blog.

    Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cake Decorations. There are 1447 beauty and the beast wedding decorations for sale on Etsy and they cost 2397 on average. Decorations for Beauty and The Beast Cake Topper Princess Belle Cupcake Toppers Birthday Party Topper for Children.

    47 out of 5 stars 196. In this blog post we will look at some gorgeous Beauty and the Beast wedding ideas. Ad Step Away From The Wedding Hashtag Generator And Let The Pros Help You.

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    Beauty And The Beast Cake Decor

    Beauty And The Beast Sheet Cake


    A sheet cake is a cake made of one layer or sheet of baked and iced batter, usually thin enough to be placed on a baking sheet.

    The beauty and the beast sheet cake is a popular dessert that combines two desserts into one. It is also an easy dessert to make for any occasion. This dessert can be made with any flavor combination you want and it will still taste great!

    A sheet cake is typically made with a buttercream frosting. This frosting can also be used on cupcakes, muffins, or other types of cakes.

    Tired of trying to find the perfect cake recipe? This beauty and the beast sheet cake is a perfect solution!

    Just in time for your next birthday party, you can make this easy-to-follow sheet cake that is sure to be a hit with friends and family. Its simple to make, looks impressive, and tastes great.

    The beauty of this cake is that it can be customized to suit any occasion. If you want a more professional look, just use the ribbon icing. Or if you are looking for something more casual, try using white frosting instead.

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