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Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

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Want to add a little bang to your gender reveal party? Get an assortment of gender reveal confetti cannons and make your reveal exciting for everyone. They offer the visual spectacle that many desire, but without the risk of injury or fire.

A gender reveal confetti cannon can also be used inside, as the mess in minimal and easy to sweep up. So, if weather restricts you or you are simply planning and indoor party, this can give you the over-the-top reveal desired without any worries.

There are several different sized gender reveal confetti cannons available. Typically the couple will each fire off large confetti cannons, and then once their reveal is done other family members and friends are given smaller ones to join in the celebration.

Bun In The Oven Or Burgers On The Grill

Who doesnt love a backyardbarbecue? If youre planning to throw a gender reveal party in late spring or summer, this theme might be the perfect theme for you! You can even follow this theme up with a fun BabyQ themed shower. This sign from NoLandLikeGarland is perfect to display on your fence or hang between trees.

Cupcake Or Stud Muffin

If the mommy-to-be loves to bake, this theme is for her! The cupcake or stud muffin gender reveal is an adorable theme that has a lot of room for creativity. While it might seem like cupcakes and muffins are a must for this party many people opt to decorate cookies to resemble cupcakes and muffins. This beautiful dessert table setup by Kaylas Decor may inspire you with some decoration ideas!

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Best Foods For Your Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Parties typically have food. Party food usually has a gendered theme. Even if the food isnt specifically revealing the gender of your baby, it typically comes with blue and pink coloring. Its the stuff people eat before you reveal your babys gender. Some ideas for these parties include:

  • Fruit or snacks dipped in blue or pink frosting
  • Deviled eggs died blue or pink
  • Cupcakes with blue or pink icing on top
  • Cookies with blue or pink frosting
  • Vegetables with blue or pink dip

You get the idea: pretty much any food can be turned into a gender reveal theme with a bit of food coloring and creativity.

Cowboy And Cowgirl Boots For Gender Reveal Cake

i heart cakes: Cowboy theme gender reveal cake

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars How I Wonder What You Are

How I Wonder What You Are is a very sweet theme for a gender reveal that is growing in popularity. There are a plethora of decor options available at most major retailers. This theme provides the opportunity to show off your creative side. The stars are the limit for the decor options for this theme! This sweet backdrop from Amazon is the perfect way to capture memorable photos of the moment.

Gender Reveal Cowgirl Or Cowboy

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Dont Forget About Drinks

Whether youre making alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks or both you have plenty of options for good drinks at your gender reveal party.

A colored fruit punch is easy to make. Use blue or pink soda and mix it with fruit juices, for example. You could even add flavorless food coloring to water. Jones Soda can also be spotted at quite a few gender reveal parties, because they offer unique flavors and colors.

In terms of alcohol, you have a few different options. Beers like Blue Moon, Labatt Blue, and Bud Light all come in distinctive blue bottles or cans, for example, and are very popular at gender reveal parties. You can also make cocktails using ingredients like blue curacao. Again, if youre having trouble coming up with something, you can add blue food coloring to just about anything like a bottle of vodka.

On the pink side of things, you can make a cosmopolitan, pour rose wine, or make spritzers with pink food coloring. Coolers and wine coolers are also popular options for pink beverages.

Whether youre revealing your babys gender through food, or youre just looking for the best foods for your gender reveal party, the tips listed above will help you get started.

Cowboy Or Cowgirl Gender Reveal Banner

gender reveal cake

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Gender Reveal Colored Egg

Many of the gender reveal party tragedies were a result of wanting to do something over-the-top, and there are ways to accomplish that without putting anyone in danger. The colored egg is one reveal that is both exciting and has that element of viral-potential.

You start with a dozen eggs, and poke a small toothpick size hole in 11 of the eggs, draining the contents of the egg. The egg not drained is painted blue or pink — the sex of the baby. The other eggs, once drained are also painted. In the end you have 6 blue eggs and 6 pink eggs.

The couple then takes turns smashing the eggs on their forehead until the egg representing the babys sex explodes. This is a fun reveal for those in attendance because they are anticipating what is going to happen.

It also makes for a great social media post, because people will watch just to witness the egg being smashed, creating a mess mixed with happy emotions. This one can be done both inside and outside, and the small mess it creates is well worth the reactions.

Gender Reveal Parties Need To Be Toned Down

You know its time for a chance when something as innocent as a gender reveal party is the cause of a senseless death.

Pamela Kreimeyer was killed after being struck in the head with shrapnel from an exploding homemade pipe bomb. It was created with the intent to release colored smoke, but instead took an innocent life back in October of this year.

First off, building a homemade pipe bomb is taking it to the extreme, especially when there are gender reveal smoke cannons available for purchase, that are designed specifically for this occasion and completely safe.

Sadly, the majority of reported tragedies all stem from the desire to make an impact on social media. Couples want bigger explosions and over-the-top effects in an attempt to get more likes and shares — that desire to go viral is causing people to make poor decisions.

Aside from deaths, gender reveal parties are also causing environmental harm, with several reports of wildfires and brushfires hitting news outlets. Back in 2017, a gender reveal party in Arizona caused a brush fire that torched close to 47,000 acres according to CNN. The fire, which was later referred to as the Sawmill Fire caused more than $8 million-dollars in damage.

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Cowboy Or Cowgirl Gender Reveal Svg

More Than 80 Cute Gender Reveal Sayings Ideas

Western Gender Reveal

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If you want to raise great kids and enjoy a cleaner home, then join more than 15,000 others who receive helpful home and family tips straight to their inbox each week. As a thank you for joining you’ll receive several FREE household printables and other great perks too!

When it comes to fun gender reveal ideas, the starting point for planning the gender reveal party, ordering gender reveal party invitations, or even sending gender reveal ecards is coming up with the perfect gender reveal sayings or gender reveal poems!

Having a fun, quick little saying for the basis of a gender reveal party is super fun and memorable, but more importantly makes it easy to plan it all out!

There are SO many gender reveal sayings out there! So, I did you a solid and searched all over the internet and gathered up all the cute gender reveal sayings I could find! Many of these would be perfect for a gender reveal cake sayings too!

Also, note that some of the sayings are repeated in multiple sections. This was on purpose.

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Remember Why Gender Reveal Parties Became A Thing In The First Place

Are we saying gender reveal parties need to come to an end? Of course not. Actually, its the complete opposite — we just need to be remembered of why they became a thing in the first place.

When a couple is ready to announce the sex of their baby they want to let all of their family and friends know. What better way than to gather everyone together for an announcement, and add a little flair, like a gender reveal smoke cannon to make the announcement, while also creating a nice photo-opportunity to capture the moment.

While social media has contributed to some of the outrageous gender reveal events, it also presents an opportunity to share the event with those family and friends that couldnt attend in person. After all, that is what social media was originally intended to do — connect friends and family.

Having a gender reveal party is a great way to bond with those closest to you, share a very special time in your life with those you love, and document the entire experience, so one day the little one can see how he or she was announced to the world.

Simply put, the focus needs to be on the actual event and keeping it fun and safe for all in attendance — not the potential social media attention. Likes, shares and comments from random strangers on the internet shouldnt influencer the planning of a gender reveal party.

Boots Or Bows Cake Topper Cowboy Or Cowgirl Gender Reveal Cake Topper He Or She Gender Reveal Party

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