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The Perfect Gender Reveal Dress And Outfit For Fall

My daughter’s first baby. The gender reveal… hidden in the cake.

Im embarrassed to say I ordered 7 dresses off of amazon before finding the one I landed on. Whoops!

I normally dont care that much about my outfit, but I had my heart set on a PINK dress. Not a somewhat pink dress, not a magenta dress, but a PINK dress.

I finally found for less than $27! It had long sleeves, was the perfect fit, the perfect shade of pink, and great for fall!

I paired it with these booties from Target and a jean jacket Ive had for years. Here is a similar one. It was a little pricey, but SO worth it. Mother denim is unmatched! Its so soft and breathable.

I paired it all with a sparkly blue and grey necklace that I already owned and sparkly earrings I already had as well.

Designed By Forever Your Prints

I had so much fun searching for the perfect invitation! The invitation for a party sets the entire scene, so it is important to make sure it is absolutely stunning! I found so many beautiful invitations on Etsy! I decided to narrow it down to three and let the mommy-to-be choose! She finally decided on this gorgeous design by Forever Your Prints on Etsy!

I also love diaper raffles! When you order the invitations, make sure to also order diaper raffle cards! Include the diaper raffle card in the invitation. If guests would like to participate in the raffle, ask them to bring a pack of diapers to the shower and their name written on the raffle card. As they arrive, collect the diapers and drop all diaper raffle cards in a jar. During the game portion of the shower, draw a raffle winner and award them with a really fun prize! Just remember to make the prize extra special since the guests are bringing an additional gift! I love diaper raffles because guests dont feel obligated to participate and it is a great way to collect a nice stash of diapers for the mommy and daddy-to-be!

I also ordered thank you notes in the same design! I had a station at the party next to the guest book and I asked the guests to please fill out their address on an envelope. This saves the mommy and daddy-to-be a lot of time and makes thank you notes a breeze! Also, dont forget to keep track of who gives what during presents! That list will be very helpful when it comes time to send thank you notes!

Hospital Door Hanger Wreath

Help mom and dad welcome baby into the world with a beautiful hospital door hanger! This is a great way to show off sweet babys name and their official birthday as the loved ones visit the hospital! This also looks amazing at the shower! Check out my blog post on how to make a hospital door hanger!

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Gender Reveal Cake Topper, Girl or Boy Cake Topper
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    Mommy Milestone Wine Crate

    Hobby Lobby Cake Toppers Gender Reveal

    I always love to include this with my gift! While all of the gifts are to the mom and dad, they are really for baby! This is a creative and fun gift that mom and dad can enjoy together to celebrate after the baby is born! I found these adorable Mommy Milestone custom wine labels on Etsy by Lush Label! Each wine label celebrates a different occasion after baby is born and includes a cute poem! You can have the babies name on the bottom to make it extra special! Check out my blog post on how to make a mommy milestone wine basket here!

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    How To Plan The Perfect Budget

    Sharing is caring!

    This blog post is all about how to plan the perfect gender reveal party in a cost-effective, budget-friendly way thats sure to impress!

    First of all, Michael and I are over the moon to be having a baby BOY!!! I was completely SHOCKED and to be honest, it took me a couple of days to process the news.

    Its such a wild feeling being able to call him by name now. Time to get into full-on boy mom mode. I cannot WAIT!

    Oh myyyy you have NO idea how excited I am to be writing this post! If you read my first-trimester recap blog post, you know the first 13-14 weeks were brutal for me.

    During that time, I tried to focus on small milestones to keep me upbeat and excited, and planning our gender reveal was definitely one of them!

    I started tentatively planning around 7 weeks in. I have been fearful of miscarriage this entire journey, so I didnt really dive into planning until about 9 weeks, after our first ultrasound.

    Once I heard our little beans strong heartbeat pumping, I wanted to give myself the space to feel excited and celebrate everything to come.

    I hope you enjoy this blog post and find some ideas for your pregnancy journey as well!

    Greenery Backdrop And Wild One Balloons

    I purchased these greenery panels from, spray painted them, and attached them with zip ties to create the size I wanted for my backdrop. Honestly, it was completely worth the money and effort to have this look. It made the perfect backdrop for the decor and photos. However, if you arent wanting to spend a little less time and money, check out these adorable and very realistic greenery backdrops!

    I found these adorable WILD ONE balloons in copper on Etsy! I absolutely LOVED the color!

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    Mikasa Cheers Wine Glasses And Electric Wine Opener

    The Mikasa Cheers Wine Glasses are a must for all of my wine lovers out there! First, they are absolutely beautiful and have four different coordinating designs per set. This adds a stylish aspect to the glasses, but it is also very helpful for being able to identify your glass during a dinner party. How many times have you lost track of which glass was yours at a dinner party? I dont like drinking after other people, so this has always been so annoying to me! With the Mikasa Cheers Wine Glasses, you dont have to worry! The collection includes multiple styles of glasses, so there is a glass for all of your favorite beverages! For example, I love these Mikasa Cheers Stemless Wine Glass. They are perfect a yummy cocktail or serving a beautiful custard or ice cream for dessert! They also have Mikasa Cheers Martini Glass, and Mikasa Cheers Beer Glasses to satisfy everyone at your party. Several of my friends have told me that they always get so excited to drink out of these glasses when they come over for a dinner party or game night!

    Where To Buy Decorations For Your Gender Reveal Party

    Smash Cake gender reveal with 4 boys

    I found all of our decorations at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and on Amazon.

    I found this cake topper and this cute burlap sign on Amazon. I saw a lot of signs on Etsy, but none of them stood out like this one. I knew wed be hanging it on a white background and I wanted to make sure it contrasted enough to be able to be seen!

    I purchased clear plates for serving the snacks and cake at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to make sure they were very sturdy, so they were a little more expensive! You can definitely find less expensive ones online or at Target. Here are similar ones that are less expensive.

    I also saw picked up some stickers at Hobby Lobby! I wanted the guests to choose team boy or team girl when they arrived and wear them so I could see. They were inexpensive, cute, and I love that its a way my friends and family could engage in the event. You can find .

    I also grabbed confetti to sprinkle on the tablescape. I liked the little bit of pink and blue it added without being overbearing.

    I found gold and white forks, small metal buckets, a tablecloth, gold confetti to hang, honeycomb balls with tassels, napkins, and a mini chalkboard/dry erase board at Walmart.

    Lastly, I picked up some twine and clothespins from Michaels craft store to hang some onesies and ultrasound photos. We added the honeycomb balls on either side. I loved the way it turned out!

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    Cake Gender Reveal Topper

    Gender Reveal Cake Topper

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    Free Printable Wine Labels

    While custom wine labels are perfect for these types of occasions, you might want to dress up a wine label without having to order custom labels! Well thanks to FTD by Design, you can wow your party crowd with a custom bottle of wine in just a few minutes! All you need is a printer, double-sided tape, and a bottle of wine! It was super easy and it turned out beautifully!

    Visit FTD by Designs blog post for their super easy instructions and to download their 6 free printable wine bottle labels for special occasions! They are all so adorable, but I think my favorite label has to be the Sip Sip Hooray! Its hard to read that and not want to cheer! You can apply them directly to the bottle, or print the hanging label that you can easily hang on the bottle! You will never want to show up to a birthday party, dinner party, or family gathering without these show-stopping wine labels dressing up your delicious bottle of wine! If you love these gorgeous Mikasa Cheers Red Wine Glasses as much as I do, they are very affordable and are perfect for a romantic dinner or a party! Cheers!

    I have created 12 different versions of the cards! to download your FREE Super Bowl Commercial BINGO cards for your Super Bowl party! Is your team in the Super Bowl this year?

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    Boy or Girl Cake Topper Gender Reveal Cake Topper Baby

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    My Biggest Piece Of Advice Skip The Smoke Poppers And Just Stick With Confetti

    I had a disaster happen with the powder cannons. My friends mom ordered them for us and THANKFULLY had them delivered to her home because when she opened the box, the powder was EVERYWHERE!

    One of the poppers with powder in it got a cut in it during shipping and it spilled out on all of them. She ended up having to call my friend and they cleaned them up as best as they could.

    How We Announced The Gender

    We ordered 5 confetti poppers and 5 confetti and powder smoke poppers off of Etsy. It totaled ~$100. I have had this vision of an EPIC explosion of confetti and smoke falling over us, but most people just order 2 poppers and will pop them with their husband or wife instead. I just thought it would be super cool to have our friends and family pop them for us.

    It was fun to get them involved and definitely intensified the event haha. You could definitely cut costs here by ordering 2 and save around $80.

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    Best Wedding Cake Toppers In 2021 To Upgrade Your Cake

    It may seem like a wedding cake topper is a staple that has been around since the inception of weddings themselves, but they really only gained popularity in the U.S. during the 1950s. That said, in recent years, the cake decoration has caught on and has become more unique and modernized for todays couples.

    Cake toppers are so much more than the expected bride and groom statue on top of a cake, said New York-based celebrity caterer Andrea Correale, founder and president of Elegant Affairs. There are all kinds of options these days, from wood laser cut monograms and favorite quotes to personalized mini statues that actually resemble the bride and groom or their families.

    And these toppers are not just for show they can really bring the whole cake look together when you communicate with your baker. Making sure you and your cake artist are clear on who is sourcing, creating, purchasing and placing the cake topper are paramount in this process, said Amber Markland, owner of Olympia-based creative cake studio Sift & Gather.

    The Baby Shower Theme

    Bheik’s Fudstuff Gender Reveal Cake

    For todays featured baby shower, the floral baby shower décor was not difficult to select. This sweet shower was for precious baby Lily. I talked with the mommy-to-be and asked what colors she was doing for the nursery. I wanted to make sure that she could incorporate any of the décor that she wanted to keep into the nursery. Since she was doing pinks and whites for the nursery, I used those colors for the majority of the décor.

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    Time Capsule Activity And Sign

    I think this is such a fun and sweet activity for a first birthday party! Since Jack wont remember the actual party, this is such a fun way to show him how many people were at his party to celebrate him and who love and support him! I made the sign in Canva and had it printed at a local print shop.

    Safari Themed Cake And Smash Cake

    I just adore this cake design from Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery in Arlington, Texas! For all my local DFW friends, I highly recommend this bakery! I sent them ideas of what I wanted and they created this perfect cake and smash cake! I made the Wild One cake topper with, yes you guessed it, my Cricut Maker!

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